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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Dinosaur Discovered! The Stunning Man of the Future!

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After learning that the template unlocked by the system was upgraded to “King of monsters”, Blake immediately hardened his heart. After time travel, if he couldn’t be a human, he would become a ferocious monster!

Now, Blake has become a huge Tyrannosaurus rex.

Blake was bigger than a normal Tyrannosaurus rex.

In the evolution template system interface, Blake could see his current stats.

[ system host: Blake ]

[ gender: Male ]

[ unlocked template: Super Tyrannosaurus Rex (100%)]

[ current stats: 42 meters tall, 38 tons in weight, 28 meters in length, 800 kilometers per hour average running speed, 250,000 newtons in bite force, 7,000 Newtons in hammering force ]

After seeing his own data, Blake was stunned.


Not only was the height and weight of the Tyrannosaurus rex much higher than normal, its bite force had reached an astonishing 250,000 newtons.

These data had already exceeded the upper limit of the ability of a normal adult male Tyrannosaurus rex.

The only shortcoming is the relatively lower hammering force, at “just” 7,000 newtons.

The strength of the hammering was much weaker than the bite force!

The Tyrannosaurus rex had a small and short hand, so the strength of the hammering was bound to be relatively low. It was a very normal phenomenon, and it was completely understandable.

After all, with the ability to continuously evolve, it was not impossible to change the various body data.

Blake lowered his head to observe his body that had already become a Tyrannosaurus rex. He saw a short forelimb and a claw that only had three fingers.

The claws only had three fingers. It was almost impossible to grab heavy objects, and it was even harder to use them in battle.

Blake continued to observe his legs.

He could see that his legs were extremely strong and muscular. They possess explosive forces.

Gulp Gulp Gulp...

Blake’s stomach suddenly growled. It was obvious that he was hungry.

After transforming into a Tyrannosaurus rex, his huge body needed to replenish more energy. He had to eat enough food every day.

Good! Then I should eat some food to replenish my energy. Blake thought to himself as he slowly stood up.

Dong! Dong!

His huge body stood up, shaking the ground around him.

Blake looked at the empty grassland around him, and found that there were no living creatures within two kilometers of him.

The surrounding dinosaurs avoided him!

Looking further into the grassland, Blake found a large group of wandering Stegosaurus and a large group of Velociraptors that were about to hunt.

That group of Velociraptors became Blake’s target.

Compared to Stegosaurus, velociraptors were easier to hunt and there was no risk of being hurt.

Stegosaurus had armor spikes on its back, which was an excellent defensive weapon. Velociraptors moved fast and had sharp teeth.

However, the Velociraptor’s movement speed was nothing in front of a giant Tyrannosaurus like Blake, and its sharp teeth were nothing to worry about.

Blake could easily prey on Velociraptors!

Without hesitation, Blake dashed into the distance.

Not long after, Blake easily killed more than a dozen Velociraptors and swallowed them into his mouth, chewing and swallowing.

After eating more than a dozen velociraptors in succession, Blake felt full.

He was full!

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for devouring 17 Velociraptors, evolution level increased by 0.01% ]

[ Ding! Current progress of unlocking the king of monsters template: 17.32% (when the unlocking level reaches 20% , it can undergo a small evolution, temporarily unlocking the king of monsters form)]

After happily eating 17 velociraptors, Blake heard the system notification.

As long as he devoured other dinosaurs, he could evolve!

Even though the single evolution did not increase his evolutionary progress by much, he had to hunt and eat every day anyway. It was equivalent to him being able to complete his evolution without special effort.

After eating and drinking, Blake found a shady place to rest.


[10 days later]

After a full 10 days of survival, Blake had completely adapted to the situation of becoming a giant Tyrannosaurus rex. Furthermore, by devouring the Velociraptors, his evolution speed increased by 0.01% .

The more velociraptor he ate, the slower his evolution rate would be.

This meant that Blake had to devour more other types of dinosaurs in order to quickly increase his evolution rate.

Early in the morning, Blake had just woken up when he heard the system notification again.

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for breathing in fresh air for 10 days, evolution rate increased by 0.01% ]

[ Ding! Current Monster King Template Unlock Progress: 17.33% ]

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully surviving for 10 days. System special achievement unlocked. System Special Achievement Reward: a set of tough scales ]

When Blake had just woken up, grayish-brown sword scales began to rapidly grow on his body, covering his head, neck, chest, ribs, and thighs.

He did not expect to receive the system’s special reward!


Blake was extremely excited. He lowered his head to admire the handsome, tough scales.



[In the distance]

“Oh my God!”

“Come and take a look. There’s a major discovery here. We’ve finally seen a dinosaur.”

At the edge of the forest in the distance, a member of the United States scientific research team raised his telescope and shouted, calling the other researchers who were walking behind him over.

Will Quake raised his head and quickly walked forward.

Carol Garcia followed closely behind and quickly raised her recording camera.

Walker Lee Arnold, who was in charge of the research team’s security mission, was stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly strode forward and stood beside Will Quake to protect him.

The Japanese scientist, Zhiren Yada, also hurried over. With an extremely excited expression, he asked seriously, “Sir, what did you find? I heard that it was a dinosaur. Can you describe its appearance?”

Zhiren Yada asked excitedly and took out his binoculars at the same time.

“It’s a dinosaur! It’s a group of Baotaur!”The American scientist shouted excitedly. “Mr. Will Quake, it’s a group of Baotaur. They’re wandering in the grassland ahead!”

All the scientists raised their binoculars and looked at the grassland in the distance.

It was indeed a group of Baotaur!

The Baotaur looked like a magnified pangolin. The scales on its back were relatively short and protruding. It was used to defend against the attacks of carnivorous dinosaurs. There was a round ball on the tail of the Baotaur. When it swung, it had an astonishing hammering force.

If a velociraptor was hit by the ball on the tail of the Baotaur, even if it did not die on the spot, its internal organs would be ruptured and it would be on the verge of death.

“It really is a group of Baotaur!” Will Quake muttered in shock.

Carol Garcia picked up the recording machine and aimed it at the Baotaur in front of her.

Currently, Zhiren Yada’s face was filled with shock and excitement. His hands couldn’t help but tremble. His eyes were filled with the desire to study Baotaur.

As everyone knew, the Japanese scientists especially liked to study living bodies.

Now that he had seen groups of Baotaur, Zhiren Yada had begun to fantasize about studying them.

However, if he wanted to study Baotaur, he still needed to capture one first.

At this moment, the live broadcast of various countries just happened to show the scientific research team seeing groups of Baotaur, and they could clearly see the appearance of groups of Baotaur.

The Cretaceous period Baotaur was exactly what modern scientists had imagined!

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