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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 94 Rank Five

The sun had completely set, and there was the last of the light in the sky.

The lights were just coming on.

Outside the prep class, Lin Mo and Gao Haoran set up a hotpot and barbecue.

Gao Haoran had already truly captured the joy of "mindfulness". As long as he saw others in pain, he would be very happy!

In the prep class, Jiang Xue was especially depressed.

She had already heard about Lin Mo and Yan Yimo roasting fish by the lake yesterday. For some reason, Jiang Xue felt a little uncomfortable, as if… her simp had been taken away by someone else.

Jiang Xue really couldn't understand Lin Mo!

In her opinion, if Lin Mo wasn't doing it for her, why did he come outside the prep class every day? But if Lin Mo was doing it for her, why did he go and eat grilled fish with Yan Yimo?

The more Jiang Xue thought about it, the crazier she became.

There was an uncomfortable feeling in her chest!

"Ah—" This uncomfortable feeling made her roar uncontrollably as she cultivated.


Suddenly, a force that had been suppressed for a long time seemed to break through her limbs.

At this moment, Jiang Xue felt that her control over her entire body had suddenly entered a new level.

"This is… rank 3?"

Jiang Xue looked at her hands in disbelief.

"I broke through to rank 3?"

Jiang Xue's change naturally attracted the attention of the prep class teacher.

Soon, the entire prep class was in an uproar!

Third rank!

In addition, Jiang Xue's punching force had long exceeded 1,200 kilograms!

In other words… their prep class had nurtured an official martial artist!

On the Xia country's Genius List, there were either fourth-rank combat techniques, telekinesis masters, or illusionists. It was as if ordinary official martial artists were very worthless. One had to know… that they were the 100 most talented people in the entire Xia country every year! Of course, there were as many official martial artists as dogs!

But it was different in a prefecture or a city! Official martial artists were not dogs that could be found everywhere!

Especially in a small third-tier city like Haicheng City. Under normal circumstances, there might not be an official martial artist in a few years.

Therefore, it was obvious how much of a commotion Jiang Xue would cause in the prep class!

The entire prep class exploded!!

As for Lin Mo, he did not seem to hear the huge commotion in the prep class because… there was an even bigger commotion in his mind!

"Ding! Congratulations, host! You have broken through to the fifth rank!"

Fifth rank!!

He had been idle outside the prep class for so many days!

After so many meals of hotpot and barbecue!

Lin Mo was about to vomit!


The heavens do not disappoint. His combat technique had broken through to rank 5!

"There's a chasm between the fourth and fifth ranks!" As soon as Lin Mo broke through, he understood that these words were true!

Rank 1 and 2 combat techniques were only in the category of ordinary people. At most, they were ordinary people who knew how to fight.

Third rank was the ultimate precise control of strength! When one reached the peak of the third rank, they could even reach the level of "one strand" of strength accuracy and precisely control every strand of the smallest muscle bundles in the body!

The fourth rank was even more exaggerated. In addition to the strength of his muscles, he could also control the power of his internal organs, blood flow, and bone marrow. Moreover, he could command all his strength!

As for rank 5…

Rank 5 was more fantastical! His control over his body gradually began to touch the "microscopic level".

What did he mean by "microscopic"?

'For example – say you were stabbed.'

On a "macrocosmic level," the cut was very traumatic. In fact, if it hit a vital spot, it was very likely to kill you.

But on a "microscopic level," this slash had killed nothing more than a few cells. The number of dead cells might not even be one in a thousand of the total number of cells in the body.

In other words, if it was a very serious injury on the "macro level", it might be nothing on the "micro level". It would just be an itch!

And a fifth-rank combat technique was to begin to touch the "microscopic level". Although it was impossible to reach the "cell level" of control, one could still have many divine powers on the "microscopic level"!

Early-stage rank 5: Frenzy!—Muscle strength, internal organs strength, bloodline strength, and bone marrow strength increase in all aspects! Moreover, as long as you don't suffer any particularly fatal injuries, you will recover extremely quickly!

Middle-stage rank 5: Dripping blood!—Not a drop of blood will be shed after an injury! Every time you are injured, you will minimize the number of cells dying so that your body can recover faster!

Late-stage rank 5: Flawless!— There are almost no more weaknesses in your entire body! When an enemy stabs at you, and you can't avoid it, you can even take the initiative to open a hole in your body, causing the sword to stab nothing but air. After the attack, your body will automatically close up, making it very difficult for even microscopic cells to be damaged!

Peak of the Fifth Rank: Rebirth!

… .

This was the power of the "fifth rank"!

Although Lin Mo had only just entered the fifth rank, he was already a completely different person from when he was at the peak of the fourth rank—this was advancing from the "macroscopic level" to the "microscopic level"!

"Very strong!!"

Lin Mo could clearly feel his strength!

The early-stage rank 5 "Frenzy" caused his muscle strength, internal organs, blood flow power, and bone marrow power to increase in all aspects!

The moment he broke through from the peak of the fourth rank to the fifth rank, Lin Mo's strength almost doubled!


Almost double!!

The joy of such a huge increase in strength made Lin Mo not in the mood to care at all. Jiang Xue's insignificant breakthrough in the prep class—Rank 3 combat technique? That was doable as long as she had hands!

Still …

The "third rank" that Lin Mo looked down on was far beyond Gao Haoran's reach.

"Jiang Xue actually broke through to the third rank?" Gao Haoran's eyes were red with jealousy. "I only broke through to the second rank a few days ago. How could she already be at the third rank?"

Gao Haoran immediately felt that the barbecue in his hand was no longer fragrant!

"Brother Mo, I'm not happy anymore!" Gao Haoran said gloomily, "My father worked hard to get me into a top school! As for Jiang Xue, she can choose any top martial arts school in Xia country with her own strength!"

Comparisons are odious!

Gao Haoran was so angry now!

"No!" Lin Mo shook his head. "Haoran, you should be happy!"

"Why?" Gao asked, puzzled.

"Because… ignorance!" Lin Mo said meaningfully.

When Gao Haoran saw that Jiang Xue had broken through to the third rank, he became unhappy! Fortunately, he didn't know that Lin Mo had already broken through to the fifth rank! Otherwise, it wouldn't be as simple as being "unhappy". He would be so depressed that he would doubt his life!

"Because of ignorance?" Gao Haoran pondered. "I don't understand, but it feels philosophical!"

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