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I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived

Chapter 117 - The 10th Generation Tomahawk Cruise Missile!

Chapter 117: Chapter 117: The 10th Generation Tomahawk Cruise Missile!

On the surface of the sea, Sato of Sasaki’s team was directly scared out of his wits by Blake’s little crocodile.

This wasn’t because they were mentally ill. On the contrary, they were all specially trained special forces elites. If it was an ordinary person…

The crocodile looked at them with its terrifying yellowish-brown pupils. It was already scared to death.

The crocodile looked at the group of people on the ship and didn’t take any further action.

The mission that Blake gave them was to scare the little ones. They didn’t really want to eat them. So, the crocodile maintained this terrifying expression.

Its big head was filled with orders from its boss. They should not kill, only scare.

Thus, a strange scene appeared on the surface of the sea. The crocodile looked at Sasaki and the others, refusing to eat them.

Sasaki’s team did not make any further moves. The group did not even support the fainted Sato, afraid of angering the giant beast in front of them.

The scene reached a certain level of equilibrium.

On the speedboat, the drone that had just been retrieved was still working. The technicians carefully transmitted the image of the crocodile’s face to the aircraft carrier, wanting to request for additional assistance!

At this moment, the signal of the drone was quickly transmitted to the huge screen on the aircraft carrier. A huge, violent and terrifying picture appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The crocodile’s cold and ruthless gaze, the eerie scales covering its entire body, and the terrifying image of its mouth full of fangs made everyone on the aircraft carrier’s hair stand on end, and some of them were so scared that their legs were trembling.

This extremely shocking scene gave the captain reason to believe that what the radar soldier said, this monster could really be more than 30 meters long: just from this scene alone, the six people on the speedboat were like ants in front of the crocodile.

The entire speedboat could be swallowed by this monster in one gulp: humans were truly insignificant in front of it.

The captain’s eyes turned from shock to fanaticism. This kind of creature, he was sure, was a creature that had never appeared on Earth. Once caught by him, the entire country and the academic community would look at him.

“Beep Beep Beep! Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep”

A signal came from the captain’s earpiece.

Anyone with experience would know immediately. Three short, three long, and three short. This was the distress signal in Morse code.

As the captain, of course, he knew what this signal meant. The meaning of the distress signal sent by Sasaki’s team was also very obvious. They wanted to be rescued.

However, the captain had already intended that Sasaki’s team would not return in the first place.

Monsters needed bait to be lured out. Sasaki was the bait.

“Attention air units, attention air units!”

“Prioritize attacking the monster area!”

“Eliminate the monsters quickly! Ensure the safety of the cruise ship!”

In the captain’s opinion, they were the best time to attack when they lured the monsters out from the cruising area. Only in this way could the losses in this battle be minimized. As for Sasaki’s team, it was their greatest honor to sacrifice their lives for the emperor.

A serviceman like the captain would not be bothered by these numbers.

“Air team received!”

Thirty minutes ago, their fighter fleet had already taken off. They were on standby there. They had heard that monsters were not afraid of missiles or even nuclear weapons. —-But how could they believe it? As long as they were flesh and blood, who could withstand the power of thermonuclear weapons!?

This time, their fifth-generation fighter plane was also equipped with the latest 10th-generation Tomahawk cruise missile, which could not only hit its target with greater accuracy, but also carry multiple nuclear warheads for nuclear attack, providing more than 10 times the attack power compared to the previous generation.

They did not believe that it could not kill this group of monsters.

The captain was now determined to kill this monster and bring it back for research.

The aerial team that received the order also adjusted their angle and flew towards the target marked on the screen in front of them.

At this time, on the surface of the sea, the crocodile emperor’s figure was extremely clear.

The fighter planes had also locked onto the target.

However, from the feedback on the screen, they suddenly discovered an unusual signal source.

There was another group of people next to the monster!

How could there be people there! ?

“Reporting, Captain! We found a heat source signal near the monster. It’s very likely to be our people!”

The fighter fleet reported the news to the captain.

“Continue to attack.”

The captain’s voice did not change at all.


“Do you not understand my orders?”

“… Yes!”

The fighter fleet was also a soldier. No matter how many thoughts they had, they had to obey the orders of their superior.

Thus, in the end, he still pressed the launch button.

The timing of the battlefield was ever-changing. If he did not seize this moment, he might miss the chance to win.


A 10th generation Tomahawk cruise missile was launched.

The flame accelerator at the tail of the missile drew a beautiful curve,

it accurately hit the back of the crocodile emperor: white smoke instantly rose from the sea surface.

Although the missile did not hit the speedboat, the shockwave also knocked out Sasaki and the others. Their eardrums were bleeding.

When the fighter pilot saw that the Tomahawk cruise had hit the monster, he could not help but clench his fists. He did not believe that the monster would be able to withstand this attack.

At this time, the white smoke from the explosion was everywhere on the sea surface, blocking the vision of many people. No one could see clearly, so the pilot could only turn on the radar to detect.

However, the strange thing was that the radar did not show the heat source signal of the monster. That was strange. How could modern technology not detect the enemy’s position?

The pilot thought the radar might be broken. So now no one knew what happened after the monster was hit.

What exactly happened? The pilot wanted to fly lower to confirm the situation to report the situation to the captain.

The captain analyzed that it wasn’t their radar at all. It’s because they seem to have some kind of anti-radar detection method. That’s why the captain wants this monster so badly. The biological technology of these ancient creatures is a treasure.

The prehistoric creature on Behemoth Island can directly absorb nuclear fuel.

If humans can analyze the principle, a direct jump from the current technology to controllable nuclear fusion would be possible. Then the country that controlled this technology would become the world’s overlord. It could even unify the earth.

This was also the reason why many countries were eager to control these monsters.

They had the key to the New World’s New Order. Whoever could get it would crush the other party.

Even these small fries on the periphery, if they could study it, would be able to shake off other opponents in one field. How could this not drive the captain mad?

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