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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Is the Tyrannosaurus rex Giving the Middle Finger?

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In the research lab of the United States, everyone was stunned as they watched the videos.

When they saw the giant Tyrannosaurus black give the middle finger, they were not angry at all. Instead, they were surprised! Surprised! Surprised!

The Tyrannosaurus rex could give the middle finger?

How was this possible?

If they did not see it with their own eyes, no one would believe that the Tyrannosaurus would raise his middle finger.

Gus Turner raised his hand to wipe the sweat off his sleeve. He said nervously and excitedly, “It seems that this giant Tyrannosaurus has an extremely high IQ! If I’m not wrong, it must be the leader of the Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus, a dominant existence.”

The other researchers also had the same thought, realizing that the Super Tyrannosaurus rex in front of them was not simple, and its IQ was definitely not low.

“Logically speaking, even if the IQ of a Tyrannosaurus rex is very high, it definitely can not reach the level of a human.”

“But this is an analysis based on the situation of an ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, and can not be used to judge this giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

“That’s right! This Tyrannosaurus rex is so big, so its brain must be big too. The size of the brain determines the IQ of the animal. Maybe this Tyrannosaurus Rex’s IQ is no less than that of a 15-year-old human teenager!”

The scientists of the United States were discussing non-stop in the research room over the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

After a full half an hour of discussion, Gus Turner finally made a decision!

A very bold but extremely useful and correct decision!

Follow and film the Super Tyrannosaurus black!

Gus Turner crossed his arms in front of his chest and after a few seconds of words, he turned to his colleagues and said, “Immediately contact Ms. Carol Garcia and ask her to relay the information about Will Quake and Walkley Arnold. Make sure to follow and film the Super Tyrannosaurus. At the same time, remember to find a way to confirm the specific height, weight, and basic data of each body part of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

After that, Gus Turner closed his eyes and recalled the scene just now.

The scientific researchers of the United States quickly began to move. They immediately sent a message to Carol Garcia to inform her of the General Plan of the scientific research group.

At the same time, the relevant research laboratories in other countries were also discussing the current countermeasures. Most of the research laboratories in other countries made the same decision as the United States.

The research laboratories in a small number of countries thought that they should not disturb the giant Tyrannosaurus rex first. They should record the body data of Baotaur and ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex as soon as possible.

For example, China planned to start recording the relevant information from the normal dinosaurs first.

The researchers in the Japanese laboratory had similar ideas as those in the Japanese laboratory. They would start with ordinary tyrannosaurs and then study Baotaur and other common carnivorous dinosaurs.

As for giant tyrannosaurus, the Japanese and Chinese researchers thought they could wait until the end. After all, traces of a giant Tyrannosaurus were easy to find.

After a few minutes, the cretaceous-era research team received news from the American Research Laboratory and instructions from the research teams of various countries.

After Carol Garcia showed the relevant information to Will Quake, both of them understood what to do next.

As for the researchers sent by other countries, they also had relevant orders. In general, they were divided into two categories.

In other words, the research team was divided into two teams!

One of the teams was led by China and Japan to study Tyrannosaurus Rex and Baotaur. Most of the researchers, led by Will Quake, continued to track the survival habits and body data of the Super Tyrannosaurus black.

It was not difficult for Will Quake to record the survival habits and body data. After all, it was just like taking a secret photo.

The girl took a glance at Walkley Arnold.

Walkley Arnold understood what the girl was thinking. She was referring to the allocation of special forces.

Taking a deep breath, the girl walked out of the valley, she said to the researchers from various countries, “From now on, I announce that the research team will be divided into two parts. “One of the teams will be led by the Chinese and Japanese research teams. They will record the survival data of ordinary tyrannosaurs, Baotaur, and other dinosaurs.

“The other team, led by me personally, was to track and record the survival data of the giant tyrannosaurs. “This is an important and extremely dangerous mission. We need to be united and not have any disagreements. “As for the operation code name, I will name it ‘Dragon King Tracking’!”The girl finished what she had to say, then, she gradually slowed down her pace.

As they’re about to run out of the valley, they are already out of danger.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake had left a long time ago, and he did not order ordinary tyrannosaurs to chase after him.

The scientific research teams of various countries were already in a safe zone.

After the Chinese and Japanese researchers heard the girl’s words, they first breathed a sigh of relief, then immediately began to worry.

It was good to move separately, but it creates its own problems.

The Chinese and Japanese researchers were worried that once they moved separately, the American research team would monopolize the data of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex!

After all, the research value of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was the highest.

Unfortunately, the research teams of the various countries had already made a decision. Even if they felt that it was a pity, there was nothing they could do about it.

“Okay! Then I’ll assign the task of the special forces first, and then we’ll set off immediately,”said Walker Arnold quickly without any hesitation.

In less than twenty minutes, the scientific research teams from several countries split up and went their own ways.

The girl led Carol Garcia and the scientific researchers from several other countries to set off and began to move stealthily in the direction of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

They would inevitably encounter ordinary tyrannosaurs along the way, but it was not a big deal.

Ordinary tyrannosaurs were not a threat at all!

Ordinary bullets could kill ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, not to mention that the special forces were equipped with laser guns.

Moreover, after black let the future humans go, he also turned around, climbed out of the valley, and ran into the distance.

From the valley to the west was the sea, and there was a surging river from the west into the sea.

As a Super Tyrannosaurus rex, black needed a lot of energy and fresh water every day.

The problem of energy intake had been solved. Many ordinary tyrannosaurs were responsible for taming many vegetarian dinosaurs. Blake was not worried about going hungry at all.

The second problem was the water source!

During this period of time, Blake planned to settle down in this valley because it was close to a running river. There was an endless supply of fresh water.

Moreover, the water from the river flowed into the ocean. It was very close to the seaside. Every day, there was a chance to enjoy the sea breeze and the Sun.

A comfortable life was essential!

Blake ran at a high speed. The huge weight shook the ground nearby, and his feet dug deep pits one after another.

This was unavoidable. Blake could not hide his tracks.

The huge weight would definitely leave footprints on the ground.

This would be a great convenience for researchers in the United States. They could track the Super Tyrannosaurus rex black with their footprints.

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