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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 97 Deception

"The path is narrow?"

Number 47 was puzzled. 'This road, how else could he tread?'

"I'll have to analyze this with you!" Lin Mo was quite close to this honest killer, so he used his life experience to help him come up with a plan.

Who would have thought that a target of an assassination would help his assassin plan his life?

"Let me ask you—" Lin Mo began to organize Number 47's thoughts. "When the assassination begins later, if you rush out to stop the martial arts experts in our school, you will definitely die!"

"Yes!" Number 47 nodded. "It's called an interception, but to put it bluntly, it's using my life to buy 'Number Seven' a few more seconds of assassination time!"

"Then if you don't rush out to stop him, won't you die too?" Lin Mo asked again.

"Not only am I going to die myself, but I'm going to implicate my family!" added Forty-Seven.

In, it's death; in, it's also death!—what Number 47 faced was such a dilemma.

"Then I'll help you change your train of thought now. What if…" Lin Mo smiled strangely. "What if you rush up to protect Yan Yimo when 'Number Seven' starts the assassination later?"

"What?!" Number 47 was dumbfounded.

'I'm a killer!'

Even though I'm a slacker as an assassin, I'm still an elite nurtured by a proper assassin organization!

'You're asking me to play the blame game and protect the target instead?'

"Don't be so surprised!" Lin Mo continued to bluff with all his heart. "In any case, you'll die either way. Why don't you listen to my analysis? You might even be able to find a way out!"

"All right!" Number 47 could only listen patiently.

"Later, if you rush out to protect Yan Yimo, what will it be called? That's called pulling back from the edge of a cliff! Turning back from the wrong path!" Lin Mo coaxed. "If you succeed in protecting her, what will it be called? That's called a major contribution!"

"Huh!?" Number 47 looked confused. "You can do that?"

"It's your many years of being an assassin that has imprisoned your unrestrained thinking! When you were young, you could even think of sneaking into an assassin organization to freeload. Why can't you understand now?" Lin Mo continued to fool him. "Think about it. Although you have been in an assassin organization for many years, have you ever done anything to let Xia country down? Have you ever assassinated a genius?"

"No!" Number 47 shook his head decisively.

"That's why! You didn't do anything bad. Why are you feeling guilty?" Lin Mo said righteously, "And if you successfully save Yan Yimo later, you'll be repenting at the critical moment and making a contribution in one fell swoop! In conclusion… you've made a huge contribution and done nothing wrong!"

Number 47 couldn't help but blink his big eyes.

'You can play a bad hand… like that?'

"But wouldn't that be too unscrupulous?" Although number 47 did not have the professional ethics of an assassin, he still had some bottom line.

In the pugilistic world, the word "righteous" is used!

Wasn't the hand that Lin Mo taught him a little "unrighteous"?

"Bottom line? What's the bottom line?" Lin Mo scoffed. "The bottom line is for breaking through! Besides… are the people in your assassin organization good to you? They probably nurtured you just to make you work for them, right?"

"I…" Number 47 wanted to be a little stubborn, but on second thought, he realized that Lin Mo was right—the people in the assassin organization really didn't treat him well!

Let's not talk about the distant ones, just the close ones. Just because he argued with their leader about the "barrel principle", he got two beatings.

Thinking of this, the last bit of gratitude No. 47 had for the assassin organization was wiped out by Lin Mo.

"You're right. There's no need to lower yourself to the bottom line with an assassin organization like this!" Number 47 immediately broke away from the organization. "But… Number Seven is a little stronger than me. I'm still a little worried!"

"What are you worried about? You're not even afraid of death, why are you worried about this?" Lin Mo immediately interrupted. "Even if Number Seven is stronger than you, there's a limit to her strength, right? Besides, don't forget that there's still Yan Yimo, an illusionist! When the time comes… you and Yan Yimo will attack from both sides. If you catch him off guard, won't you directly suppress Number Seven there?"

Number 47's eyes lit up. "That's true!"

"Besides, there aren't many opportunities to perform meritorious deeds like you!" Lin Mo continued, "Usually, when you carry out assassination missions, you operate alone, right? Where can you perform meritorious deeds? At most, you'll get to 'turn yourself in'! But this time is different—this time, because you can't find 'Black Earth', you finally have the chance to carry out assassination missions with other assassins! This should be the only opportunity you've had to perform meritorious deeds in the past decade, right?"

"Yes!" Such an opportunity to contribute was hard to come by. He had never encountered it before.

"That's it! It's now or never. You have to seize the opportunity!" Lin Mo encouraged. "Are you going to be a useless killer for the rest of your life, or are you going to seize the opportunity to be a hero?"

"But my family…" Number forty-seven was worried about his family again.

"That's even less of a problem!" After bluffing to this point, the rest was simple. Lin Mo analyzed directly. "This is inside the school, and it's far from the school building! Therefore, it's impossible for news of what happened here to spread quickly. Your assassin organization can't have obtained detailed information so quickly—you can definitely make a time difference!"

"Time difference?"

"That's right! After we deal with No. 7, the people from the Martial Arts Department will definitely rush over immediately! At that time… you can directly report your assassin organization's stronghold to the MAD!"

Speaking of reporting, Lin Mo was more professional. He had just reported the person who spread the video in the Primordial Universe two days ago and successfully maintained the green Internet environment.

"So ruthless!?" Number 47 was also shocked by this wave of "backhanded reporting." But on second thought, it was actually feasible.

"Saving Yan Yimo is already a huge merit! Reporting an assassin organization is another great merit! Moreover, after you joined the assassin organization, you haven't done anything bad!" Lin Mo concluded. "There are no mistakes. In addition, you're not weak yourself. When the time comes, you'll definitely be able to get a good position in the Martial Arts Department (MAD). You'll probably start as a deputy bureau chief in a city! Tsk tsk!"

Number 47's eyes lit up even more.

It would be a lie to say that he was not tempted by this bright future!

"You even wiped out the assassin organization's stronghold. Do you still need to worry about your and your family's safety in the future?" Lin Mo said. "Besides, when you have a higher social status, you and your family will naturally have a decent security force around you! You should know best about the mission execution capabilities of your assassin organization—can they assassinate the Martial Arts Department?"

"Nope!" Number 47 shook his head.

To put it bluntly, overseas assassin organizations were just rats that couldn't be exposed to the public. At most, they would occasionally find an opportunity to assassinate geniuses who hadn't grown up.

'Assassinate someone from the MAD?'

Hitting a rock with an egg?

'Are they tired of living?'

"So… do you know what you should do?" Lin Mo asked with a smile.

"Got it!" Number 47 nodded solemnly. He held Lin Mo's hands tightly and said emotionally, "Brother Lin Mo, thank you! Although you're younger than me, please allow me to call you 'Brother Mo'! Brother Mo, you saved my <anno data-annotation-id="ee12acb1-d635-48ad-b63f-d79872a6f69c">life!"</anno>

Lin Mo withdrew his hand and Feng Qingyun smiled faintly. "It was nothing!"

Just like that…

A assassin number 47 who was originally going to assassinate Black Earth chose to change sides after being fooled by Lin Mo, the "Black Earth" himself!

"Why isn't Number 7 doing anything?" Number 47 had been most worried about Number 7 starting the assassination; now he was looking forward to it.

His blood was boiling. He only wanted to contribute immediately!


Suddenly, a huge explosion came from the lake villa! The entire wall of the villa was blown up!

"Here we go! Here's my chance to make a contribution!" Number 47's eyes lit up.

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