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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 98 Thank Brother Mo!

In the villa early in the morning.

Yan Yimo sat cross-legged in the middle of the training room, cultivating her illusion technique with her eyes closed.

Suddenly, she frowned slightly as she sensed someone outside the door.

"Cleaner?" Yan Yimo was a little angry. "Didn't I tell you? When I cultivate, I need absolute silence. No one is allowed to knock on the door!"

Sure enough, the cleaner began to knock on the door. "Hello, I'll clean up the trash."

"There's no need to accept it. Hurry up and leave!" Yan Yimo did not get up. She did not even open her eyes as she prepared to return to her cultivation state.

"Oh, okay! Sorry to bother you!" The cleaner turned around and looked like she was about to leave.

However, as he turned, his lips curled into a cruel smile—this cleaner was Killer Seven!


"Number Seven" suddenly stomped on the ground and shot towards Yan Yimo like a cannonball.


The door of the villa and the partition wall in the house were easily torn apart by the powerful impact like fragile paper. In a flash, Number Seven rushed into the training room of the villa, only a few meters away from Yan Yimo.

"Die!!" No. 7's eyes were fierce as his fingers instantly turned into sharp claws. Although he had not been able to sneak a sharp weapon into the school, No. 7 was confident that his sharp claws were not inferior to ordinary weapons.

It was easy to tear Yan Yimo apart!

"A genius in the top ten of the Xia country's Genius List! And an illusionist!" Number Seven felt excited. Once he attacked, he had no intention of leaving alive. In his opinion, it was really worth it to exchange his cheap life for a top genius of Xia country!

"Assassin?!" Yan Yimo's eyes widened in anger and anxiety. "Is Baldy Yan trash? He actually let an assassin enter the school!"

Without any hesitation, Yan Yimo threw an "Phantasmagoria Spell". At the same time, her body instantly bounced up like an agile cat demon and slammed into a wall of the villa—in the direction of the school office building.

Faced with an assassination attempt, Yan Yimo's first reaction was to escape in the direction of the martial arts experts in the school.


At this moment, Number Seven's sharp claws landed on the spot where Yan Yimo had just been sitting, but they missed.

Only then did Number Seven realize that the Yan Yimo he had just seen was only an illusion. The real Yan Yimo had already fled out of the villa.

"Illusion?" Number Seven was a little surprised. "Yan Yimo's illusion technique can actually affect me? Could it be that she has already broken through to… a fourth-rank illusionist?"

It was impossible for the "Illusion Technique" used by a third-rank illusionist to affect a four-star martial artist!

"She's actually a fourth-rank illusionist?!" The killing intent in Number Seven's eyes became stronger and more excited. "Then he should be killed! Even a fourth-rank illusionist will still die!"

The moment he rushed out of the villa, Number 7 saw "Number 47" rushing towards him.

"Idiot!" Number 7 cursed angrily. "Why are you rushing over here? You should just stand there and stop the martial arts experts in the school!"

At this moment, the martial arts experts at the school's office building had also heard the commotion in the villa. They jumped out of the windows and rushed over.

At the front was naturally the principal, Baldy Yan.

"Something big has happened!" Baldy Yan's head was about to explode.

Yan Yimo was actually facing assassination in school. This was an earth-shattering event. He could not imagine what he would face if Yan Yimo was really assassinated.

"And there are actually two killers?" Seeing two killers attacking Yan Yimo at the same time, Baldy Yan panicked even more. He wished he had a few more legs so that he could run faster.

Swish— Swish—

In an instant, Yan Yimo threw a few more illusions at "Number Seven" and barely avoided his pursuit. However, the difference in strength between the two sides was relatively obvious. The illusions that Yan Yimo threw out were instantly broken by the other party.

In addition, when Yan Yimo saw that there was a second killer charging towards her, her face turned even more ashen.

"It's over!" Yan Yimo despaired.

She knew very well that she would not be able to last until Baldy Yan and the other experts arrived.

"Good timing!" Number 7 also realized that Yan Yimo's illusion technique was really annoying. If Number 47 didn't come and help, he really wouldn't be able to kill Yan Yimo in a short period of time like he had expected.

"Hurry up and kill Yan Yimo together!" No. 7 shouted.

However, immediately after, Number 7 was dumbfounded—Number 47 had rushed over, but he did not attack Yan Yimo. Instead, he attacked him!


Number 47 came up with an iron fist that made Number 7's head ring. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

"What are you doing? Are you crazy!?" Number 7 roared.

However, his roar was useless in front of Number 47, who was eager to contribute.

Instead of stopping, Number 47 took the opportunity to punch him again and again.

"What's going on!?" Yan Yimo was dumbfounded. Weren't these two together? Why were they fighting?

"What's going on!?" Baldy Yan and the others, who were rushing over with all their might, were also dumbfounded.

However, Yan Yimo's reaction was fast. After she realized that something was wrong, she carefully pulled away and kept throwing illusions at "Number Seven".

Although "Number Seven" was stronger than "Number 47", they were both four-star martial artists, so there was a limit to how strong they were. In addition, there was a fourth-rank illusionist harassing him. Soon, "Number Seven" was pressed to the ground and could not resist at all.

Speaking of which, "Number 47" was really a ruthless person at the critical moment! In order to make a contribution, coupled with his old hatred, he's punching "Number 7" with an intent to kill!

Every punch was aimed at the vital points, incomparably ruthless!

Before "Number Seven" could even figure out what was going on, he was killed by a flurry of punches from his teammates.

Only then did Number 47 stop, panting. He placed his hands on his hips and stepped on Number 7's corpse, looking extremely heroic.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!…

At this moment, Baldy Yan and the other martial arts experts finally arrived. They immediately surrounded Yan Yimo to protect him.

Yan Yimo pushed through the crowd angrily and walked out of the encirclement. "By the time you guys come to protect me, I'm afraid I'll have died ten times over!"

Principal Yan walked towards No. 47 with a face full of gratitude. "Thank you…"

"Don't thank me!" Number 47 interrupted Principal Yan. "If you want to thank someone, thank Brother Mo! It was his words that made me repent!"

"Lin Mo?"

Puzzled gazes landed on Lin Mo.

Everyone was curious as to how Lin Mo had managed to fool this killer with just his mouth.

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