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Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Live broadcast around the world! Watch the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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[At this moment]

The audiences in the modern world were already excited. They could not wait to see Will Quake lead the scientific research team of the United States to find the Super Tyrannosaurus rex black again and record its life habits.

As for Blake, he had already reached the seaside and was gulping down the river water that was about to join the sea.

After drinking enough water, Blake raised his head and looked at the valley.

As a Super Tyrannosaurus rex, Blake possesses excellent visual ranges. He could see the human research team approaching the direction of the valley in the distance.

However, it was estimated that it would take at least six hours for the humans to reach the seaside.

The walking speed of the humans could not be compared to Blake’s.

It just so happened that Blake was about to start evolving again!

After being shot by the human’s laser gun, Blake gained a lot of energy and improved his evolution speed.

The improved evolution speed was enough for Blake to evolve better organs!

After careful consideration, Blake decided to evolve his claw fingers first.

The Tyrannosaurus rex only had three claws. It was relatively difficult to make the middle finger move. It was too inconvenient, not to mention grabbing a heavy object.

Blake could not even grab a vegetarian dinosaur!

He first evolved his claws, and then his arms. From there, he would evolve his wings and gills in the water. Blake was sure that he would become an invincible monster in the land, sea, and air.

The aim of evolution: Godzilla!

[ Ding! The system is evolving claws for host black. Current Progress: 2% . ]

Five minutes later...

[ Ding! The system is evolving claws for host Blake. Current Progress: 4% . ]

Five minutes later...

[ Ding! The system is evolving claws for host Blake. Current Progress: 6% . ]


Blake’s claws were evolving at a slower rate. He could only evolve 4% every ten minutes, and only about 25% every hour.

It would take four hours for them to fully evolve and grow the other two claws.

Four hours. For human researchers, if they moved faster, they would be able to reach the beach.

It was just enough for Blake to have a good sleep!

Blake was already thinking about how surprised the humans would be when they saw him grow two claws in just a few hours.

It would be fun, right?

Blake thought to himself as he lay down to sleep, enjoying the sea breeze.

Blake even thought that when he woke up, he would have time to take a shower before he could see the human research team.

After Blake fell asleep, no dinosaurs dared to approach him.

They ran underground, flew in the sky, and swam in the water.

No dinosaur from the Cretaceous period dared to approach black unless it had been tamed by black as a “Thug”.

Four hours later

The research team from the United States set out from the valley, following the footprints of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake, and headed straight for the beach.

Carol Garcia used the last recording device to broadcast the video for the audience of modern society.

“Rest for a while. There’s no need to continue recording now. If I’m not wrong, the giant Tyrannosaurus is resting at the beach.”

“From here, we can see rivers converging into the ocean in the distance. After the giant Tyrannosaurus rex has eaten, it will definitely go to a place near the sea to drink water and then sleep and rest.”

“According to our speed calculation, we’ll probably be able to see that overlord-level giant Tyrannosaurus rex again very soon.”

Turning his head to look at the American researchers, Will Quake said very seriously.

Carol Garcia nodded and turned off the recording device.

Although the recording device did not consume much electricity and could be charged by the sun, it would definitely consume electricity over a long period of time.

After all, it was a live broadcast across time and space to a global audience, so the consumption of electricity was not negligible.

Walkley Arnold also gave his vigilance a little break.

The surroundings were relatively empty. After going around the small hill in front of them was the seaside. It was easy to see if there was any danger.

Being highly stressed for a long time was very exhausting, so he had to relax a little.

Belinsky, a research scientist from Russia, raised his head and took a deep breath, he said, “It’s really tiring. I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish my research. Moreover, I have to broadcast every moment. All my actions are under the gaze of the global audience, so I feel mentally and mentally exhausted.”

Will Quake, Walkley Arnold and Carol Garcia were all the same. Live broadcasting was indeed tiring.

After all, everyone needed to solve their own life problems. Eating and drinking was fine, but solving excrement was troublesome.

Who would want to be broadcast globally while solving excrement?

Now that the recording machine was temporarily turned off, they could take a break.

However, the viewers who were watching the live broadcast were not happy.

As the live broadcast was turned off, the screen was pitch black, and the sense of regret suddenly became extremely high.

“I spent money to watch the live broadcast. Not much, but still! Why should I say that I’m not going to watch the live broadcast? Isn’t this a waste of my time?”

“That’s right! I haven’t slept for a few days just to watch the T-rex. In the end, I said that I’m not going to watch the live broadcast, so what does that look like?”

“God! I want to watch the Giant t-rex! I’ve waited for a long time just to watch the giant T-rex. How much longer do I have to wait now?”

In Times Square in the United States, the audience sighed with regret.

The audience watching the live broadcast in their own homes also felt regretful.

Even the football fans take breaks from their beloved games in order to watch the T-rex.

Even during the game, the big screen of the stadium was broadcasting the live video from the Jurassic era, so that the fans could watch the game and the live broadcast without delay.

In less than three minutes, the comments section of the live webcast forum exploded!

Nearly three billion Internet users around the world posted comments at nearly the same time, causing the entire forum website to become extremely congested. Some users even started to have their web pages flash back.

The management had no choice but to quickly adjust the status of the website and forcefully ban all viewers so that they would not be able to post any comments for the time being.

The website finally returned to a stable state.

After a few more minutes, the authorities came forward to release the news and explain the situation.

“Dear viewers, Hello. Currently, we are live broadcasting the appearance of a giant Tyrannosaurus rex. Please give our scientific research team a little time to rest. The giant Tyrannosaurus rex is extremely ferocious, and our research team needs rests to be well-prepared when facing it. Next, we will be live with the live broadcast of Baotaur and other herbivorous dinosaurs from China and Japan. Due to the equipment factor, the picture may be blurry. Please don’t mind.”

The official release of information and explanation, so that all viewers can understand the research team.

The silence continued, and now they could only wait quietly.

Another hour passed.

During the Cretaceous period, the research team led by Wilquick went around the hill and directly saw the Super Tyrannosaurus rex, black, on the beach in the distance.

Carol Garcia immediately turned on the fully charged recording machine and focused on the giant Tyrannosaurus rex on the beach in the distance.

The audiences of various countries in the modern world were excited again.

After an hour of silence, the giant Tyrannosaurus rex could be seen again.

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