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Gao Haoran was dumbfounded when he heard this.

Even if his score was 1,000 kilograms, he was still more than ten kilograms away. If the threshold increased it by another ten kilograms, wouldn't he die?

"Are you serious?" Gao felt the pressure increase several times.

"Teacher Lu said it himself just now. How can this be fake?" Lin Mo doesn't even even blink when he lies "Moreover, Teacher Lu was worried that it would affect your preparation for the exam and specially instructed me not to spread the information. I'm telling you secretly now, you must keep your mouth shut!"

"Don't worry!" Gao Haoran vowed.

"Of course. How can I not trust you?" Lin Mo smiled meaningfully.

Lin Mo's plan was to spread the rumor that the "score threshold for the college entrance examination has increased" throughout the entire school. This way, when the Year Three students heard that the entrance examination was even more difficult, they would definitely work even harder in the next few days!

Lin Mo could see the involution index increase with rapid beeps.

As for the rumors being exposed to be false after the college entrance examination… that didn't matter! In any case, it didn't cause any harm to the students. Instead, it indirectly helped them improve their college entrance examination results. The students should be thanking Lin Mo!

It was a real win-win!

"I'll leave the spreading of rumors in my class to Haoran! I'm not worried about him ability to do so!" Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran, who had already walked away.

In less than a minute, Gao Haoran was already tempted. He would feel so ufortable if he didn't share this secret.

"I have to find some other reliable students in the other classes!"

Because he had already received permission from the class teacher, Lin Mo left the classroom.

After taking a few steps on the campus, Lin Mo's eyes lit up. "Isn't that the famous big mouth Wang Er'Lengzi in the next class?"

Lin Mo leaned forward sneakily. "Friend, have you heard of the secret?"

In more than an hour, Lin Mo spread the rumors to more than a dozen students.

Moreover, the targets he chose were very particular—either big mouths with a reputation or those that looked very gossipy!

Lin Mo couldn't be bothered to waste his time on those ordinary students!

"I'm almost done sowing the seeds! Next, I just have to wait for the index to skyrocket!" Lin Mo smiled in satisfaction.

When he returned to the classroom, Lin Mo immediately saw Gao Haoran whispering to someone in the corner. It was obvious what this little fatty was doing.

"Not bad, not bad!" Lin Mo was very gratified. "You didn't let me down!"

"Brother Mo, Brother Mo!" Gao Haoran also noticed Lin Mo's return and immediately ran over, his face bright red. "Brother Mo, don't misunderstand. I'm just discussing martial arts there!"

Did he need to be so sneaky when discussing martial arts?

However, Lin Mo didn't expose him. Instead, he said seriously, "Haoran, why are you saying this? Can I not trust you?"

If I didn't believe you, I wouldn't have treated you as the "top candidate"!

Haicheng Martial Arts High School.

A rumor spread quickly through the senior class. One spread to ten, ten to a hundred, and the more it spread, the more exaggerated it became.

"Have you heard? This year's college entrance examination score threshold has been increased by 20 kilograms!"

"Hiss—twenty kilos? Where did you hear that?"

"I passed by the principal's office just now and overheard it! I'm only telling you. Don't spread it around!"

"Don't worry. I have a bad memory. I'll forget it after hearing it!"

"When I went home last night, I heard my father talking to Chief Zhao Xu from the Martial Arts Department!"

"Your father actually knows Chief Zhao? Did you hear any useful information?"

"Of course! At that time, my father was on speakers. I personally heard Chief Zhao say that the cutoff score for this year's college entrance examination has increased by 30 kilograms!"

"No way? Why did I hear it was fifty kilograms?"

"And where did you hear this?"

"Have you forgotten? I have a distant uncle in the capital who knows everything! He knew that I was about to take the college entrance examination and reminded me. He's definitely reliable. The call receipts are still here!"

Haicheng City's Second Martial Arts High School.

Lin Mo's upstairs neighbor, Liu Xia, was in class when he suddenly received a message. When he saw the content of the message, he was shocked.

"The college entrance examination score has increased? Looks like I have to work harder when I go home tonight! I only trained until three in the morning last night. I have to last until four in the morning tonight… No! I have to last until the sunrise! If the moon doesn't sleep, I won't sleep!"

Haicheng City Martial Arts High School, principal's office.

The bald principal held up his phone with one hand and rubbed his smooth forehead with the other, making his entire head shiny.

"Chief Zhao, were you the one who revealed that the college entrance examination score this year is going to increase?"

"I was going to ask you what happened!" Chief Zhao's voice came from the phone. "Didn't this news first spread from your school? Now, all the martial arts high schools in the city are aware of it!"

,m "I don't know what's going on either!" The bald principal was dumbfounded. "Don't the college entrance examination cutoff scores onlye out after the examination?"

"It looks like someone is spreading rumors." Chief Zhao's voice was solemn. "We have to think of a way to refute the them!"

The bald principal smiled bitterly at the phone. "Repudiate the rumors? That's easier said than done! Spreading a rumor takes one mouth, stopping the rumors will cost a leg! Eh—no, Chief Zhao, why should we refute the rumors?"

Chief Zhao also realized. "That's right! All the Year Three students in the city are training like crazy now! What a good learning atmosphere! There's no reason to refute the rumors!"

"That's right! As long as we maintain this momentum, our school's college entrance examination results this year might be a surprise!"

The entire Year Three cohort of Haicheng Martial Arts High School went crazy!

Almost every third-year student cultivated desperately, wanting to stimulate their potential.

As for the instigator of the rumors, Lin Mo, he silently found a corner to hide, concealing his achievements.

In the morning, the rumors were still brewing, so the index was not very high and had been hovering around 10. But at noon, the index soared like a rocket!





At its peak, the inner volume index directly broke through the 50 mark and reached 52!!

An internal volume index of 52!

His punching force increased by 10.4 kilograms an hour!

It made Lin Mo so happy that he couldn't close his mouth from smiling!

Although the involution index was not always at the peak of 52, Lin Mo still increased his punching strength by 62 kilograms by the time school ended!

One day!

Just one day!

Lin Mo's punching strength increased from 925 kilograms to 987 kilograms!



What a fantasy!

At this moment, Gao Haoran ran over and bragged proudly, "Brother Mo, my punching strength has increased from 985 kilograms to 986 kilograms! It's only been a day, and I haven't used any rare medicine! How is it? Impressive, right?"

Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran and wondered if he should tell him something. Although his punching strength had increased by a kilogram, his class ranking had fallen from second to last to last in the class.

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