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I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived

Chapter 119 - Full Speed Ahead! Target, Behemoth Island!

Chapter 119: Chapter 119: Full Speed Ahead! Target, Behemoth Island!




There was a continuous loud sound.

It was the three-headed Imperial Croc that was exerting its strength.

Due to the fact that the fighter jets had used up all their ammunition, they were completely unable to fight.

The defense on the aircraft carrier was also completely unable to take action: the enemies were too close for the weapons onboard to take effect.

At this time, a new situation arose.

“Report, the fighter formation has been flying for more than an hour. The fuel in the tank is less than half. Request for Air Supply.” The pilots of the fighter formation naturally knew that three such terrifying monsters were waiting for them and could only request for air supply and refuel in the air. Every wasted minute would be a minute closer to death.

Hearing the request of the fighter plane formation, the captain also felt a little troubled; there were no naval bases nearby, so there was no place for supplies. The only place with supplies was their own aircraft carrier.

But now, they were forced by the monsters to the point that they could not land at all.

What should they do? The Captain thought for a moment. Although he still had a secret weapon in his hand, he did not want to use it so quickly. Moreover, this distance would affect himself.

There was no other way. Now, he could only contact the US military. He hoped that they would help us out for humanitarian reasons.

He remembered that there was an aircraft carrier group of the US military nearby, transporting something. While they have unsuccessfully attempted to stop the Japanese navy from attacking the Behemoth Island, urgent times call for urgent measures like asking for supplies from them.

“Help me get through to the captain of the American aircraft carrier.”

Each of their captains would have the encrypted contact information of the other captain. This was an effective way to avoid conflicts at sea.




After a few rings, the encrypted satellite phone was picked up. The other party saw the contact code and knew that it was The Miz Miz No. 4 aircraft carrier sent by the Japanese government. This aircraft carrier was on the same route as him, but the other party had arrived earlier, so there was no way to stop the other party from attacking Monster Island.

He knew that the power of Blake was not something that human strength could withstand. Humans should never do such a thing to hurt their feelings.

Thinking of this, the captain of the third United Aircraft Carrier Group of the United States, Jon, said as he picked up the phone. “What? Are you preparing to retreat?”

This sentence made the Japanese captain choke for a moment. He had never given up on his goal. He adjusted his tone.

“Ian-kun, I know that you are on the same path as us. Now that our fighter planes are flying in the air and need supplies, can you give us some convenience?” The Japanese captain cut to the chase, for time is essence now.

“Fighter jets need supplies?” These words made Captain Jon, the captain of the third United Aircraft Carrier Group of the United States, a little confused.

Don’t you have your own aircraft carrier? Why are you short of supplies?

So, the captain of The Miz Miz IV aircraft carrier did not hide anything and directly told them what he had just encountered.

Captain Jon was also speechless after hearing it.

They told him not to attack over and over again, but were always ignored.

Will Quake and Galgado from his own country were still on that island! Attacking the crocodiles was borderline suicidal and pose a potential risk to the researchers still on the island!

“Your unauthorized attack will disrupt the rhythm of other countries. Please stop attacking immediately!” Captain Jon directly requested a truce.

“I’m sorry, Jon-kun. I can’t do that.” He was already fighting with the monster to the death. There was no way he could expect one side to take the initiative to stop.

There could only be one side that fell to end the signal.

Captain Jon was a little angry and turned to speak to the Japanese captain. “I already said don’t attack, don’t attack, why didn’t you listen? Now that you’ve made this choice, it’s best that we don’t contact each other in the future.” After saying that, he did not wait for the Japanese captain to speak and directly hung up the satellite phone.

This kind of resolute attitude made the Japanese captain unable to help but feel a burst of anger in his heart.

Is Jon giving more respect to a bunch of animals than him?

In fury, he ordered to advance at full speed towards Monster Island.

His eyes were filled with confidence and madness.

Since they’re not willing to help him, he’ll directly go to the target and kill the other side.

Under the urging of this fanatical “bushido” spirit, the captain of The Miz Miz IV aircraft carrier contacted his superior, Yamamoto 56.

“Sir, we’ve already blocked off the sea area around the giant Beast Island. I hope to directly use nuclear weapons to flatten the island and directly strike first so that the other side won’t have a chance to fight back.”

Yamamoto 56 was currently in a meeting and immediately began discussing this issue with everyone in the meeting room. Soon, everyone came to a conclusion.

“If we’re going to fight, we have to take the initiative first, just like when we attacked Pearl Harbor back then. Only then will we cause the greatest damage to the other party.”

“The opponent this time was a legendary prehistoric creature. Currently, human science has yet to provide a reasonable explanation for this monster, why it was able to directly eat nuclear reaction materials without any discomfort to its body, why its body was so tall and its bones could still support it, etc.”

If Japan were to obtain this monster, it was imaginable that it would benefit the most.

Due to World War II, their Japanese government’s desire for nuclear power was greater than all the other countries. Only they knew the painful experience and lessons.

So this time, the Japanese government deployed an entire carrier battle group to capture Blake.

But now, just three unknown monsters had slowed their progress. Not only did they stop them everywhere, but they could do anything from the sky to the sea.

If Monster Island was full of such monsters, then he could never defeat them head-on. So he had to change his mind.

The carrier’s electromagnetic nuclear weapon, with its ability to create an explosion ten times more powerful than a miniature nuclear warhead on a missile, would be his last resort. Even a small island would be wiped clean by the explosion.

It was the Japanese government’s biggest asset in capturing Blake, definitely not worth using it on these three monsters.

So, he turned his attention to Monster Island.

As the saying goes, “when capturing a group of thieves, one ought to capture the leading figure first.”

With this crazy idea in mind, the captain directly gave the order.

“Full speed ahead! Target, Monster Island!”

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