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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: The Regretful Chinese research team

After killing a blue whale, Blake turned to return to the beach.

With a big blue whale in his hand, it was inconvenient to continue searching for the Mosasaurus in the sea.

However, just as Blake was about to go ashore, a huge Mosasaurus pounded from behind him, and its sharp teeth bit Blake’s neck.

Blake was a Super Tyrannosaurus rex, which was quite big among tyrannosaurs. However, compared to the blue whale in the sea, Blake was only slightly bigger. He was not big enough to crush the blue whale.

Blake was slightly surprised by the blue whale.

After all, he was ambushed. Blake was certainly surprised.

However, Blake was not afraid. Instead, he threw the blue whale toward the shore, just in time to throw it into the shallows.

He paid attention to the position of Carol Garcia and the others in advance. Blake controlled his strength just right and did not let the blue whale hit the researchers.

When Carol Garcia and the others saw that the Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake, was actually ambushed by a huge blue dragon, they all cried out in surprise. They even began to shout that they had already entered the primeval stone forest.

The Special Forces soldiers who were originally responsible for protecting Caro Garcia and the Russian scientists quickly raised their laser guns and aimed at the Azure Dragon that was ambushing Blake in the sea.

However, these special forces soldiers did not dare to shoot recklessly. They were afraid that they would hurt the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake from a long distance.

The special forces soldiers raised their guns with the intention of protecting Blake. They wanted to prevent Blake from being dragged into the sea by the Azure Dragon and drowned.

However, these special forces soldiers thought too much.

Although Blake’s size could not crush the Azure Dragon, and he was currently in the sea, Blake’s advantage was his intelligence.

Blake had transmigrated from a human to become a Super Tyrannosaurus. How could he be defeated by the Azure Dragon?

Moreover, the Azure Dragon could not bite through Blake’s leather armor!

Blake was very proud. He grabbed the neck of the Azure Dragon that ambushed him and did a shoulder throw in the sea.


The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake flipped the huge dragon off its body and landed heavily on the shallower shore.

This shoulder throw was obviously a combat technique developed by humans.

Now that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was performing, Carol Garcia and the Russian scientist, Belinsky, were shocked and didn’t know what to say.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake actually knew how to do a shoulder throw?

What the hell was going on!

No matter how ridiculous the behavior of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was, it was at least understandable. After all, it could be explained by the high IQ of the Tyrannosaurus race.

But what was going on with this shoulder throw?

Shoulder throw was a human combat technique!

Although the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s shoulder throw was not standard, it did resemble a shoulder throw. It should only be done by humans.

Carol Garcia frowned and stared at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake carefully. She said, “Something’s not right. Why is this giant Tyrannosaurus Blake really like a human? It even knows how to shoulder throw. No matter how incredible it is, there must be a limit!”

Carol Garcia did not know how to comment on the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

She even thought she was too shocked to think properly.

After all, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake brought too much shock.

Taking a deep breath, Carol Garcia continued to record, not daring to miss any footage of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Blake threw the dragon from the sea to the sea, feeling very proud.

To be able to defeat a dragon in the water was enough to prove that Blake was invincible in the Cretaceous era.

Except for not being able to swim, Blake was already invincible.

After eating the dragon, Blake would also greatly improve his evolution, becoming more powerful and evolving more amazing abilities.

The next step was to grow another arm, followed by the evolution of special abilities.

So far, Blake’s initial idea was to create atomic breath, and then evolve the ability to control electric current.

With the ability to control electric current, Blake began to explore the ocean.

Because atomic breath could attack pterosaurs flying in the sky.

In this way, the sky and the sea would be ruled by Blake!

Blake dragged the dragon to the shore and pressed it on the beach.

The dragon could not resist Blake’s attack and could not move at all.

Blake’s huge fist attacked the dragon and killed it in a few minutes.

Carol Garcia just happened to record everything.

In the distance, near the sea, the Chinese scientific research team, who had just finished studying the ordinary Tyrannosaurus and Baotaur, saw the situation by the sea from afar. They were so shocked that they thought they were dreaming.

What was going on?

A giant Tyrannosaurus was beating up a certain type of large dinosaur?

Due to the distance, the scholars of the Chinese scientific research team could not see the dragon clearly. They could only see the Super Tyrannosaurus B;ake.

“What a pity! What a pity!”

“It’s a mistake for us and the research office to not be able to study the giant Tyrannosaurus at the first opportunity.”

“We are sinners in Chinese history! We actually gave the data of the first-hand study of the giant Tyrannosaurus to the United States. What a great sin.”

The Chinese researchers were filled with regret. They even beat their chests and stomped their feet to express their regret.

At this moment, the video recorded by Carol Garcia had been transmitted to the United States.

When the video of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake beating up the dragon was transmitted to the audience, the audience was completely stunned.

Previously, the audience was shocked by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake and would immediately comment and describe how shocked they were.

But now, the audience did not know how to express their shock.

The great shock left the audience speechless!

There was no way to describe the great shock brought by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Every audience member who wanted to pick up their phones to comment was stunned on the spot. They looked at the phone screen silently, not knowing what to say at all.

This time, Blake had shocked them too much.

And it was too weird!

Although the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was huge, even if it evolved quickly, it was at least within a semi-understandable range.

The act of roasting meat, lightning could also be used to cause a fire to explain why the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had once eaten roasted meat from nature.

The only thing that was completely incomprehensible was the shoulder throw!

If there had to be an explanation, it could only be that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s IQ was no less than that of a human, and even surpassed that of a human.

Only humans would do shoulder throws, right?

At least, that was what the hearts of all humans thought.

Therefore, the shocked audience could only remain rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do at all.

Even in the American science lab, the scientists are silent.

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