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Chapter 18

When the two men saw Du Yu Shu, Meng Yun Rui let out a sunny smile and waved, “Goddess Du, we’re here!”

At his side, Wang Xiao Chen had on a shy smile but still sounded very happy, “Du jie.”

When Du Yu Shu saw those two approaching, she held the box tightly and retreated a few steps.

“Goddess Du, why are you retreating?”

“What’s wrong Goddess Du?”

At this time, the sharp-eyed Meng Yun Rui saw the box in her hand and maliciously smiled, “Goddess Du, we’re all good friends here, let’s look at the clue together, no need to keep everything for yourself ah.”

Saying this, Meng Yun Rui and Wang Xiao Chen took a big step closer. Meng Yun Rui is a big villain as he laughed, “Goddess Du, don’t resist. You’re a beautiful flower so it would do you any good if you get hurt ah.”

Du Yu Shu, “ it good to persuade people?”

Having participated in many variety shows, Meng Yun Rui doesn’t care about discrediting himself, “Goddess you are so beautiful, I couldn’t bear to hurt you. Just hand over the box as if it is a bridal gift and marry xiao sheng.”

After saying this, he gave Du Yu Shu a flirtatious look, looking very awkward and funny. Wang Jie couldn’t help but laugh and look at him in a disgustedly, “Don’t be so nauseous.”

“I refuse.” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said, “Go to Korea and change your identity then I’ll marry.

Meng Yun Rui, “......Goddess Du, how can you be so cruel?”

“Then there’s no other way, Goddess Du doesn’t match xiao sheng, then xiao sheng will just–––,” Meng Yun Rui suddenly ran forward, “Open, the, box!”

Before he finished speaking, Meng Yun Rui began to pounce like a tiger escaping from the mountains. Surprised by his sudden action, Du Yu Shu, who was about to retreat, closed her eyes and held onto the box tightly.

The pain did not hit Du Yu Shu as she expected. When she opened her eyes and saw Ye Jing An pressed Meng Yun Rui against the tree, she relaxed.

Ye Jing An is a few centimeters shorter than Meng Yun Rui, but when he pressed Meng Yun Rui against the tree, he looks tall and imposing.

Du Yu Shu thought, in her entire life, she would remember this scene forever.

He is her hero. At the moment where she needed him the most, he stood by her side and protected her.

Meng Yun Rui, “.....”

Ye Jing An looked at Meng Yun Rui with contempt who tried to fight back. Although Ye Jing An looked weak, in reality, he is actually really strong so he couldn’t fight back. He could only cry for help but Wang Xiao Chen had already been subdued by them.

“Male God Ye, you are very strong, forgive xiao sheng ba,” Meng Yun Rui begged, “If you agree then xiao sheng don’t mind.....”

“I refuse,” Ye Jing An simply said.

Meng Yun Rui, “.....”

I’m not ugly!

While no one was looking, Du Yu Shu secretly took the card out of the box before closing it again and stared at them.

Du Yu Shu looked at Ye Jing An and suddenly felt a sense of security.

Wang Jie carefully came over making Du Yu Shu hold the box with alertness. Wang Xiao Chen hasn’t been on many variety shows. Being a currently popular fresh meat, he has many haters so he is more concerned about his image. He touched his nose and embarrassedly laughed, “Why don’t An ge let go of Rui ge ba. Rui ge knows that he is wrong.”

“Of course I can,” Ye Jing An simply replied. Wang Xiao Chen sighed with relief, but then heard Ye Jing An continued, “But....”

Wang Xiao Chen’s heart got caught in his throat.

Ye Jing An narrowed his eyes and smiled good-naturedly, “Student Meng Yun Rui wanted to rob our group earlier, scaring Goddess Du in the process. Look....”

Du Yu Shu made a frightened look, but the expression was too exaggerated, as she stared at Wang Xiao Chen with trembling lips.

“How about I get something in exchange to make up for it?” Ye Jing An looked like an evil tyrant. When Meng Yun Rui was about to open his mouth to speak, Ye Jing An looked at him blankly and solemnly said, “So ugly, you have no right to speak.”

Meng Yun Rui, “.....”

As a variety show expert and with millions of fans on Weibo, he is not ugly at all!

Ye Jing An hehe laughed. Dared to bully his person, did they even ask him?

If he can’t take their blood, then he could only make them sorry!

“An ge....” Wang Xiao Chen bitterly laughed. Ye Jing An smiled, “xiao Chen ah, in your eyes, you Rui ge hasn’t found any clues yet right?”

That sentence is very sinister ah, it put an end to Wang Xiao Chen’s escape route. Wang Xiao Chen wryly smiled, “We found a clue, the content is ‘Baby Orange likes water, really likes to swim’”

“xiao Chen, you should pay more attention to you Rui ge ah. Looking at you two, you seem like good brothers ah.” After saying this, Ye Jing An let go of Meng Yun Rui and pushed forward. Wang Xiao Chen subconsciously went forward to help Meng Yun Rui as Ye Jing An pulled Du Yu Shu and ran.


“thump, thump, thump”

The cameraman panted, “An ge....the next time you run, give me some notice, I almost died.”

Ye Jing An lightly coughed twice and said, “Okay.”

“Here’s the card.” Du Yu Shu took out the card from her pocket, “Read it for me, I have no strength to read it.”

If she wasn’t afraid of insects, Du Yu Shu would’ve sat on the ground. So tired ah.

“Not afraid that I might lie to you?” Ye Jing An asked, but didn’t wait for her to reply.

“Princess Anji’s favorite apples are grown on trees.”

Du Yu Shu thought, of course, she is not afraid. Besides, it is just a reality show.”

“Oranges likes to swim so doesn’t that mean that the oranges are near the riverside, but there might not be any rivers here.” Ye Jing An rubbed his heart.

“Aren’t apples grown on trees, then doesn’t it mean that it is buried under the tree?”

“The production crew sure knows how to have fun.” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said.

“Let’s go to the river first, this clue is a bit bigger.” Du Yu Shu wiped the sweat on her forehead.


Ye Jing An was silent for a while and then lowly said, “Ok.”

Then let’s accompany her some more. He is extremely worried about her in the forest and besides, aren’t there more tasks ahead?

Today, Ye Jing An had a reason to win, so Shu Shu, we should part ways sooner or later.

On the other side, Meng Yun Rui is on a rampage, “Who said that Emperor Ye and Leading Actress Du are unsuitable?! Who?! False news will kill people! Also, harm people!”

Meng Yun Rui was extremely puzzled. Clearly, during the dinner, Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu were obviously feuding, but why are they working together now? in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

Is it to dispel the rumors of them not getting along?

No wonder they came to participate in the same reality show together.

Although he felt very conflicted inside, he didn’t show it on the surface, Meng Yun Rui yelled into the camera, “Is this called being unsuitable?! Their basic understanding of each other is so good! Is this really called being unsuitable QAQ!!”

Wang Xiao Chen patted Meng Yun Rui’s shoulder in comfort, “Because of those false rumors, we gave them the clue that we tried so hard to obtain. Speak, how are you going to accompany me?!”

Wang Xiao Chen, “.......Rui ge, don’t lose face anymore alright?”

Meng Yun Rui collapsed, “I feel very uncomfortable. No, let’s go snatch theirs!”

Wang Xiao Chen, “.....”

“I must snatch back Goddess Du!”

Wang Xiao Chen expressionlessly said, “Wake up and take your medicine.”

However, Meng Yun Rui looked very serious, “Give me some fire special effects, I want to snatch back our Goddess.”

Wang Xiao Chen, “And then get hit by An ge again?”

Meng Yun Rui, “.....!!!”

Meng Yun Rui collapsed, “Edit out this part!”

After he finished speaking, Meng Yun Rui waved his hand at the cameraman xiao Wu to turn off the camera. He then fell onto the floor and took out a bottled water to pour over his body, “So tired...”

“I clearly remember that those two don’t get along during the dinner, what happened? Could it be to have a clean slate? I saw that they followed each other on Weibo ah....”

The cameraman xiao Wu didn’t want to trouble Meng Yun Rui so he turned off the camera, He softly said, “Actually, they did fight in the morning.”

Wang Xiao Chen and Meng Yun Rui are looking at him with bright eyes, one word is written on their foreheads–––gossip.

Xiao Wu, “........”

Are these two grown men such busybodies?!

At this time, a voice came from the forest, “Someone has activated their special ability.”

“Someone has activated their special ability.”

“Someone has activated their special ability.”

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