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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 8 If You’ve Involuted, You’ve Involuted!

Gao Haoran would never have dreamed that he, who had always been the second last in class, would lose his rank in the final stages of the college entrance examination!

And it was caused by his good brother!

As for Lin Mo, he definitely couldn't tell Gao Haoran! Firstly, it would be too shocking. Secondly, he was afraid that it would affect Gao Haoran and might directly discourage him.

"Brother, don't blame me for hiding it from you. It's really for your own good!" Lin Mo thought to himself.

"Brother Mo, I'll go to the prep class first. You don't have to apany me tonight!" Gao Haoran said as he walked out of the classroom. He was embarrassed to let Lin Mo wait for him outside every day.

"Haoran, are you looking down on me by saying such things?" Lin Mo's expression darkened. "I promised to apany you every day, so I'll definitely keep my word! If you say such things again, it'll be trampling on our brotherhood. Don't blame me for turning hostile!"

Lin Mo decisively stamped out Gao Haoran's suggestion!

How can mybat technique improve quickly without apanying you to the prep class?

Besides, the barbecue stall outside the stadium was quite good! It was such a pleasure to eat skewers, down beer, and bask in the evening breeze!


Of course, Gao Haoran didn't know what Lin Mo was really thinking.

He was only filled with gratitude!

He was so touched that she could not speak!

'What's brotherhood?'

'This is brotherhood!'

In front of Lin Mo's noble character, Gao Haoran felt ashamed of his inferiority and even wanted to slap himself. He cursed himself in his heart over and over again, "How can I say such things? Brother Mo will definitely be disappointed!"

"Hurry up and go to the prep class earlier. We can't waste time!" Lin Mo quickly urged Gao Haoran when he saw him looking shy.

Last night, Lin Mo had already experienced the involution of the prep class!

When he first arrived at the prep class last night, the involution index was already 4.3!

With such a high index, the earlier he went, the more hisbat technique would improve!

Every second counts!

We must not waste even a minute!

When Gao Haoran heard this, he was even more touched. "Brother Mo is too kind. You're always thinking for me!"

"Quick, quick, quick! Run, run, run!" Lin Mo had been idle for the entire day and had endless energy in store, so he planned to run to the stadium.

Although Gao Haoran was already as dog-tired, but seeing that Lin Mo was thinking in his part, he could only brace himself and run.

Fortunately, the stadium was only one or two kilometers away from Haicheng Martial High School, which is nothing for advanced martial arts apprentices. They quickly arrived.

At the entrance of the prep class, Lin Mo bumped into another "acquaintance".

It was the familiar girl in white from last night.

She was wearing a pure black martial arts suit today, making her look even more slender. When she saw Lin Mo, she couldn't help but frown deeply and hissed in disgust, "Lin Mo, why are you here again?"

But before Lin Mo could say anything, she walked straight into the gym.

"Brother Mo, you actually know Jiang Xue?" Gao Haoran was surprised.

'Jiang Xue?'

Lin Mo shook his head. "Is she very famous? I don't recognize her!"

"She's the lead of the four school belles in Haicheng Martial Arts School, how could you not know who she is? But from the looks of it, you don't seem to know her!" Gao Haoran first explained, then asked curiously, "Could it be that she thinks you're a simp? That you came to the prep class to woo her?"

"You're the one who's a simp!" In Lin Mo's eyes, there was no school belle. There was only an involution index.

At this moment, two male students a short distance away walked towards the gym as they looked at Lin Mo with disdain. "Are you even worthy of being a bootlicker? Hmph! Only people like us who entered the prep class are worthy of being called a simp! People like you who can only look from afar is at most a farsighted dog!"

"I…" Lin Mo was speechless.

This world was too involuted!

Even the simps are involuting!

And they even involuted out a food chain!

"Brother Mo, I'm going in to study too!" Gao Haoran panted a few times and had already recovered a lot of his stamina. "But Brother Mo, you've worked hard to apany me. I must treat you to supper!"

"No need! The Martial Arts College Entrance Examination is around the corner. You're at the time when you need money the most, how can I let you treat me?" After all, Lin Mo wasn't really here to apany Gao Haoran. He was here for his involution index gains.

If he still asked Gao Haoran to treat him to supper, wouldn't he be a monster?

"It's fine. My dad has already sold the house. I'm not short of money now!" Gao Haoran said generously.

"What?!" Lin Mo was shocked. "He really sold the house!"

Yesterday, he mentioned selling the house. Today, it's already sold!

This efficiency!

This determination to get into university!

In the past, he hadn't realize Gao Haoran had such capabilities!

"Then what will happen if you don't get into university?" Lin Mo asked worriedly.

After all, it was under his brainwashing that Gao Haoran had the idea of "selling the house".

If he sold the house and took expensive medicine, wouldn't it be a tragedy if he didn't pass the college entrance examination?

Then what would happen to Gao Haoran?

"If I can't get in, so be it!" Gao Haoran's expression seemed to be the calm after making a difficult decision. "At least I've tried my hardest, so I won't have regrets in the future!"

"You're right!" Lin Mo couldn't help but admire Gao Haoran. "We've put in our best, there will be no regrets!"

"If I really don't get into a university, then it was destined for me to give up the path of martial arts!" Gao Haoran's perspective had unknowingly risen to the height of philosophy. "In that case, I can only rely on the remaining 50 houses in my family to collect rent and live a simple life for the rest of my life…"

"Pfft!" Lin Mo suddenly felt a tightness in his chest, as if he was about to vomit blood.

'I f*cking-!'

'I'm so fu-!'


"Boss!" Lin Mo rushed straight to the barbecue stall. "What can you grill that's expensive here? Do you have a bourbon? A king crab? Let's skip the beer today and order something red. Do you have an '82?"

'I going to eat your wallet dry!'

Late at night.

In the elevator to home, Lin Mo bumped into his neighbor, Liu Xia, again.

This Liu Xia could not even walk steadily. Clearly, he had exhausted his stamina from cultivating.

Seeing this scene, Lin Mo suddenly felt that even if he lost to these involuting students, it wouldn't be something unacceptable!

After all, there were too many ruthless people!

"You have to rest well!" Lin Mo couldn't help but remind him.

"I just came back from drinking with a few friends. I did drink a little too much. I'll fall asleep when I get home later!" Liu Xia said.

Lin Mo didn't believe a word of it!

'Drinking wouldn't leave someone this weak and tired!'

'Drinking should leave you high like me!'

Lin Mo shook his head slightly, confused about the thoughts of someone like Liu Xia.

If you've involuted, you've involuted!

'Can't you be more honest?'

He clearly trained hard, but he insisted that he didn't!

It's not something shameful to have worked hard to cultivate!

At that moment, the elevator doors opened.

Lin Mo quickly walked out of the elevator. The advertisement screen was still playing. "What if my kidney is overdrawn…"

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