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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Blake activated the Tyrannosaurus rex template!

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With a cold face, Walkley Arnold rushed to the cockpit despite the turbulence.

After confirming the condition of the pilot, Walkley Arnold was assured that he could successfully descend from the stratosphere. Only then did Walkley Arnold relax and return to the cockpit to tell everyone that he was at ease.

If nothing went wrong, he didn’t even need to parachute. He just needed to find a relatively empty place to land.

Carol Garcia was excitedly debugging the video and transmitting it to the public, trying to see if she could resume the live broadcast status and let the people of the world see the video again.

Will Quake frowned and asked in a low voice, “How is it? Can it still be used?”

The scientists from the other countries in the cabin were staring at Carol Garcia, hoping that the video in her hand could continue to be used, and it would be best if it could be broadcasted live.


“HMM... it works! It seems to be fixed, and it can continue to be used normally now. Before entering the folded space-time, the leader of the United States had ordered three space satellites to be aimed at the Bermuda Triangle Sea area. Even the weakest signal can be transmitted back. It will at most be a matter of time before it is transmitted back,”Carol Garcia said seriously, then, she was so excited that she smiled.

The machine was live!

Carol Garcia quickly straightened her body. Her perfect figure inadvertently attracted the eyes of all the men present.

Carol Garcia did not realize the super seductive power of her figure, and continued seriously, “We can broadcast live now, but the problem is that there will be a few minutes in delay. The delay time varies from country to country, but it won’t be too far off. After all, we have the support of global technology. It’s not difficult to broadcast live, but it isn’t really easy, either.”

It was just a few minutes in delay. It was not a big problem at all.

Hearing that there was not much problem with the current live broadcast, the rest of the scientific research team at the airport let out a sigh of relief. They did not hide their excitement.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Will Quake stood up and waved his hand, indicating that the two researchers from the United States should hurry up and check the air pressure, air content composition, and humidity outside the cabin.

The air pressure and air content composition were very important!

These two were environmental phenomena that could prove lethal.

Currently, the scientific researchers from various countries are staying in the combat helicopters. With the safety of scientific instruments, the environmental data had not changed.

“The test results are out.”

“The current oxygen concentration in the air outside is 22.85% .”

“The air pressure is 685 MB.”

“The temperature is around 26 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“The air humidity is normal. It’s harmless to human skin.”

The scientific researchers reported the relevant data, explaining the current air environment outside the aircraft.

The current temperature, air pressure, and humidity were all suitable for human survival.

Only the oxygen concentration was relatively high!

However, 22.85% oxygen concentration was not impossible to survive. For humans, it was just normal to survive, but it was relatively easy to enter a state of oxygen intoxication.

Will Quake gradually revealed an emotional expression, excitation sprouting from his heart.

“We did it!”

“That’s right, we really did it!”

“According to the oxygen concentration, if it wasn’t for the great changes that happened on Earth in the future, it would have been through the folded space and arrived at the Jurassic period.”

“That’s right! This oxygen concentration just happens to be in line with the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. As for the exact period, we’ll only know after we land.”

The leaders of the scientific research teams from all over the world began to discuss.

[At the same time]

The people watching the live broadcast all over the world just happened to see the signal reconnecting. What they saw in front of their eyes were actually two white and tender semicircles of meat and deep cleavage.

A few minutes ago, when the recording machine was reactivated, it just happened to be aimed at Carol Garcia’s cleavage.

In Times Square in the American capital, the men were all shouting excitedly.

“Huh? What is this recording? I’m stunned!”

“Why are you still watching the scientific research live broadcast? I’ll just throw money at Carol Garcia and watch her striptease her way out.”

Most of the male viewers’ attention instantly shifted from the curious scientific research live broadcast to Carol Garcia’s perfect figure.

However, after focusing on Carol Garcia’s figure for a few seconds, the viewers calmed down and continued to focus on the situation after passing through the folded space.

In the Chinese Research Institute, a group of scientists were busy calculating the various environmental data transmitted back.

“Confirmed, it is the Jurassic or Cretaceous period. The oxygen concentration is suitable for human survival!”

“Send a message back to remind the explorers to try not to do too much aerobic exercise to avoid oxygen intoxication.”

“Ah! It is actually passing through to the Jurassic or Cretaceous period! If more useful data can be transmitted back, the development of human civilization will definitely take a step forward.”

The Chinese scientists were all shocked. Their eyes were wide open as they sighed with emotion at all the information and communications they had learned.

In the Scientific Research Institute of Russia, many scientists were also sighing with emotion. They were shocked by the astonishing phenomenon of time and space travel in the folded space.

The same was true in the scientific research institutes of Japan and the United States.

People knew in their hearts that the archaeological research civilization would usher in the next glorious moment!

After successfully traveling through the folded space, the fighter plane found a safe and spacious grassland to land on.

The scientific research team walked out of the plane one after another, trying to breathe fresh air.

Walkley Arnold did not dare to be careless and immediately shouted to remind them, “Pay attention! Beware of oxygen intoxication, don’t breathe the air outside directly, start with your own oxygen.”

Walkley Arnold was mainly reminding Carol Garcia.

As the core leader of the scientific research team of the United States, Carol Garcia must not have any accidents, not even the slightest injury.

The combat special forces of various countries responsible for ensuring safety took out their weapons one after another. They were alert to the danger that could happen at any time.

Although the grassland was empty, they still couldn’t let their guard down.

The high-tech weapons in the hands of these special forces were enough to ensure the safety of all scientific researchers.

Just the penetration of the laser guns was comparable to the armor-piercing bullets of heavy tanks!

“Everyone, follow me. Look for natural occurrences of water. Where there is water, there will definitely be living animals to fetch water.”

“First, start with those animals.”

“Remember not to disturb those animals!”

As Carol Garcia finished shouting, the scientists of the United States quickly gathered.

Walkley Arnold led a few special forces soldiers to surround them and focus on protecting the scientists of the United States.


[At the same time]

A few hundred miles away from the landing point of the fighter jet, a huge Tyrannosaurus rex was rolling crazily in the vast open grassland.

If anyone saw it, they would definitely think that this Tyrannosaurus rex was having fun.

In reality, this Tyrannosaurus rex was about to go crazy!

This Tyrannosaurus rex was different from other Tyrannosaurus rex. It was actually a human that had transmigrated. It possesses all the intelligence and memory of a human.

However, he did not expect that he would actually transmigrate into a Tyrannosaurus rex.

His name was Blake!

Just a few minutes ago, Blake had just transmigrated.

When he had just transmigrated, this sound rang in Blake’s ears:

[ Ding! Super Tyrannosaurus template unlocked: 100% ]

Then, Blake transformed into a Super Tyrannosaurus!

Blake did not expect to transmigrate to the Cretaceous period, nevermind becoming a Tyrannosaurus! Fortunately, Blake had obtained the evolution template system.

With the evolution template system, Blake could continue to evolve.

After turning into a Tyrannosaurus rex, the voice of the evolution template system rang in Blake’s ears again:

[ Ding! The king of monsters template has been unlocked! ]

[ Ding! Completion rate of the king of monsters template: 17.31% ]

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