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Chapter 17

Ye Jing An carefully looked at his own card and then at the entrance he came in from. From what he secretly observed, Yang Yu Bo and Dong Hua Nian entered from his west side and Du Yu Shu and the others from his east side.

In other words, in the entire forest, from west to east, there is a total of six entrances and the six of them went into the corresponding entrances. His entrance is the third one.

And his number is exactly three.

Ye Jing An took a deep breath, walked east and saw Du Yu Shu be taken away by the staff. Since she was so close, Du Yu Shu’s entrance most likely near the vicinity of where he entered from, so that means that Du Yu Shu’s number is most likely four.

Ye Jing An sighed, it seemed like they have a potential to be rivals ah.

Forget it, no matter what, he should find her first.

In the forest, the thing that it is not lacking in are all kinds of insect. If he remembers correctly, what Du Yu Shu is most afraid of are multi-legged organisms and legless organisms such as spiders, centipedes, and snakes.

Ye Jing An turned his head and saw a spider on the trunk. He couldn’t help but laugh; if Du Yu Shu saw it, wouldn’t she scream out loud?

So, he must quickly go find her.

If he isn’t watching over her at her side, he really couldn’t be at ease ah.....

Ye Jing An slightly curved his lips, his peach blossom eyes burning, looking very dazzling.

Ye Jing An roughly determined the direction and headed northeast. This forest is really small and is overcrowded with weed. The production crew picked this place which could really torment people ah.

After walking around for awhile, Ye Jing An paused and leaned against the tree and bowed his head. His eyes scanned the earth and then walking over to the tree at the side.

As expected, this piece of soil was turned over. The soil was also slightly red, completely different from the other soils. He squatted down and looked at the dirt before gently patting it.

Ye Jing An held a handful of soil in his hand and don’t know whether to laugh or cry. He spoke in an exaggerated tone, “This reality show is really original, ah, they want us to use our hands to dig?”

“My years of mysophobia could be cured without any treatment, does that mean I have to give the director a red envelope?”

Ye Jing An looked like he was about to cry, his peach blossom eyes looked a bit pitiful like an abandoned little animal. He touched the dirt on the ground and then shook it off his hand. He complained, “There really isn’t any prepared shovel?”

“Can I use my phone as a shovel?” Ye Jing An pitifully took out the phone that the production crew provided.

No one answered as the cameraman held back a muffle. He never thought that Emperor Ye would have a sense of variety.

The pitiful Ye Jing An began digging with his hands as he muttered to himself. Fortunately, the box wasn’t buried too deep; he pulled the box out and yelled into the camera, “My years of mysophobia had been cured, director, I thank your whole family!”

When he finished acting, Ye Jing An inwardly sighed and took out the card out from the box before closing it securely and putting it in the trunk. He stood at the side and enjoy the moment for a while; he then picks up the card which he obtained through many hardships and looked at it.

“Number One is a very attractive person, he/she can make others pay for him.”

Seems like this is Number One’s ability, he/she can make others pay for him? Is it to get the other members items from them?

Ye Jing An quietly thought for a while, from what he has observed of Dong Hua Nian and Yang Yu Bo, Number One is definitely Yang Yu Bo; Ye Jing An has to be more careful.


At this time, Ye Jing An heard a sharp scream. Hearing the familiar sound, his nervousness spiked up as he eagerly tried to identify the direction of the scream.

Since he can hear Du Yu Shu’s scream, then it means that she isn’t so far away from him!


Ye Jing An took a few steps in that direction. He hasn’t gone far when he heard her screams again, this time, it is clearer.

What did she encounter ah!

Ye Jing An gritted his teeth and couldn’t help but worry; he quickly tried to find Du Yu Shu’s footprints.


As the shrill screams continued, Ye Jing An’s distress continued.

After passing by a few trees, as Ye Jing An was about to raise his head to identify the direction the scream came from, someone bumped into his left side. A familiar scent entered his nose.

That person was tightly closing her eyes as a few drops of tears fell. Her hair was also messy and there were some scratches on her clothes.

Ye Jing An felt his heart throb with pain.

He subconsciously reached out to pat her back, he didn’t mock nor sneer at her. He could only patiently comfort her, “What’s wrong? It’s alright, I’m here.”

Do you know, Yu Shu,

I am always by your side,

Accompanying you.

After he heard Du Yu Shu’s reason, Ye Jing An don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so it actually was a spider ah.

After he felt at ease, Ye Jing An deliberately ridiculed Du Yu Shu. Seeing her expression turned from fear to the presently fierce look, Ye Jing An completely relaxed.

It seems that Du Yu Shu is not thinking about the spider now.

Already an adult now, and is still afraid of spiders; Du Yu Shu is really...

Really cute ah.

As he was mocking her, Ye Jing AN didn’t expect Du Yu Shu to interrupt him. She pointed at the trunk and yelled like a happy child.

People couldn’t help but want to present her with all the things that she likes just to make her happy, like a pure little child.

“Why don’t you guess, will I help you or not?” Ye Jing An stared deeply at Du Yu Shu with a hidden emotion, surprising her.

He could clearly see the distress in her eyes and felt a bit of joy in his heart. But then, a bucket of cold water was poured on his head, turning him cold.

“You won’t!” Du Yu Shu’s voice was crisp and decisive, without a trace of hesitation.

Ye Jing An plastered on a smile, the bitterness in his eyes disappeared without a trace, replaced with ridicule, “It seems that Goddess Du is very self-aware, ah, but now I want to know, how are you going to bring it down?”

Ye Jing An pointed at the trunk and sized up Du Yu Shu. He casually said, “I really look forward to seeing Goddess Du personally climbing a tree ah.”

Du Yu Shu took a deep breath and calmly said, “Let’s cooperate.”

Ye Jing An, “.......Oh?”

“I found that box first, if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t have known. Similarly, I have no way to take it down so we should work together; win-win.” Du Yu Shu’S eyes shone brightly, “I found the box, you take it down and we can look at the clue together.”

There are countless ways he could refute Du Yu Shu, but when he saw her bright eyes, his heart softened.

He softly laughed and said, “That seems like a good idea, I have no reasons to refuse.”

Du Yu Shu seemed to be smiling, her eyes shining with excitement. Although she just seemed confident in winning, her heart had some apprehension.

She just boasted and if Ye Jing An didn’t move then she would lose a lot of face ah.

Fortunately, he accepted the proposal.

The box is very high and is also blocked by leaves; if Du Yu Shu didn’t have sharp eyes, she wouldn’t have been able to discover it. Ye Jing An took off his coat and was thankful that he wore sportswear today. He sighed, “First I had to dig with my hands now I have to climb a tree, the production crew is really original.”

“Is this to train us to become apes and expel us from human society?”

“So you belong to the human race too?” Du Yu Shu looked at him with surprise.

Ye Jing An, “.....”

“Yes ah, Goddess Du and I are the same,” Ye Jing An smiled, “We once belong in the same human society and had now been expelled to the society of apes.”

Du Yu Shu, “......Get lost!”

“But don’t worry,” Ye Jing AN delightfully smiled, “You are definitely the prettiest among all the apes.”

Du Yu Shu, douchebag!

“Don’t worry, out of all the apes in the world, you are the ugliest one.” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said.

Ye Jing An flung his coat to the ground. The weather today is very hot; since they are in a forest in the middle of the hot August weather, it is even more scorching. Ye Jing An didn’t want to give his coat to Du Yu Shu to hold simply because he didn’t want to burden her.

“Of course, I am not the same as them (apes) so in their eyes, I am the ugliest.” Ye Jing An casually said. He looked around the tree for a good location before jumping up and began climbing the tree.

“Oh,” Du Yu Shu felt a prickling sensation in her heart after she saw that Ye Jing An would rather throw his coat onto the ground than to let her hold it. Shee expressionlessly said, “Then my beauty is out of the world that it is praise by other species?”

Ye Jing An almost fell from the tree.

Ye Jing An pushed the box out of the trunk and carefully climbed down. Du Yu Shu picked up the box but didn’t open it as she waited patiently for Ye Jing An.

This type of working together and enjoying the fruits of victory together was what she dreamed of.

–––Forget it.

At first, she entered the entertainment industry to get closer to him; she wanted to act with him, participate in variety shows together, joke with him, and gradually grow closer.

However, that is destined to be just a dream.

Because earlier on, they have annoyed each other.

Thinking this, Du Yu Shu’s smile became a bit bitter.

As he watched Du Yu Shu while he climbed down the tree, Ye Jing An had a smile on his face. The fact that they could peacefully work together felt really good.

Much better than he expected.

Although he wanted this to last, there could only be one winner per segment.

And he must win!

Ye Jing An had not climbed the tree yet when a burst of noise coming from behind. Du Yu Shu subconsciously turned and saw two people approaching.

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