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I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 963 - 963 Chu Yunfan’s One-Trillion-Yuan Bounty Is the Highest in History!

963 Chu Yunfan’s One-Trillion-Yuan Bounty Is the Highest in History!

Of course, Chu Yunfan’s words did not directly admit that he had lost his ability to fight, but he did admit that there was something going on with him.

In many people’s eyes, this was more believable than Chu Yunfan outrightly saying that he had a problem.

It was obvious that he was trying to cover up. He didn’t deny that there was a problem, but he also didn’t admit that there was a big one. This was enough for many forces that were already standing by to make a move.

This was a clear sign that there was indeed something wrong with Chu Yunfan. He was now walking around in search of herbs and making pills to solve the problem.


All of this now seemed very credible.

“As expected. There is indeed something wrong with Chu Yunfan. He has stolen our magic weapon. This is his retribution!” a Deep Sea Crocodile expert clamored on the Internet, “He’s not that great. He’s only famous because there are no other heroes.”

These words ignited the rage of many of Chu Yunfan’s supporters.

“You sure have a big mouth. Back when Chu Yunfan was at his peak, did you dare to appear in front of him?”

“Of course not. If he had, he would be toast by now. He wouldn’t have the chance to be so arrogant.”

“That’s right. They’re just a bunch of people who bully the weak and fear the strong. They didn’t even dare to stand up before, but now they’re coming out to talk big.”

The Deep Sea Crocodile did not seem to be afraid of the anger of countless Federation citizens. They could not do anything to him on the Internet after all.

“Hmph, hmph. What’s the point of saying all this now? It’s all in the past. There are many outstanding figures, but we look toward the present. No, this is just the beginning.

“Chu Yunfan forcibly took away my kin’s magic weapon, and this is only the first wave of the backlash. As time passes, the backlash will become more and more severe.

“At that time, he would be lucky to die from self-destruction! He’s clearly asking for it. If he hadn’t stolen our important magic weapon, he wouldn’t have suffered such retribution!”

This Deep Sea Crocodile revealed another important piece of information. In his current state, Chu Yunfan might not be able to maintain this life. As time passed, he might die from the magic weapon’s backlash.

Many people were furious, but they couldn’t do anything about it. After all, all they heard was the one-sided story of the Deep Sea Crocodiles. Chu Yunfan didn’t come out to clarify anything.

“Now, he has fallen to the point where he can be bullied by anyone. If he dares to appear in front of me, I’ll twist off his head!”

This Deep Sea Crocodile became more and more arrogant. Originally, an expert of Chu Yunfan’s level was not someone he could afford to provoke. But now, he could insult Chu Yunfan without worrying about his revenge.

Everyone gritted their teeth in hatred, but there was nothing they could do about it. On the Internet, they could not access that arrogant person.

On the surface, countless people in the Federation were worried about Chu Yunfan. But in the underground world, countless undercurrents began to surge. No one knew when, but the bounty on Chu Yunfan, which had been taken down, was back on top of the list again. Although his level was still SSS, there was a question mark behind it, which meant that it was possible for him to be killed.

It was not like the beginning when all tasks related to Chu Yunfan were automatically canceled.

When Chu Yunfan once again became a bounty target in the underground world, the task was immediately picked up. The bounty limit broke through the sky and blew up the entire underground world like a nuclear bomb explosion.

One trillion federal coins!

This was an astronomical figure. Even the behemoths of the six great families couldn’t afford so much money, and all to kill Chu Yunfan. This was clearly not something that one force alone could take out. Many must have joined hands to produce this shocking amount.

As for who it was, it was impossible to tell because Chu Yunfan had offended too many people over the years. He had set a new record for the highest bounty in the Federation.

As the saying goes, birds will die for food as men will die for riches.

At first, countless people were afraid of Chu Yunfan’s strength, but when the bounty on him reached one trillion, the eyes of many went red and were filled with money signs.

If they could get this one trillion, they could get anything they wanted. Even the three major assassin organizations would get rich overnight if they got their hands on so much money. It would not be a problem for their strength to double severalfold in a short time.

If an ordinary martial arts master got it, he would have no lack of resources for the rest of his life. He could build a top force with money alone.

Besides, the most important thing was that even Chu Yunfan had admitted that there was something wrong with him. That meant that it was very likely that—just like what the Deep Sea Crocodiles said—Chu Yunfan had lost his combat power.

“This was a once in a thousand years opportunity to become famous in one battle.”

“Why were the three major assassin organizations so powerful? Wasn’t it because they had killed presidents of the Federation?”

“If they can kill Chu Yunfan, it would be no different from killing the president.”

The entire underground world went crazy. All of them were getting restless, and some of the big shots in the underground world even started shouting.

For one trillion, they would even kill a god, let alone a mere Chu Yunfan.

These trillions stimulated the violent genes in everyone’s body.

Such a big move in the underground world finally couldn’t remain hidden and began to surface on the Internet. The people who were trading curses with the Deep Sea Crocodiles suddenly began to worry about Chu Yunfan’s safety.

They didn’t know how much one trillion was, but they knew that it was enough to make everyone go crazy.

Now, even they thought that Chu Yunfan was at his weakest point in history. At this time, a bounty of over a trillion yuan appeared. Wasn’t this just asking for Chu Yunfan’s life?

The netizens stopped bothering with the Deep Sea Crocodiles. Everyone’s eyes turned to Chu Yunfan.

As for the person in question, after setting off this crazy tide that swept across the Federation, he still looked calm and composed. He didn’t even take any action to hide from the pursuit of the underground world.

He simply busied himself looking for the Phoenix Grass.

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