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Chapter 10

As Ye Jing An’s agent for so many years, this is the first time Wei Meng had seen this person be so shameless, ruthless and cause trouble without any reason.

Wei Meng walked out of the room dejectedly and tearfully sent Wang Jie a private message.

“I am a fan of Song Chen’s. Can you get me an autograph? ?? ?? ”

He doesn’t dare to call out Ye Jing An.

Before he could receive a reply, Ye Jing An walked out of the lounge room and saw his agent looking with deep concentration at his phone. He lightly laughed, “Have you gotten the autograph?”

Wei Meng’s face collapsed and listlessly replied, “No, Wang Jie hasn’t replied back.”

Ye Jing An’s lips continued to rise, “Oh? That’s good, get it during lunch.”

After saying this, Ye Jing An gracefully walked away.

Wei Meng felt that Ye Jing An is feeling better than before. emeraldmayblossom

So the question is, what is Ye Jing An so happy about?

He won’t dig out a pit for him to jump into right?

Wei Meng felt a cold shiver run down his spine and quickly turned around and ran.

When lunchtime came around, Du Yu Shu took Song Chen out of her lounge room, looking relaxed and satisfied, “Our production team’s meal isn’t that bad. The sweet and sour fish is particularly delicious. However, they only made it once so I don’t know if they are going to serve it today.”

“Of course, in my heart, the food that you make are the best.”

Song Chen laughed and said, “Get lost, it is not the time for you to be sarcastic with me.”

Du Yu Shu looked at her with surprise and wrapped her arms around her, “You’re still bashing me.”

The two popular actresses were affectionately talking to each other all the way, attracting the attention of many onlookers. Some staff members would smilingly greet the two actresses as they walk by, and from time to time would lament about their good relationship.

After Song Chen and Du Yu Shu had gone far away, another staff sneered, “Friends? In the entertainment industry, how many actresses have you seen have good relationships? Today they are friends, tomorrow, they will tear each other apart for their reputation.”

“Speaking of which, a few days ago, Zhang Jing Shuang and Qi Qiao Ying got into a fight. The situation has gotten bloody on Weibo, fans from both sides are attacking each other,” another staff member enthusiastically joined in, “They completely forgot that half a year ago, when those two were working together, they would go shopping, dressing up as sisters.”

“Exactly, at that time, I thought that friendship can exist in the entertainment industry....”

“Also that whats-her-name and the other one, in the beginning, their relationship was very good...”

Du Yu Shu got four dishes and a bowl of soup. Three meat dishes and one vegetable dish along with seafood. There was also a plate of fruits for dessert. Song Chen smiled and pinched Du Yu Shu’s face, “Incredible, you have not gotten fat.”

“With such great food, how have you not gained weight, really.....”

Song Chen exclaimed.

Ye Jing An came out from a corner and saw this view.

“Humph,” Du Yu Shu slowly peel away the shrimp skin and put the shrimp into Song Chen’s mouth, “You ate so much, there isn’t enough space to fit more in your mouth!”

Song Chen swallowed and smiles, “I was waiting for you to feed me ah.”

Director Zhang who is sitting next to them laughed, “Your relationship is pretty good ah.”

When Director Zhang isn’t working, he has a good temper. One time, there was an actor who cried after being scolded harshly by Director Zhang on stage. However, during dinner, Director Zhang would amiably chat with him, making the actor frightened to death.

Du Yu Shu and Song Chen haven’t spoken yet when Director Zhang beckoned Ye Jing An over, “Jing An, come here.”

“Director Zhang,” Ye Jing An smiled and gracefully walked over.

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Director Zhang is simply too evil.

Du Yu Shu’s soul left her body for a moment before it came back. Song Chen and Ye Jing An talked warmly with each other. Song Chen didn’t even have time to eat the shrimp that Du Yu Shu peeled for her.

She heard Song Chen smilingly said, “Trouble emperor to take care of our family’s Yu Shu, this is her first time participating in a reality show.”

Du Yu Shu angrily pinched her elbow, causing Song Chen to frown.

She leaned close towards Song Chen’s ear and gritted, “Who needs him to take care ah?!”

Song Chen, “......”

Song Chen had gotten her feelings hurt before so she naturally does not want her good friend to get hurt as well.

If Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu really aren’t compatible like fire and water, then before she can fall into the enemy’s hands, Du Yu Shu should withdraw earlier so she would be less hurt by the outcome. That is Song Chen’s biggest hope.

Although there had been many dating rumors about Ye Jing An for so many years, the person himself never admitted to having a girlfriend. However, that day, Song Chen actually got photographic proof.

Although she does not know the course of the situation, she wants her best friend to have a perfect romance and not get hurt by others.

Ye Jing An’s smile deepened until the mirth in his eyes disappeared without a trace. He looked over at Du Yu Shu whose slender fingers are strategically peeling the shrimp and gently said, “Okay, I will properly....”

Ye Jing An paused as his lips carried a trace of mockery, “..take care of Leading Actress Du.”

He looked straight at Du Yu Shu, allowing her to clearly see the unrestrained ridicule in his eyes.

Du Yu Shu simply decapitated the shrimp head.

Du Yu Shu put on a bright, fake smile, “Then I should really thank Emperor Ye.”

“But,” Du Yu Shu looked down, the front of her hair covering her eyes. Her voice had a bit of obscure sharpness, “–––Emperor Ye should take care of himself instead.”

The smell of gunpowder spread between the two of them. Song Chen, who saw their expressions, like a host of a popular talk show, she skillfully changed the topic.

Afterwards, Du Yu Shu and Ye Jing An didn’t converse anymore. After they finished eating, Du Yu Shu and Song Chen walked away hand in hand, looking very close and friendly.

––That is something Ye Jing An would never get the chance to do.

“Jing An, Jing An,” Director Zhang jabbed his arm and frowned, “What are you thinking about? I called your name so many time, but you didn’t listen.”

“Nothing,” Ye Jing An gently smiles, “Just that Wei Meng is Song Chen’s biggest fan and wants her autograph. I was just thinking about how I should ask Song Chen.”

Director Zhang laughed and said, “So simple, I will get you one later!”

Wei Meng, “......”Heart is tired, knee hurts. _(:3」∠)_

Ye Jing An, with your conscience, tell me who is the one who wants Song Chen’s autograph! Who!

Ye Jing An agreed. Director Zhang continue to say some things to him and he casually listened but his mind is elsewhere.

Walking over while holding hands, peeling the shrimp for her when they are eating, speaking closely to her ears three times, held onto Song Chen twice, knows all of Song Chen’s preferences, Song Chen even went to great lengths to take care of her and held hands when walking.....

Ye Jing An’s expression looked ugly.

In the entertainment circle, everyone knows two of Du Yu Shu’s friends: Song Chen and Yan Xi. He always thought that acting was her first priority. He always thought that Yan Xi was the one that he should be the most alert about.

“At least 1.85 meters (~6’), handsome and masculine, cheerful, and can provide a sense of security.”

Yan Xi is 1.88 meters, handsome and masculine, and would usually act the part of the “Big Brother” in his roles. In the entertainment circle, he also has a good reputation as the “Big Brother” and can really give someone a sense of security. He once thought that Du Yu Shu’s standards were in accordance with Yan Xi....

But now, he felt that the person that he should be on guard with is Song Chen?

After all, the two of them are so close!

The most important thing is, he himself didn’t know that the thing that Du Yu Shu love to eat the most if milk candy, but Song Chen knew!

The shrimp head snapped off with a “pah” and fell across the table. Director Zhang asked in bewilderment, “Why did you use so much force?”

Ye Jing An, “.....”

Ye Jing An looked down and lightly said, “Don’t know my own strength.” emeraldmayblossom

Director Zhang looked at him dumbfounded, need that much strength to peel the shrimp?!

Live long enough to see.

At this time, the official page for Orange TV posted on Weibo:

OrangeTV(v): The production team of Vertical and Horizontal Alliance with Ye Jing An, Du Yu Shu, Wang Xiao Chen, Meng Yun Rui, Yang Yu Bo, and Dong Huan Nian will meet everyone on the September release of 《Vertical and Horizontal Alliance》!【Applause】【Applause】【Applause】

After almost a week of the cast speculation, the prelude was announced today.

Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu?

The production team is really courageous!

It blew up on Weibo.

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