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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 92 Worship

At the lake villa.

Lin Mo walked into the villa with a basket of big fish.

"Look, what a big fish I caught today!" It was also Lin Mo's first time walking into this legendary villa in school. It was Yan Yimo who let him in.

As soon as he entered, Lin Mo couldn't help but shout excitedly.

"How big?" Yan Yimo asked curiously, having just finished the first stage of cultivation.

"About ten kilograms!" Lin Mo showed off. "Such a big fish must have lived for many years. It's probably sent away many batches of students!"

"In the end, it still fell into the hands of a lousy student like you!" Yan Yimo joked.

Lin Mo didn't mind being called a "bad student" at all and retorted, "It's like you're not going to eat it later!"

"I'll throw an illusion lure at it and let it die without any pain!" Yan Yimo suddenly thought of something. "It'll be the same as letting your old senior die in peace!"

"Illusion can be used on animals?" Lin Mo asked in surprise.

"Why not?" Yan Yimo smiled. "Animals think simply. It's even easier to cast illusions!"

"I see…" Lin Mo nodded thoughtfully.

It seemed that illusions were especially effective on simple people!

'I've learned, I've learned!'

His status had increased!

"Come! Open a beer to celebrate. We caught such a big fish!" Yan suggested.

After drinking the beer yesterday, she realized that this magical drink seemed to have a certain supplementary effect on illusion cultivation. After drinking it, her mind seemed to be much more excited.

"What do you mean "we"? It's me! I caught the big fish alone!" Lin Mo glared and corrected her. "By the way, when I came in just now, I saw Principal Yan. He's still standing far away and looking in our direction. He seems to be taking photos with his phone!"

"I know, I saw it!" Yan opened her beer. "Ignore him. We'll drink ours!"


The two of them clinked bottles before pulling the curtains up.

After a while, Yan Yimo felt someone outside the door. Needless to say, it was definitely Principal Yan.

Without waiting for the other party to knock on the door, Yan Yimo shouted coldly, "Don't look for me! It's not convenient for me now!"

After some thought, Yan Yimo added, "Also, stay away from me. Don't look for me today! Don't bother me!"

Principal Yan could only leave dejectedly.

"You're so impressive!" After all, the two of them were good friends, so when Lin Mo spoke, he did not hold back. He even teased, "I was expelled by this baldy!"

"Huh? You were expelled by him?" Yan Yimo said without thinking. "Do you want me to stand up for you and ask him to invite you back to school?"

Yan Yimo still wanted to do something for Lin Mo.

After all, it was Lin Mo's "work-life balance" theory that helped her break through to become a fourth-grade illusionist.

She originally wanted to recommend Lin Mo to a top martial arts school, but she did not expect Lin Mo to reject her outright.

Now that she heard that Lin Mo had been fired, she suddenly felt that her chance to "repay" had come again!

"No need!" Lin Mo refused again.

'You're kidding!'

Could Brother Mo be expelled so easily?

After expelling him, it would not be easy to invite him back.

After the martial arts college entrance examination ended, even if Baldy Yan knelt down and begged, he might not be willing to go back!

It would feel good to be expelled for a while, but it would be very regretful! Before long, Baldy Yan would know how difficult it was to invite Lin Mo back!

"Alright! You're really a little strange!" Yan Yimo muttered. "Hurry up and roast the fish! I didn't even eat breakfast. I'm already hungry!"

Before Yan Yimo transferred to Haicheng High School, she was definitely an extremely cold goddess. But ever since Lin Mo opened the door to a new world…

'What's an image?'

When she ate grilled fish and drank beer, she had long thrown away her image. Moreover, there was no one else around now. How could Yan Yimo care about her image? She just let herself go!

"Roasted fish for breakfast?" Lin Mo was convinced and couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Why don't you eat hotpot for breakfast?"

"Oh? It's not impossible!" Yan Yimo's eyes lit up. "Let's try it tomorrow?"

After a while, they finally finished the basket of big fish.

Including the senior who weighed more than ten kilograms.

"Are you full? You can't slack off on your cultivation!" Lin Mo was immediately concerned about his illusion involution index. "A work-life balance means… you should relax when you should. After you relax, you must double your involution, understand?"

"Got it!" Yan Yimo was speechless. "You're not cultivating yourself, but you're supervising me very diligently?"

Yan Yimo even suspected… that Lin Mo had a special habit of enslaving others.

"What nonsense are you talking about? Hurry up and cultivate!" Lin Mo shouted sternly.

If you cultivate, isn't that equivalent to me cultivating? If you don't work hard, won't you be harming me?

"By the way, I'm going to take a nap in my room first!" Lin Mo walked straight to the empty guest bedroom. "Remember to call me when school's almost over, in case I overslept!"

"You overslept. What does that have to do with me?" Yan Yimo said, rolling her eyes.

They were clearly drinking and eating together!

After eating and drinking, she needs to double the involution, but Lin Mo went straight to sleep!

What kind of friend is this? Shouldn't friends share joys and sorrows? We're just good friends! Yan Yimo couldn't help but mutter to herself.

"What does it have to do with you? Of course it has to do with you!" Lin Mo replied directly. "If I really spend the night here, this news might spread throughout the entire school tomorrow!"

"You…" Yan Yimo was speechless and could only focus on cultivating.

… .

Lin Mo walked into the guest bedroom and lay down comfortably to sleep.

To level up in school while lying idle on the bed… Lin Mo was the best!

"It's a big villa after all. The beds are even better. It's so comfortable to lie down!" Lin Mo couldn't help but sigh. "I'll get one later!"

Buying a big villa was really nothing to Lin Mo!

After clearing the New Talent Tower, Lin Mo obtained a total of 260 Primordial Universe Points! In cash, that was 260 million!

Buying a villa in a third-tier city like Haicheng City was simply child's play!

"Eh?" Immediately after, Lin Mo noticed the illusion involution index. "Oh my? It actually reached 21 points!"

As expected, freeloading outside was not as satisfying as inside!

When he was outside the villa, the highest index of illusion involution was only 13 points. But inside, it directly broke through the 20-point mark!

How satisfying!

Lin Mo fell asleep in satisfaction.

Of course, Principal Yan did not come to the villa to disturb him again. He did not dare to offend Yan Yimo! As for Li Jiaxuan… he would just brush him off!

Standing on Yan Yimo's side or Li Jiaxuan's side? Principal Yan could still differentiate very clearly!

… .

The sun sank further and further.

School was almost over.

Lin Mo was not woken up by Yan Yimo, but by Gao Haoran's video call.

"Brother Mo, why didn't you come to school today?" Gao Haoran asked as soon as he came up. "Damn? What's going on? Why are you still in bed? Don't tell me you haven't woken up all day?"

"I came to school!" Lin Mo was sleepy-eyed as he stretched heavily. "Ow—I'm tired!!"

"Nonsense! Why didn't I see you when you came to school?" Gao Haoran snorted. "Not in the classroom! I went to the lake to take a look, but there was nothing there either! Where else could you be?"

"I'm in Yan Yimo's room!" Perhaps because he was still half-asleep, Lin Mo said without thinking.

"What?!" Gao Haoran's eyes widened. He couldn't help but exclaim, his voice becoming extremely sharp.

At this moment, Gao Haoran's simple mind suddenly thought of many things!

Yan Yimo's room…

The messy sheets…

A sleepy Brother Mo and his tired voice…

In the end, all the imagined plots gathered in Gao Haoran's mind into one word—Worship!!

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