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Chapter 12

“Cut––!!” Director Zhang flung away the script, his face red with excitement, “Beautiful! Amazing!”

After saying this, Director Zhang clapped, leading the other crew member to applaud as well, leaving Du Yu Shu to stand there, embarrassed.

“Absolutely perfect!” Director Zhang looked over the footage, “Very good, you were able to capture the feeling that I want,” Director Zhang tried to express his feeling with great effort, “That type of magnificence in the darkness that type of feeling, I don’t know how to describe it.”

Director Zhang hung his head in frustration. He then looked at Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An, “But you guys did great. You produced the image that I had in mind.”

Du Yu Shu gave an embarrassed smile and deeply bowed, “Thank you, Director Zhang.”

“We finished all the scenes we needed at B City, the rest will be shot at Z City,” Director Zhang laughed, “See you tonight at Blue Universe’s Qing Room, it will be my treat today.”


“Long live Director Zhang!”

“Director Zhang is pretty!”

“Brothers, let’s eat until we make Director Zhang poor!”

The whole crew started cracking up. This was the last scene that they have to film in B City, then there are a few scenes in the forest. Only then will the everything be completed. Thinking this, Du Yu Shu revealed a relaxed smile.

The person beside her is unusually quiet today. Du Yu Shu subconsciously looked to her right and saw Ye Jing An’s slender white finger stroking his cheek with an indescribable feeling in his eyes.

–––That was where Du Yu Shu kissed him earlier.

A warm, soft, and wet kiss.

It gently fell onto his cheek, soft and brief. At such a close proximity, he could smell a lemon-like fragrance emitting from Du Yu Shu’s body.

She didn’t need to do anything, just quietly stood there and she had already tempted him.

Only used his sharp tongue and every means to cover up his own feelings in his heart.

He is an actor ah. Even inside and outside his work, he would still continue to act, successfully deceiving himself. 𝓲𝐧𝙣𝓇ℯ𝓪𝐝 c𝚘𝒎

But because of her, he was provoked with no difficulty.

It was only a simple action, but when those soft lips touched his cheek,

Ye Jing An could hear his heart racing.

Strong, intense, and vigorous.

At that moment, he was a little dizzy.

Du Yu Shu glanced at Ye Jing An a few times and saw that he was in a trance, different from his usual stand. She felt some anger and embarrassment swell in her heart as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Wang Jie quickly rushed over and smiled, “Baby, you were amazing.”

She appropriately interrupted Du Yu Shu’s action and then dragged her away.

Ye Jing An evoked a smile, seeing that he had provoked that woman who seems to despise himself so much.

Really ruthless ah.

Ye Jing An turned around and walked distractedly to his lounge room. Although nothing seemed out of the ordinary, Wei Meng, who is by his side, could feel the coldness emitting off him,

Wang Jie giggled and rubbed Du Yu Shu’s head, “Tomorrow morning you have to go on the 10:30 flight. In the afternoon, you should be able to with the others and prepare for the show. It’s the first scene but it is also the hardest.”

Right now, the cast members are still not very familiar with each other and would be awkward and reserved.

“Baby’s acting was great earlier,” Seeing that Du Yu Shu is still in a daze, Wang Jie laughed and changed the topic, “At that time, I was completely subdued by baby!”

“If I originally did not....” Du Yu Shu’s face turned red and then closed her mouth in embarrassment. Wang Jie asked her curiously, “What?”

“Shut up,” Du Yu Shu childishly replied and quickly walked to her lounge room, leaving Wang Jie behind. Wang Jie looked at Du Yu Shu in puzzlement, what is this?

Director Zhang is very harsh; at work, he is very meticulous and coupled with his Virgo OCD, he is a perfectionist. Because of this scene, Director Zhang had a serious talk with Du Yu Shu, not allowing her to have a stand-in. At that time, Du Yu Shu immediately agreed.

Now, there is some indefinable embarrassment.

She obviously knew that that person despises and hates her and also has a girlfriend, but she still took the chance to get close to him.

Wouldn’t that person hate her even more?

Du Yu Shu was frustrated with herself, why did she agree at once? She should at least asked the other person first.

While the makeup artist is playing with her face, Du Yu Shu was a little depressed. Not long after, she was interrupted by the noisy bustling of the crew. Someone knocked on Du Yu Shu’s door, drawing her from her thoughts, loudly calling Du Yu Shu to come out together. The makeup artist simple fixed Du Yu Shu’s makeup as the group as the group bustled to Blue Universe.

This is a chance to slaughter Director Zhang ah. (To spend all his money.)

Director Zhang’s catalyst was too strong. In the private room, Du Yu Shu got a headache from the noise. She does not have a high tolerance for alcohol, so after being urged to drink a few cups by the others, Du Yu Shu couldn’t stand it anymore. Wang Jie repeatedly took care of her, but Du Yu Shu would shake her head and say that she is okay. After forcing down two bites of food, she saw Ye Jing An take a cup of wine and gracefully walk over, his eyes containing a sense of fondness but also contain a touch of edge.

Du Yu Shu immediately put her guard up.

“Leading Actress Du,” Ye Jing An spoke, in a low and unspeakably sexy voice, “Shall we drink a cup of wine to obliterate our hate?”

––Turns out he is here to compromise!

Incredulity flashed in her eyes, but in her heart, Du Yu Shu does not want to drink. Deep inside, she felt that after drinking the wine, they will have no connections anymore.

She would rather they become sworn enemies instead of strangers to each other.

But under the crowd’s scrutiny and Wang Jie’s excitement, how can she refuse?

“Emperor Ye is joking,” Du Yu Shu pick up the wine glass and forced a smile, “When have we ever been in conflict?”

Ye Jing An gently laughed and thought, Du Yu Shu’s smile can be genuine or fake ah.

Holding up the glass, Ye Jing An smiled, “This is naturally the best, Leading Actress Du.”

Ye Jing An drank the wine straightforwardly, driving everyone inside the room crazy.

Du Yu Shu tilted her head up as she drank the wine, trying to keep the fluid down. She smiled and said, “Of course, Emperor Ye.”

When words get sour, adding words is useless. Ye Jing An just turned and walked away.

Du Yu Shu stared at his back in a daze. The two of them had always been like this. In addition to quarreling, there would be times when they could only speak a few words to each other.

If there is no other way, why would she do use such strenuous effort?

Du Yu Shu faintly smiled, her eyes portraying some sadness. Wang Jie vaguely asked, “What is it?”

Du Yu Shu stood up and say, “Nothing, I’m going to go to the restroom. Stay here.”

She doesn’t want anyone to see her embarrassment or sadness.

She should have been a prideful, bright and confident woman ah.

Sadness should not overcome me, let alone be seen by others.

There was already someone who had seen her in her most sorry state. She only wished that he would be the only person to see her embarrassment and pain.

But right now, she is most afraid that he would see her discomposure.

As Du Yu Shu closed her eyes and splashed cold water on her face, she did not see a silhouette appear in the mirror.

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