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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Blake’s True Intentions!

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The huge tail twisted and swung, sweeping towards the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex.

The ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex that was just about to attack future human scientists was hit by the huge tail of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake. They were all flipped over, fell to the ground, and died tragically.

Walkley Arnold was completely stunned. He didn’t expect the giant Tyrannosaurus rex to be so fierce.

It could even attack ordinary tyrannosaurs of the same species!

But why would the giant Tyrannosaurus rex help humans who had traveled from the future to the Cretaceous era?

Something didn’t feel right.

Carol Garcia was even more shocked. In fact, even she herself didn’t think that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake would help take care of those ordinary tyrannosaurs.

The surrounding carnivorous dinosaurs that had not been attacked by Blake retreated one after another, not daring to take even half a step closer to the research team.

Wilquick quickly calmed down and turned to look at Blake.

Blake also looked at Will Quake and then revealed a mocking expression.

As a Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake would certainly show some contempt for humans, even though Blake was also a human before he transmigrated.

After helping the American scientists finish off the common Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake looked at Vellek and Carol Garcia, and quickly pointed to their laser guns.

Blake was very large, and although he was pointing at the laser gun, the scientists on the research team thought he was pointing at a large area.

No one understood Blake’s true intentions.

Walkley Arnold quickly raised the laser gun and instinctively aimed at Blake’s head.

Previously, the laser attack could not hurt Blake’s scales, but Walkley Arnold had not tried to use the laser to attack Blake’s head.

Maybe attacking the head would work!

Blake saw Walkley Arnold raise the laser gun at him again, and he was immediately happy. He quickly got up and aimed at Walkley Arnold with his chest.

Raising his two still shorter claws, Blake patted the scales on his chest.

This extremely human-like behavior was easily understood.

Blake was hoping that Walker Arnold would shoot a laser at his chest!

Will Quake, Carol Garcia, Belinsky, and the other scientists were all stunned. They could not understand what the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was thinking or what he meant.

He actually took the initiative to invite him to be attacked?


Blake narrowed his eyes slightly and took the initiative to straighten his chest.

His intention was even more clear!

Blake was asking Walkley Arnold to attack him again and shoot out a laser.

Walkley Arnold gritted his teeth and felt humiliated.

Walkley Arnold even thought that this was a bit like being belittled, provoked, and humiliated by the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake!

Walkley Arnold let out a long sigh and quickly looked at Will Quake.

Will Quake was also unable to make up his mind. He didn’t know what he should do now.

In front of him was the mountain-like Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, and its intelligence must be extremely high, very human-like.

Should he launch an attack according to the giant Tyrannosaurus’ instructions?

There was no way to guarantee the true intentions of the Super Tyrannosaurus blake!

If the giant Tyrannosaurus before them knew that it wasn’t attacking them, it would be in big trouble if they rashly fired the laser and angered it.

Moreover, there was no way to confirm if the giant Tyrannosaurus before them was the one they had just met in the valley.

The giant Tyrannosaurus in the valley wouldn’t be injured by the laser weapon.

However, this did not mean that all the giant Tyrannosaurus rex would not be injured.

The American researchers did not confirm whether the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in front of them was the same one they had encountered in the valley. After all, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in front of them had five fingers, while the one they had encountered in the valley had three fingers.

It had only been a few hours. How could it have grown two fingers?

Even if the laser had affected the genes of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex, it should not have reacted so quickly!

The American researchers could not understand the current situation.

Walkley Arnold was not a scientist. He was only responsible for protecting all the scientists.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Walkley Arnold appeared to be a little annoyed. He immediately raised his laser gun and aimed it at the scales on the chest of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

“Whatever! Just shoot and see what happens.”

Walkley Arnold roared and pulled the trigger.

The laser gun aimed at the chest scales of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and shot out a shocking laser attack, hitting the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake.

Blake quickly raised his head and roared into the sky.


This feeling was awesome!

[ Ding! Detected that the host is being attacked by a laser. Lasts for 1 minute, gain 0.01% evolution. ]

The system notification sounded in Blake’s ear.

Sure enough, he could gain evolution again!

However, Blake also realized that this was not the way to continue. The rate of absorbing the laser energy to increase his evolution would become slower and slower.

However, compared to the evolution rate that was increased by sunbathing and survival, the rate of absorbing the laser energy was faster.

As he continued to shoot out the laser, Walkley Arnold’s expression became more and more shocked.

It was really hard to imagine!

As expected, the laser gun’s attack was unable to hurt the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in front of him. Its scales were able to block all the laser energy.

Will Quake frowned, as if he had thought of something, but he did not dare to say it out loud.

Carol Garcia also sensed that something was wrong, but she still used the recording machine to record it.

A minute later, Walkley Arnold stopped shooting the laser.

Using the laser for a long time would cause the body of the gun to overheat, making it impossible to hold on to the barrel.

Blake felt a little regret when the laser attack stopped.

But it was still great!

He gained 0.01% evolution again.

As his evolution increased, Blake thought that he would soon grow a strong analogy.

The weakness of a Tyrannosaurus rex was that its forelimbs were too short.

Now, Blake had grown two fingers, which were already five fingers.

The next step was to make his arms longer and thicker.

It just so happened that Walkley Arnold stopped attacking, and the audience in the modern world just happened to see the Super Tyrannosaurus rex Blake kill an ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex in an instant.

In the video, the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake swept his tail and slapped more than a dozen ordinary tyrannosaurs to death.

“Amazing! Amazing!”

“This giant Tyrannosaurus is so fierce. It can kill ordinary tyrannosaurs so easily.”

“It’s a pity that there’s no sound in the live broadcast. We Can’t hear the roar of the giant Tyrannosaurus. If we could hear the roar of the giant Tyrannosaurus, it would be even more perfect.”

“Look, what is that giant Tyrannosaurus doing?”

“Something’s not right! The giant Tyrannosaurus rex seems to be communicating with the scientists in the scientific research team. Does it mean that it wants to take the initiative to accept the attack?”

“I feel that this giant Tyrannosaurus rex is different from the one we met in the valley a few hours ago. It might not even be the same one. One has three fingers, and the other has five fingers.”

“Yes! It’s indeed not the same one! I still remember that the Tyrannosaurus rex was pointing its middle finger at the camera.”

The comments section of the forum exploded again.

The audience expressed their own thoughts, and their words were full of shock.

Not only were the audience shocked, but the scientists in the scientific research labs of various countries were also amazed.

Because these scientists had confirmed that the T-rex they had seen twice was the same!

It was the Super t-rex Blake.

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