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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 9 The Fastest Man On The Blue Planet

"Dad, Mom, you guys haven't slept yet?"

When he got home, the lights were still on in the living room.

Lin Mo couldn't help but feel a little ashamed. He was eating and drinking outside while his parents waited here.

However, Lin Mo had no choice. The involution index of the prep class was too high!

Yesterday, Lin Mo had only been idle there for a short while, but hisbat technique had broken through to rank 2.

Although he had yet to break through to rank 3 today, he had already reached the limit of rank 2. As long as returns for just a while tomorrow, he could steadily step into rank 3!

Improvement ofbat techniques was even more difficult than the improvement of punching force!

For example, if one wanted to be an official martial artist, there were two required physical conditions: First, one's punching force had to reach more than 1,200 kilograms, and second, one'sbat skills had to reach rank 3.

If only the punching force met the requirements, then he could only be considered a quasi-martial artist.

In Haicheng Martial Arts High School, there were several quasi-martial artists in every third-year class. For example, there were as many as five in Lin Mo's class alone. However, there were no official martial artists in the entire school!

p 'Yes!'

'Not one!'

Even those super geniuses whose punching force had already reached 1,300 kilograms or even 1,400 kilograms were still only quasi-martial artists!

In conclusion, it is very difficult to reach rank 3 inbat technique!

As for Lin Mo, he just ate two meals at a barbecue stall and hisbat technique were about to kick open the door to rank 3!

How could Lin Mo not patronize such a barbecue stall every day?

Therefore, although Lin Mo felt guilty facing his parents, he still had to go for barbecue tomorrow. "Dad, Mom, I'll be back late these few days. Don't wait for me."

Mr. Lin ignored Lin Mo's words and said, "You drank more alcohol today, right? You smell strongly of it!"

"Ah, I did drink a lot!" Lin Mo said honestly.

Today was Gao Haoran's treat. In order to eat through his wallet, Lin Mo ordered a lot of delicious food and even drank an entire bottle of red wine and quite a lot of beer.

He was feeling quite full andfortable!

"Sigh!" Mr. Lin sighed heavily when he heard that. "Dad knows that you're under a lot of pressure and there are many rumors going around, but you can't drink every day!"

"Uh…" Lin Mo knew that his parents had misunderstood again.


He's leveling up by staying idle every day. Where did the pressuree from?

But now, it was still not convenient for Lin Mo to explain to his parents. He could only wait to amaze everyone during the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination.

At this moment, Mother Lin stood up and took out an iron cooling box.

"This is?" Lin Mo was slightly taken aback, but he already had a guess.

"Little Mo, take this and take it now." Mother Lin opened the exquisite iron box. There was indeed a potion in it.

"Dad, Mom, how did you get this?"

Even the most ordinary potions could not be bought on the market. They could only be bought through some underground channels.

As for the price, it was naturally extremely expensive!

"You've already gone this far. It's a pity to give up on the college entrance examination," Mr. Lin said. "However, Dad and Mom's abilities are limited. We can only get the ordinary medicine. It won't help you much. Take it and eat it and see how effective it is. You should give it your all for just a couple more days!"

Lin Mo held the potion in silence.

At his current growth rate, an ordinary potion was really dispensable to him.

However, Lin Mo felt that the potion in his hand seemed to weigh 500 kilograms!

"Dad, Mom, don't worry. I'll definitely get into a university!" Lin Mo said firmly and added a line in his heart, 'And it will be the best university in the entire Xia country!'

Seeing that Lin Mo had pulled himself together, Mr. and Mrs. Lin smiled in relief.

After taking a shower, Lin Mo took out the medicine from the cooling box.

Although this potion was expensive and effort consuming on his parents' part, Lin Mo still swallowed it without hesitation.

Firstly, this was the painstaking effort of his parents. He could not let them down.

Secondly, Lin Mo knew very well that as long as he revealed his strength during the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination, money would no longer be a problem for his family.

Lying on the bed, Lin Mo began to wait for the medicine to take effect.

Because of the system interface, Lin Mo could directly see the increase in his punching force.

"6.5 kilograms of punching force per hour?" Lin Mo was a little shocked.

Of the 6.5, only 0.8 kilograms per hour was brought by the index. In other words, this potion could increase Lin Mo's punching strength by 5.7 kilograms per hour!

"This potion is not so simple! It's definitely not just an ordinary potion my father claimed it to be!" Lin Mo was extremely certain, and he was even more touched.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out how much effort and money it must have taken for someone as ordinary as his parents to get their hands on such a drug.

Two hours later, the medicinal effect of the drug was exhausted! It increased Lin Mo's punching strength by 11.4 kilograms!

Coupled with the increase in Lin Mo's score…


Lin Mo's punching force directly broke through the 1,000-kilogram mark!

"That's a thousand kilograms of force?" Lin Mo felt like he was in a dream.

After activating the "Idle Upgrade System" for just over a day, his punching force had broken through 1,000 kilograms, and hisbat skills had reached the peak of rank 2, approaching rank 3!

This was something he had dreamed of achieving in the past!

And now, it had only taken less than two days!

"Too strong!"

Moreover, Lin Mo could foresee that when he entered a top school, the surrounding involution index would definitely soar! At that time, his growth speed would be even more terrifying!

It was like cheating!


Suddenly, Lin Mo realized a problem. "Medicine doesn't affect the involution index!?"

Idle Upgrade System, you got to stay idle to level up!

If Lin Mo didn't lie flat and cultivated diligently, the system would be temporarily shut down as punishment.

In other words, Lin Mo could not "take the initiative to cultivate" and could only wait for the system to "passively upgrade" him.

But now, Lin Mo saw an exception—medication was not restricted by the system!

"If I take my medicine while staying idle, I would be leveling even faster!"

Although the leveling system was already very strong with quick speed… Lin Mo wouldn't mind leveling up even faster!

He must be the fastest man on the Blue Planet!

"But high-tech potions are not easy to obtain!" Lin Mo's gaze landed on the desk in the bedroom.

In the corner of the desk was a helmet made of pure black metal, full of high tech energy.

"If there's any way to obtain a large number of high-tech potions, it's…"

Lin Mo stood up instantly.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Lin Mo building.

Liu Xia was opening the cooling box in front of him with a maniacal expression.

There was a vial inside the box, too, but it was blood scarlet and gave a dangerous impression.

"Although it's not difficult for me to get into a university, it's only enough for me to get into a rubbish trade school! But with this potion, I have the chance to enter an undergraduate university, or even a key martial arts university!" Liu Xia's expression became more and more ferocious. "I'll gamble it! I, Liu Xia, do not want to be a mediocre martial artist! As long as I win this gamble, I'll soar into the sky!"

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