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Chapter 1

In the third month of the human world, the peach blossoms bloom.

The boundless pink petals flutter about in the air under the gorgeous sunset, creating a beautiful layer of gold.

The people watching couldn’t help but stop breathing as they look at the scene as if experiencing a poetic and aesthetic dream.

In this beautiful scene, two people stand under the peach trees.

The youthful beauty wore a white dress, her smile full of vitality, and her voice brisk. In the midst of the pink petals fluttering in the sky, she tactfully looks back, revealing a gentle smile, looking like a picture that came out of a painting, easily grabbing the attention of countless eyes.

The handsome gentleman, although there was not a trace of emotion on his face, his lips revealed a small hook, looking like a warm and gentle jade. He held an umbrella and slowly approached the woman, like a prince from a painting.

Their eyes met—

“Cut! Cut! Cut!—” Director Zhang threw the script in his hand in anger, “Deep love! Deep love! Deep love! Ye Jing An, you are supposed to be deeply in love!!! Is that being deeply in love?! Your eyes were twitching!”

Du Yu Shu let out a small smirk. Whenever her sworn enemy is scolded, it would always bring her great pleasure.

“And you, Du Yu Shu!” When Director Zhang saw Du Yu Shu’s curved lips, he immediately fires at her, “Do you know what is called a pure and lovely white lotus? If you don’t know, I can give you a dictionary to look it up! Look at your eyes! ”

Du Yu Shu’s lips drew out into a straight line, she could clearly hear Ye Jing An’s contemptuous laughter next to her.

“You two!” Director Zhang saw their expressions and angrily drank a mouthful of water, “No matter how much you hate each other, don’t bring it to work! Go back and carefully read the script! The next time, you cause an NG, I will turn you two into soup!”

Du Yu Shu, “......”

Ye Jing An, “......”

“The next group, get ready!” Director Zhang yelled loudly, his face red, “What are you two still doing here? Were you not scolded enough? Quickly get lost and look at the script!”

Du Yu Shu’s agent, Wang Jie, quickly came over and pull her away as the assistant gave the director a helpless smile. Wang Jie handed a cup of water to Du Yu Shu and picked up a fan to fan her. During this time, the August weather is very hot.

“Director Zhang is very harsh and a perfectionist, very typical of a Virgo. Although his words are very hard to listen to, the person, in general, is not bad.” Wang Jie looks at the side profile of Du Yu Shu silently drinking water, her eyelashes fluttering, back and dense. Every line of her face is perfect.

Beautiful people sure are very privileged, Wang Jie thought.

“Virgos have OCD, don’t turn the situation violent. You’ve already NG seventeen times today, no wonder Director Zhang is furious. All Virgos are like this, it is not that he is against you. Ye Jing An was also scolded earlier, don’t take it to heart.” Wang Jie patted Du Yu Shu, trying to comfort her with words.

“Don’t badmouth Virgos, okay?” Du Yu Shu finally said. Wang Jie smiled. Du Yu Shu held the cup and sigh, “Why do you hate Virgos so much, badmouthing them every day.”

“Where have I!” Wang Jie try to express her innocence, “I was just speaking the truth!”

Du Yu Shu put the cup on the stool. She grabs Wang Jie’s hand to pull her to sit down and took the fan from her, “Alright, don’t fan anymore, you’re just fanning the hot air. It is a waste of effort.”

Wang Jie “hehe” laugh and didn’t say anything. Du Yu Shu put the fan aside. When she turned, she saw Ye Jing An. Her face revealed a moment of distortion before putting on a murderous look. Wang Jie’s heart tightens, she also turned and follow Du Yu Shu’s gaze and saw Ye Jing An.

Wang Jie’s heart turned bitter, these two have been jabbing at each other for 1800 times already.

Isn’t this squandering people?

“I’m fine, you don’t need to be so nervous.” Du Yu Shu pokes the fan, her tone casual.

Wang Jie thought if you’re fine, why do you still NG so many times, it is not like you just debuted. This simple of a plot, even if you can’t do it in one take, you can’t NG seven to eight times.

“If it wasn’t all that bastard’s fault!” Du Yu Shu turns to look at Wang Jie coldly, she didn’t bother to lower her voice, “His acting is so bad that it implicated me.”

Wang Jie bitterly laugh, “Little ancestor, don’t be so loud, can you keep your voice down? There are people sitting around us, don’t cause trouble.”

Don’t use this type of tone like you are coaxing a little kid alright? Du Yu Shu turned and gave her a supercilious. She leans back in her chair and closes her eyes.

Wang Jie sigh. What kind of rancorous hate does his own artist and Emperor Ye have? Every time they see each other, they will argue, when they don’t see each other, they still badmouth him. Provocation and mockery would come out whenever they open their mouths. He and the other side’s agent always had to keep their own artists in check.

Wang Jie turns to look at Du Yu Shu who still has her eyes close. Pure white dress, her hair pulled into a ponytail, and her pretty face doesn’t look to have any powder on. This is only a kind of pure beauty that would belong to a student.

Looking at her, Wang Jie’s mood couldn’t help but calm down.

Sure enough, every time he sees Du Yu Shu’s face, she isn’t willing to blame her.

Slightly frustrated, Wang Jie thought of how to control her sorrow.

When Du Yu Shu closed her eyes, the story played on her mind. The scene that she and that fellow were doing once again played in her head. The script clearly said that two people were gazing at each other smiling. And then he would drop his umbrella and run over as the two people affectionately embrace. When they are looking at each other, the man would move his gaze away and look over her shoulder, the hand that was holding the umbrella went stiff as his eyes reveal a trace of despair and pain.

As if touching her would make him suffer.

Du Yu Shu smiled coldly, her partner was no good, what are you going to do to her?

The previous scene finally ended. Director Zhang yelled from above, “Du Yu Shu! Ye Jing An! You two come over and try again! If you NG one more time, I will peel your skin and use it to make soup!”

Du Yu Shu disdainfully grunts, with such a poor partner, it would be impossible not to get an NG.

Wang Jie hugs Du Yu Shu, “Baby, jia you.”

As the crew members approach, Ye Jing An’s lips coldly curve and slowly expose a smile. His voice revealed some coldness and elegance, “Please give me some advice, Leading actress Du .”

That voice had an indescribable malice that made Du Yu Shu’s eyes jump. She faintly said, “It is said that a good actor wouldn’t be affected by their partner. A rising star and leading actress who came from a well-known acting school, it naturally wouldn’t be me who had NGs right?”

“I’ll wait for your good performance, Leading Actress Du.”

That casual voice exposed a trace of ridicule and disdain. Du Yu Shu’s chest violently heaves up and down; she coldly laughs, “Also, that partner is tragically ugly.”

“I’m really sorry, I can’t control my expression, when I see a scary-looking creature, I can’t help but jump.”

Du Yu Shu’s lips slightly curve, her eyes cold, “Especially if, it is you.”

The atmosphere between the two could be called murderous and thunderous, while the script call for a sweet and loving couple. Director Zhang directly threw down his own script and angrily yelled, “You two are playing a couple! Do you know what a couple is! If you don’t know, search it up on Baidu! Are you trying to get revenge for killing your father or the extermination of your entire family?! You two are bad on stage!”

“Get lost! Get lost! Don’t waste my time here!”

They haven’t even shot the scene and are already driven away. It really is unique. From the moment she walks away, Du Yu Shu couldn’t help but sneer.

“Tch—” The person beside her gives a mocking smile. Du Yu Shu coldly asks, “Does Emperor Ye have any brilliant ideas.”

Ye Jing An didn’t turn his head, his voice clear like water, “Don’t have any brilliant ideas, but—”

Ye Jing An pauses then continues, his tone full of ridicule, “—Leading Actress Du is also like this.”

“You!” Du Yu Shu wants to say something, but when she saw Ye Jing An abruptly turn and leave without looking back, her heart knotted. She mutters a curse and went back to her seat.

At this time, Wang Jie had already finished talking to Director Zhang. When she saw Du Yu Shu sitting in her seat, not saying a word, she subconsciously touches the side of her head and says, “Go and change. Today’s filming will end here. Director Zhang will cut you two some slack, we will continue tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Du Yu Shu nods and took her own clothes to change into. Before she enters the dressing room, she said, “Thank you, Wang Jie.”

Wang Jie freezes for a moment. Laughing, she jokingly scolds, “Silly child, why are you still courteous to me?”

If Du Yu Shu is like those type of temperamental people, she wouldn’t be willing to concentrate only on her.

Wang Jie shakes her head and smiles. There is no way, this young lady is too painful.

Outside, Wang Jie began to fiddle with her phone and informs the makeup artist, driver, and others that today’s work ended early; they could just send Du Yu Shu home.

When Du Yu Shu came out of the dressing room, she coincidentally saw two people walking out as she passes by the studio. Curious, Du Yu Shu looks back and saw that they are not filming. Ye Jing An is talking to the director while his agent, Wei Meng is standing at the side with a painful expression. Du Yu Shu felt a touch of annoyance and couldn’t help but coldly scolds, you deserve it.

“You,” Director Zhang watch the scene that they just filmed and earnestly advised, “Look at yourself, does it look like your level? Look at your eyes, where are you looking at? Do you not dare to look Du Yu Shu in the eyes!”

“Right here is not bad. Look at your eyes, there is some warmth. It is passable. Look at your eye expression right now, what is that! Let me tell you Ye Jing An, if we can’t finish the scene tomorrow, I will really peel off your skin!”

Ye Jing An smiles softly and didn’t say a word. He looks at the mirror image above the video camera.

“Also here, also here,” Director Zhang refers to the frame in front and said, “Your expression looks good at this part, but when you look at Du Yu Shu’s face, your expression became like that! You became inconceivably stiff! Looking at your expression right now, I would’ve thought you had just entered the entertainment circle!”

Ye Jing An smiles and didn’t say a word.

—Seeing her face, I feel nervous.

—Seeing her disdain, I feel sad.

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