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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Attacked?!

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When Blake saw the human in front of him, his eyes flashed with confusion.

Humans? !

What’s going on?

Why did humans appear?

Only then did Blake realize that the smell of the primates just now came from the humans not far away.

Isn’t this the Cretaceous period of the primitive era? Why are there humans appearing in such a place? Something’s not right! Blake thought to himself.

Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any living humans in this era!

Why did a group of people suddenly appear in his territory?

There were men and women, and they seemed to be mainly scientists. There were also quite a number of special forces.

Looking at the weapons in the hands of the special forces, the Super Tyrannosaurus rex black couldn’t help but be stunned again. He realized that he didn’t recognize these weapons at all.

These things were obviously high-tech products!

He felt that something was not right.

Carefully staring at these tiny humans, Blake thought to himself and suddenly realized that they were not from this era.

They seemed to be humans from the future era.

Thinking of this possibility, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake could not help but nod. He thought that his guess was very accurate and there should be no problem.

The humans that suddenly appeared were from the future!

After confirming the identity of these humans, Blake was certain that the humans before him had come to the Cretaceous period through some kind of time travel and found their habitat.

As for the method to find their habitat, there was no need to think too much about it.

The humans of the future definitely had higher technological means.

There must have been highly advanced devices like heat source detectors.

Moreover, there would be carnivorous dinosaurs that went out to hunt and bring back tributes every day. Perhaps the large group of humans in front of them had followed a group of carnivorous dinosaurs to the valley.

To be honest, Blake still wanted to be a human.

If it was possible, who would be willing to be a giant Tyrannosaurus rex?

Perhaps in the future, humans would have a way to solve the problem of binding systems after transmigrating, and they could even solve the problem of becoming a Tyrannosaurus rex, thus returning to human form.

Thinking of this, Blake did not attack the future humans in front of him.

Blake continued to move forward a few steps and gradually slowed down his pace.

The scientists from various countries standing on the top of the hill turned pale with fright. They were frightened by Blake’s huge body and quickly retreated to maintain their distance.

Even the scientists from Russia, who had always been bold, were so frightened that their minds went blank.

The first to react was the special forces.

The special forces held the laser guns in their hands tightly and protected the scientists around them.

Gathering their courage, Carol Garcia actually lifted up the recording machine again and recorded the body characteristics of the Super Tyrannosaurus rex black.

Blake did not understand the recording machine in Caro Garcia’s hands. Subconsciously, he thought that this kind of thing was aggressive. Instinctively, he opened his bloody mouth and roared.

Walkley Arnold opened his eyes wide and immediately raised his weapon.

The guard was beside Will Quaker. Walkley Arnold was certain that he could not let him be harmed in the slightest.

“Captain, should we fire back?”

A soldier suddenly shouted, seeking Walkley Arnold’s opinion.

Carol Garcia was stunned for a moment, but just as she calmed down, she heard a soldier shoot at the Super Tyrannosaurus black.


Carol Garcia quickly turned around, wanting to stop the soldier who had the intention to shoot.

Even Will Quake hesitated, not knowing whether it was time to shoot and kill the Super Tyrannosaurus black.

If he didn’t shoot, everyone would be in danger.

If he shot and directly killed a giant Tyrannosaurus, it would be a great loss to the scientific research field.

It was also because of these few seconds of hesitation. Before Will Quake could make a decision, Walkley Arnold immediately waved his hand to signal for his special forces to shoot.

“Shoot! Shoot the hind legs first!”Walkley Arnold roared loudly.

Using the laser gun to attack the retreat of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake, Walkley Arnold wanted to shoot its rear legs, thus depriving it of its mobility and preventing it from launching an attack.

Walkley Arnold was also aware that he absolutely could not take the life of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The scientific value of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was too high!

After the Special Forces soldiers received Walkley Arnold’s permission, they immediately pulled the trigger and shot out a dazzling laser from the laser gun to attack the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake.

Blake was shocked and subconsciously wanted to dodge.

After all, Blake did not know the power of the laser beam and was worried that the laser beam would hurt him.


The laser beam shot out and hit Blake’s strong hind leg.

This laser beam was enough to penetrate a steel plate that was ten meters thick!

However, when the laser beam hit Blake’s hind leg, it was blocked by his tough leather armor and the laser beam was instantly repelled.

Blake thought that the power of the laser would be very strong, so he was slightly shocked.

In the end, the power of the laser was only so-so!

[ Ding! Detected that the host has received 1 second of laser attack, evolution progress increased by 0.01% ]

After listening to the system announcement, Blake completely let down his guard.

The laser weapon was only so-so.

A laser beam could not even pierce through Blake’s leather armor, let alone injuring his life.

Although not injury-inducing, it still produced some pain, similar to that of a mosquito bite.

Walker Arnold was shocked. He did not expect Blake’s leather armor to have such strong defense.

Without hesitation, he raised the laser gun in his hand. Blake raised the laser gun to its highest power and aimed it at the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex, black.

Blake was slightly stunned and showed a slightly disdainful expression.

It was just a mere laser, it was nothing to worry about.

“Everyone, attack together and force this giant beast to retreat!” Walkley Arnold roared loudly, anxious but forcing himself to calm down.

Upon hearing his words, Zhiren Yada was the first to be displeased, but he quickly retreated under the protection of the special forces.

Retreating to a relatively safe area, Zhiren Yada frowned and turned to look at Will Quake, he said, “Dear Mr. Will Quake, we shouldn’t continue to attack this giant Tyrannosaurus rex. The laser beam just now couldn’t hurt the giant Tyrannosaurus rex at all. What if we continue to attack it and anger it?”

Will Qake frowned and began considering Zhiren Yada’s words in ernest.

However, he couldn’t stop the attack now because the person who protected the safety of the scientists from all over the world was Walkley Arnold, not him.

Walkley Arnold organized five special forces soldiers to follow him and launch an attack on the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake.

These were five laser guns that fired with all their might!

Blake was hit by five dazzling laser beams on his chest, abdomen, and thigh. They were just blocked by the tough scales covering his entire body.

He was still not injured, but the pain was slightly greater.

The power of the laser beam just now was like the bite of a mosquito, but now it was only like the bite of a slightly larger insect. It still did not cause any damage.

[ Ding! Large number of laser attacks detected. Evolution progress increased by 0.02% ]

The system notification sounded in Blake’s ears again.

Blake was slightly delighted. He did not expect his evolution to increase so quickly. It was practically getting his evolutionary progress for free.

[ Ding! Beginning to absorb laser energy for the host. After the energy is absorbed, the host can undergo physical evolution. ]

As Walkley Arnold, and the other special forces continued to attack, the system notification sounded again.

Blake was even more delighted!

This group of humans from the future really came to give him good fortune.

If they could continue attacking, Blake believed that he would soon evolve strong arms and fingers!

With arms and fingers, Blake had no weaknesses.

Although the current Blake was invincible in the dinosaur field, he still had weaknesses. After all, the essence of a Super Tyrannosaurus rex was a Tyrannosaurus rex. The short forelimbs remain to be his weakness.

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