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Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Blake the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex arrives!

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Carol Garcia continued to record the video with the recorder. She could not help but be slightly stunned.

She quickly turned her head, then said to Will Quake, “Looking at the behavior of these dinosaurs, it seems that they are moving around somewhere. It feels like something is occupying that place, or they are outside of the territory of a certain dinosaur and do not dare to approach it.”

The Japanese scientist, Zhiren Yada, also noticed this and quickly nodded in agreement with Carol Garcia’s conjecture.

Just as Zhiren Yada was about to voice out his thoughts, Carol Garcia suddenly paused for a moment and then picked up the infrared thermal sensor.

There seems to be an unknown source of heat rapidly approaching!

The infrared thermal sensor was beeping, reminding all the scientists to stay alert.

“My ultrasonic echo device detected a giant creature rapidly approaching from the distance and running toward us. The preliminary estimate is 500 kilometers per hour!”The Chinese scientist quickly shouted.

Wilquick was stunned, and his eyes opened wide instinctively.

500 kilometers per hour?

What kind of giant creature was this?

Unable to fathom the situation, Will Quake turned to look at Walkley Arnold, signaling for him to quickly prepare for battle. Once he encountered danger, he would quickly start fighting.

In the distance, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was running at a leisurely pace.

Due to Blake’s huge size, it appeared to be moving at an extremely fast speed!

In fact, this was not Blake’s fastest speed.

Zhiren Yada frowned as he looked ahead. Suddenly, he raised his arm and pointed forward. He shouted, “Look over there! There’s actually such a huge footprint! What kind of terrifying creature would have such a huge footprint?”

None of the researchers have the time to pay attention to the beeping machine. They quickly raised their heads and looked in the direction Zhiren Yada indicated. As expected, they found a huge footprint.


Such a huge footprint was comparable to Godzilla.

How could Godzilla exist in the ancient Cretaceous era?

Just as all the researchers were shocked, all the national research offices in the modern world saw the scene in the valley and cheered.

The scene in front of them was amazing, and even more amazing!

There were actually so many dinosaurs. It was simply an unimaginable miracle.

So many dinosaurs had gathered together, and they were all carnivorous dinosaurs with high research value. There were many tyrannosaurs alone.

Gus Turner was filled with emotion. His heart rate suddenly increased, and his adrenaline was secreted rapidly. He immediately entered a state of passion.

To these scientists, seeing a Tyrannosaurus was definitely more exciting than seeing a beautiful lady. They could not wait to pounce on the tyrannosaurs and study them.

“Send a message to Carol Garcia immediately. We must capture a Tyrannosaurus rex and bring it back!”! “This will be the most glorious moment in human history, and also the most glorious moment in the United States of America. “As long as we complete the research on the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the United States of America will rapidly develop and grow, and our scientific research level will be the best in the world.”

Gus Turner was so excited that he couldn’t get any more excited. He roared at his scientific research colleagues around him.

The scientists around Gus Turner also calmed down as soon as possible and began to record information to calculate the data about Tyrannosaurus rex and to improve the existing scientific clues.

The current scientific clues were all inferred from dinosaur fossils. Compared to the Tyrannosaurus rex that they saw with their own eyes, the data of the latter must be more convincing.


[The Cretaceous period]

A few minutes later, Carol Garcia received an order from the United States Office of scientific research to capture a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Just as Carol Garcia was about to inform Will Quake of this order, the ground actually began to shake violently.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! ..

The incessant shaking sounds were extremely shocking.

It was as if there was a huge monster running from the deeper part of the valley towards this valley, and it would soon arrive.

The detection machine must have given a hint about this huge monster!

At this moment, all the carnivorous dinosaurs in the valley gathered together and stood in a fan shape as they looked into the depths of the valley, as if they were showing the highest respect.

Not only did this hinder the next moment, the shocking scene shocked the minds of the scientists and scholars.

There was actually a Super Tyrannosaurus charging over!

Looking at the performance of the other carnivorous dinosaurs, it could be concluded that the upcoming Tyrannosaurus was the overlord of all the carnivorous dinosaurs in the valley. It could even be said that it was the overlord of a region.

In the dinosaur era, there was actually a powerful organization. This is truly wild and unimaginable.

This would break modern people’s understanding of the Cretaceous period dinosaurs!

“Beep Beep! detected a giant creature approaching. Current distance is roughly 20 kilometers.”

[A few seconds later]

“Beep Beep! detected a giant creature approaching. Current distance is roughly 18 kilometer.”

[A few seconds later]

“Beep Beep! detected a giant creature approaching. Current distance is roughly 15 kilometers.”

As the distance detection device carried out multiple reports, Will Quake’s eyes widened in shock.

“What kind of creature is it? It’s moving so fast. Could it be flying from the Sky?”Zhiren Yada raised his head and looked through the telescope.

Will Quake forced himself to calm down and said in a deep voice, “It can’t be flying from the sky! Just now, the machine detected the size of this giant creature. In the Cretaceous era, there wouldn’t be a flying dinosaur with such a huge size.”

The scientific experts from China, India, and Russia nodded in agreement.

Walkley Arnold immediately raised his laser gun and aimed it at the depths of the valley.

In the distance, a large black shadow could be seen approaching. The estimated height was as high as a small hill!

The black shadow was rapidly approaching.

The scientific scholars of various countries could not help but become nervous.

The Black Shadow was getting closer and closer.

The scientific scholars from all over the world were also getting more and more nervous.

Just as the scientific scholars from all over the world were so shocked that they were swallowing their saliva, the Super Tyrannosaurus black rushed out from the deep valley and appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Super Tyrannosaurus Blake!

At this moment, everyone, including Will Quake and Walkley Arnold, were so shocked that their scalps were numb. They were shocked by the giant Tyrannosaurus before them.

Its huge body!

Its grayish-brown scales!

Its bloody mouth!

The Super Tyrannosaurus Shrek was astonishingly 50 meters tall.

What was the concept of 50 meters?

Even if a center basketball player wore basketball shoes, there would be at least 20 people stacked together to reach 50 meters.

But now, a giant Tyrannosaurus rex was already 50 meters tall!

Its scales were like steel armor. Although it was grayish-brown, it revealed a relatively dark luster.

The scientists had discovered the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake. At the same time, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had naturally discovered these scientists.

As a Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Black’s possess a very sensitive sense of smell. He had just smelled a group of primates coming to his valley.

However, Blake did not expect that there would be humans. After all, monkeys and gorillas were also primates.


Blake, who had just returned to the valley, was stunned for a moment. His gaze was fixed on the research team at the top of the mountain outside the valley.

At this moment, Walkley Arnold had already raised his laser gun. Cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

He was on high alert!

As long as the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in front of him dared to attack, he would immediately fire.

However, he didn’t know that the laser gun could only hurt ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, not Super Tyrannosaurus black.

After all, Blake’s scales were not for show, and his defense was quite astonishing.

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