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Chapter 23: Chapter 23: The Dragon Bitten to Death!

[The Cretaceous period]

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake headed straight for the sea. Every step he took was the biggest shock to the American researchers.

After all, no one could have imagined that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex could grow a thick arm in just a dozen hours.

At least, according to Will Quake’s academic perception.

Blake walked to the beach and casually turned his head to look at the American scientists.

Carol Garcia was still filming with the recording machine.

Blake waved at Will Quake and the others, signaling for them to continue chopping wood and helping to find some fruit.

As for asking them to help find fruit, Blake couldn’t say for sure.

On the giant claw was a large fruit that could only survive in the Cretaceous period. It was shaped like a pineapple, but much larger.

Blake stopped in front of a group of American researchers and threw the giant polonium aside.


The giant pineapple fell not far from the American researchers.

It just missed the American researchers.

The unnamed fruit fell to pieces and was surrounded by a sugary juice.

Blake raised his hand and gestured to Carol Garcia, Will Quake, and Walkley Arnold.

With clear intent, Blake’s idea was for the American researchers to find him as many of these fruits as possible.

Opening his bloody mouth quickly, Blake summoned the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex that he had tamed.

The ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex was speeding toward the sea.

Faced with the orders of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, the tamed ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex did not dare to disobey. They all approached him at the fastest speed and did not dare to be negligent.

Blake did not care whether the American researchers understood him or not. He just strode toward the sea.

This behavior puzzled Will Quake.

Belinsky of Russia was also puzzled. He didn’t understand the intentions of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Will Quake frowned and stared at the back of the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex, he whispered, “What on Earth is this giant Tyrannosaurus rex going to do? First, it threw an unknown fruit to us, and then it called out to the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex in the distance. Instead, it walked toward the ocean.”

He could not guess what the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake meant at all. Will Quake tried his best to think outside the box, but unfortunately, he still could not understand it.

As the captain of the Special Forces Protection Squad, Walkley Arnold could roughly guess what the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was thinking.

“Will it be like yesterday, when the giant Tyrannosaurus asked us to light the fire and use the fruit that was thrown to us as a reward?”he raised his muscular arms, stretched his shoulders, and spoke at the same time.

This kind of conjecture was something that even Belinsky would decisively say was impossible.

If it was to express his gratitude for lighting the bonfire in advance, then he should have given them barbecued meat just like yesterday. Why did he give them fruit today?

In the end, Carol Garcia and the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had the most interactions, and she was also the person who understood the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s thoughts the most.

The surrounding scientists immediately looked at Carol Garcia, wanting to know what she thought.

Carol Garcia thought carefully. After half a minute of contemplation, she said, “According to my understanding of the giant Tyrannosaurus, it should be asking us to help find this kind of similar fruit and bring it back quickly. and the transportation method is to ask the ordinary Tyrannosaurus to help us solve the problem that we can’t move the fruit.”

Hearing Carol Garcia’s words, everyone suddenly came to a realization.

So that was it!

Carol Garcia’s guess was indeed the most accurate and most likely.

Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s idea was to ask the humans to find the fruit and arrange for the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex to help transport the fruit.

His way of thinking was very rigorous!

Under Carol Garcia’s Reminder, Will Quake couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat when he figured it out.

Obviously, the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s IQ was not much different from that of a human. In fact, his behavior was effectively the same as a human’s.

This really made people speechless.

If they hadn’t seen the giant Tyrannosaurus with their own eyes, perhaps all the scientists present wouldn’t have believed that such a smart dinosaur existed in the Cretaceous period, and it was so huge.

“Then the question is, what is this giant Tyrannosaurus going to do? We haven’t given it a name yet, so let’s try to get it done today!”Walkley Arnold frowned and said to Will Quake with a serious face.

Belinsky, the scientist from Russia, carefully observed the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake. He watched as it walked into the sea and into the depths of the sea.

For Blake, a sea area of dozens of meters deep was still very safe.

Even a sea 100 meters deep should be safe. He could even fight in the sea and hunt for mosasaurs and Neptune.

Will Quake followed Carol Garcia’s train of thought and guessed the behavior of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he raised his head and shouted, “I understand! The giant Tyrannosaurus wants to hunt in the sea because it has evolved an arm.”

“Ms. Carol Garcia, what’s going to happen next is very important. You have to record it properly. I will ask the Russian researchers to stay behind and use the recording machines of the two of you to record the giant Tyrannosaurus.”Will Quake’s eyes widened,full of excitement.

After guessing Blake’s intentions, he could not wait to lead a team to look for large fruits.

After finding the large fruits, it was estimated that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had also successfully captured Neptune and Mosasaurus.

Carol Garcia immediately nodded and began to record the video more seriously.

Will Quake also seized the time and led the team to look for fruits.

After the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake entered the ocean, it began to look for traces of Mosasaurus and Mosasaurus in the surrounding waters.

After growing thick arms, Blake had absolute confidence in killing the Azure Dragon.

Although the Azure Dragon was the overlord of the ocean, it could not withstand a single blow from Blake.

Blake’s bite force could bite the Azure Dragon to death!

The Azure Dragon’s bite force could not break through Blake’s scales at all!

After all, even laser weapons could not hurt Blake’s scales.

What was a mosasosaur worth?

As he walked into the sea, Blake stirred the seawater violently, and the huge waves surged toward the shore.

Blake’s thick arms searched in the sea, and suddenly felt something.

He grabbed the other party and pulled him out of the sea.

Just then, on the shore, Carol Garcia and the Russian scientists began to record excitedly. They did not dare to miss such an extremely valuable scene.

Blake raised his thick arm and pulled a blue whale out of the sea.

The blue whale was quite big!

But when it was held by the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake’s thick claw, it looked very small. It was like an adult holding a slightly bigger loofah.

The blue whale struggled in Blake’s hand, trying to break free.

Blake squeezed the blue whale to death with a little strength.

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