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I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 966 - 966 Facing an Army of Thousands Alone, Killing Like an Asura

966 Facing an Army of Thousands Alone, Killing Like an Asura

Finally, these experts from the underground world who had swarmed in finally trapped Chu Yunfan in a volcano.

Even though the outside world was saying that Chu Yunfan had already lost his combat power, these people who dared to bet on him were obviously not ordinary people.

There were more than a thousand people blocking Chu Yunfan’s way, and all of them were Innates. More than half of them were at least at level five of the Innate Stage, and there were also many masters at level seven.

Many of them were even wearing advanced mechas, which increased their combat strength by a lot.

Thousands of people surrounded Chu Yunfan.

“Chu Yunfan, you won’t be able to escape today!” One of the experts shouted, but no one dared to step forward.

After all, Chu Yunfan’s fierce reputation was well-known. Even if he was deemed to have lost all his combat power, no one dared to step forward.

“This is really interesting!”

Surrounded by thousands of Innates, Chu Yunfan did not panic. The more he acted like this, the more those Masters who were surrounding him did not dare to move forward.

“A bounty of over a trillion. What a big deal. However, I’m afraid that you guys alone are not enough to take my life. If you want my life, have a Divine come and take it,” Chu Yunfan said.


He looked at these people. If he had encountered such a situation a few years ago, he would probably have to hide in the Mountain River Diagram or die.

But now, he was proud of himself and did not worry about these people in the slightest.

“You’re just a cripple now, yet you dare to look down on the heroes of the world. Do you think you’re still at your peak?” Among the thousands of people, someone spoke up, trying to blend in with the crowd so that no one could find his whereabouts.

However, this echnique was too immature in front of Chu Yunfan. Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was far higher than his. The Divine Abilities Stage lent one a godly ability, and that was an instinct that seeped into one’s bones and blood.

“Have you ever been hit by a stone?”

Just as he finished speaking, Chu Yunfan took a slight step and kicked up a stone. He stretched out his palm and flicked the stone lightly. It flew out like a cannonball.


This stone hit one of the people in the crowd. It was the one who had been shouting earlier. He thought that no one would know it was him since he was hiding in the crowd. Who knew that Chu Yunfan would instantly discover him?

It was only one hit, and he instantly died tragically. His head exploded. The power of this stone was just right, and it only killed one person.

Suddenly, there was a deathly silence. No one had expected that Chu Yunfan would lose all his combat power, just as the outside world had guessed.

However, even under such circumstances, a casual attack could still kill an Innate.


This was level-seven Innate, but he couldn’t block a small stone that Chu Yunfan casually threw out.

In front of Chu Yunfan, an Innate was like a blade of grass.

At this moment, they finally understood why Chu Yunfan looked at them with a bit of contempt. It was a look of superiority.

Even if a Divine had lost all of their combat power, they would not be easily humiliated.

In fact, there had never been such a precedence. Generally, Divines were either dead or perfectly fine. Even if they were seriously injured, they would not lose all their combat power.

Therefore, everyone thought that they had overestimated Chu Yunfan, but now they realized that they had still underestimated him. please visit 𝓲n𝗻r𝘦a𝑑.co𝗺.

“I had wanted to ask you which force you belong to, but now I don’t think it’s meaningful anymore. You’re all going to die anyway,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly, “A bounty of a trillion is good, but let’s see if you have the ability to take it.”

Chu Yunfan broke the silence with his words, and the calmness and indifference in his eyes finally infuriated the Innates.

“Surely we can kill this sickly Chu Yunfan if we work together. We have so many people here. I don’t believe he can kill all of us.”

Someone shouted loudly, causing killing intent to appear in everyone’s eyes.

That’s right, no matter how strong Chu Yunfan was, he had already lost all of his combat strength. If they couldn’t kill him now, they wouldn’t have a chance to do so when he recovered.


In an instant, the temptation of trillions of dollars rose in their hearts again, suppressing their fear of Chu Yunfan.

More than a thousand people simultaneously pounced toward Chu Yunfan. These were all Innates, and with their full strength, their speed was beyond imagination. In a short while, Chu Yunfan was surrounded. There were even people in the air who flew over and blocked Chu Yunfan’s escape route from above.

They were so densely packed that it was impossible to see their figures clearly, but Chu Yunfan didn’t panic. He clenched his fist and simply threw out a punch, which instantly landed on the body of an Innate who was pouncing at him.

That Innate didn’t even have the time to scream before he died. His head was blown apart by Chu Yunfan’s fist, and Chu Yunfan snatched the steel saber in his hand.

His body flew backward madly. More than a dozen Innates didn’t have time to dodge and were directly hit. They spat out blood as they too flew backward. They died in an instant.

With a saber in hand, Chu Yunfan instantly slashed out countless saber lights. The terrifying power of the Imperial Physique was fully displayed. The saber lights that Chu Yunfan displayed were like mercury flowing on the ground, forming a light curtain that protected him. Even the attacks of the peak Innates were unable to do anything to him.

It could be said that even water couldn’t touch him.

On the contrary, the saber in Chu Yunfan’s hand was like a meat grinder. Anyone who was touched by it died a tragic death without any exception.

These Innates were considered masters in the outside world, but when they encountered Chu Yunfan, they were like paper. One slash equated to one kill. He never needed a second slash.

In addition to the extreme speed that the Imperial Physique could support, dozens of Innates fell in the span of a single breath. There were mountains of corpses and rivers of blood everywhere.

It was extremely shocking. Wherever Chu Yunfan went, the encirclement would collapse. There was no difference at all. The so-called encirclement and the so-called defense line were like paper in front of him—completely useless.


In just a few short breaths, more than half of the thousands of Innates had been killed or injured. If it was Chu Yunfan who was still in the Innate Stage, even if he used all his power, it would be impossible for him to achieve such a level.

However, things were different now. After stepping into the Divine Abilties Stage, even if he did not use any divine power, he was far from being a match for these Innates.

One slash for one, or even several, and he could slash dozens of times in an instant. The efficiency of such a killing could only be imagined.

Finally, the remaining hundreds of experts collapsed.

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