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Chapter 16

Wang Jie didn’t understand. She only left for five minutes and Du Yu Shu became an entirely different person.

The once weak and haggard kitten became a claw-bearing panther, the fragile woman was nowhere in sight.


Wang Jie stared in amazement at Du Yu Shu’s quick change. Du Yu Shu raised her brows and cautiously asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

“You’re too good looking.” Wang Jie blurted out.

Du Yu Shu was bashful by the simple and straightforward praise, “....cough.”

“Are you still feeling uncomfortable?” Wang Jie asked and reached out to touch her forehead. When she found that the temperature was normal, she finally relaxed.

“Not at all.” Du Yu Shu coldly smiled.

Wang Jie, “......”

Her heart tightened.

The goddess is very scary today.

“You and Emperor Ye.....” Before she could finish, Wang Jie received a death glare from Du Yu Shu and could only swallow down her words.

“Don’t talk to me about that scum okay?” Du Yu Shu wore a bright sunny smile but her eyes were cold, exuding an evil aura.

Her voice was not the least bit small so obviously, the person sitting in the back could hear it.

Wang Jie was dumbstruck.

Compared to the present her, the earlier weak and pale Du Yu Shu was like a little white rabbit.

Simply speaking, what happened during those five minutes?

Wang Jie was bursting with curiosity!

During the rest of the flight, Du Yu Shu was in a fighting spirit, the earlier discomfort was gone. When Wang Jie got off the plane, she exclaimed, “You didn’t get airsick today?”

As Du Yu Shu’s agent for eight years, Wang Jie knows how serious her airsickness is. Under normal circumstances, they would look for other means of transportation, but today, when Du Yu Shu got off the plane, she is very lively ah!

Du Yu Shu coldly grunted. She was angered by a certain person, where does she have time to be in pain?”

Right now, she is very spirited!

In the afternoon, Du Yu Shu seriously looked over the first phase of the process of 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》in her hotel room. As a reality show, the concept was easy to grasp. The production crew cannot simply hand out hints to the cast and tomorrow is the first stage of filming. If by any chance it did not go well, they would have to re-record. However, an artist’s time is limited and the broadcast time is getting closer.

The program group gave out a rough process of the show and marked out some rules and the difficulty. Du Yu Shu carefully studied the rules for a while before searching up some popular reality shows online.

She spent the entire afternoon on the web and by the time night arrived, she immediately fell asleep without eating any supper.

Eight o’clock the next morning, Du Yu Shu and the other members arrived at a small forest on the outskirts of Z City. After making a simple greeting, the director announced, “Welcome to 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》’s recording site. Everyone, please draw a number to determine your special ability and the manner of winning.”



“What did you just say?!”

Several of the members were taken aback, including Du Yu Shu. She casually turned and steal a glance at Ye Jing An and saw that there was some surprise in his eyes.

–––It really is a totally new and original reality show ah.

Everything is decided by drawing lots and it really is.... 𝐢n𝑛rℯ𝒶𝚍. 𝑐o𝘮

Based on luck and character ah.

After some complaints and chattering, everyone went up one by one to draw their cards. Du Yu Shu looked at the card in her hand.

Number 4, Special ability to not die, Victory is obtained by eliminating number 6.

On the card were only these few words. Even the special ability to not die was not explained!

Du Yu Shu felt a bit befuddled, production crew, can you please explain?

The director yelled into the megaphone, “Your number, special ability, and victory task had been marked down. Every time you complete a task, you can get some advice about your special ability, hints on someone else’s number or special ability, on your victory and so on. So now, let’s carry on with the first task.”

Du Yu Shu, “........”

Really befuddled.

She inexplicably felt a burning sensation in her brain.

As Du Yu Shu is walking along the small trail in the forest, she cursed herself for muddleheadedness to participate in the reality show.

As she is walking into the desolate and uninhabited weed-filled forest, she from time to time worried about the appearances of insects. Du Yu Shu is most afraid of spiders along with many multi-legged organisms and those without any legs like snakes.

Du Yu Shu’s innermost being collapsed.

The first task is to find eight different types of fruits to make a fruit salad for the Princess Anji. The six of them were taken to six different locations in the forest to look for the fruits that are scattered around the area.

“Ahh!” Du Yu Shu shouted. In front of her, the grass shook a few times. Du Yu Shu remained frozen for a few minutes before retreating two steps and turned around and ran towards a tree, panting as she leaned against it.

Gods know how long it has been since she had run in a hurried manner. As she was gasping for air, she looked up she saw a brown colored, big head, eight-legged spider no less than 5 cm. Above her finger.

“Ah––––––!” Du Yu Shu loudly screamed as she jumped, “Ahhhhhhhhh SPIDER–––!”

Du Yu Shu turned and ran, not paying attention to the trail in front of her. The camera guy was frozen for a moment before chasing after her. He had no idea the goddess would be so afraid of insects. Du Yu Shu, who was not paying attention to the trail, ran straight into something and immediately screamed, “.......Ah!!!:

The scream pierced Ye Jing An’s eardrums. He subconsciously patted Du Yu Shu’s back in a consoling manner, as he softly and patiently comforted her, “What’s wrong? Don’t worry, I’m here.”

That sentence was very comforting.

Du Yu Shu tightly closed her eyes, letting the tears fall and trembling said, “........There’s spiders, spiders, big spiders!”

“A spider scared you like this?” Ye Jing An found this scene humorous, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Ye Jing An’s tone was very soothing as he patted Du Yu Shu’s back, “Don’t worry.”

“I’m here.”

This sentence could make anyone feel at ease. When the familiar scent entered her nose, the fear in her heart was replaced with calmness. When she opened her eyes, she saw the gentle appearance on that familiar face.

Du Yu Shu was a little embarrassed and shy. In an instant, her face became beet red.

Ye Jing An looked at her thoughtfully and laughed, “It seems that I do not need to do anything today. You can be scared witless by just a spider.”

“Victory is really in my grasp ah.”

“You shut up!” Du Yu Shu angrily yelled, “Don’t look down on spiders okay? A lot of spiders are poisonous!”

“Oh,” Ye Jing An lazily answered, “Let’s go see the spider that scared Goddess Du.”

“But I think the spider didn’t know that it scared you, but it was definitely frightened by you.”

“Goddess Du’s screech is earth-shattering, ah, my heart almost jumped out of my chest.”

“Such an itty-bitty spider, and it almost scared you to death.”

Ye Jing An’s smile was absentminded and his eyes were full of sincerity.

“Shut up!” Du Yu Shu yelled.

But what’s strange is that the fear from the spider disappeared by one-half.

“When the spider saw that you were afraid, it would’ve already been too late. You could have trampled it to death ah,” Ye Jing An faintly smiled, “Moreover, you sonic attack is comparable to □□, the little spider couldn’t stand a chance.”

Du Yu Shu, “.......Can you please shut up?”

Ye Jing An chuckled, there was some provocation in his eyes. He softly said, “I obviously feel that what I said is reasonable, why must I shut up?”

Du Yu Shu, “....hehe.”

“If you say to shut up then I will definitely shut up but wouldn’t it be too embarrassing?”

Du Yu Shu, “Hehe.”

Du Yu Shu completely forgot she was just intimidated by a spider.

Ye Jing An lightly smiled. Of course, when encountering a terrible memory, veering off topic is the most effective way in forgetting the memory.

Ye Jing An lightly laughed, “Goddess Du, I said so before, hehe behind someone’s back.....”

“There! There’s a box!” Du Yu Shu pointed at the trunk of the tree, completely interrupting Ye Jing An.

“Well, there really is a box ah. Then Goddess Du, how do you intend to retrieve it?” Ye Jing An smiled at her.

Du Yu Shu, “......

The box is a few meters up the ground, how do I take it down?

This is really a problem.

“Why don’t you guess, will I help you or not?” Ye Jing An looked deeply into Du Yu Shu’s eyes.

Ye Jing An looked at her deeply with countless emotions hidden within.

Du Yu Shu blanked out.

Will he help me?

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