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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 6 Is Your Mouth Tight?


The next morning.

As soon as the alarm rang, Lin Mo reflexively jumped out of bed—this was a habit he had developed from years of practicing martial arts.

The first thing he did after waking up was to check the system data panel.

What he saw made his eyes widen.

His punching force was only 919 kilograms before he slept last night, but when he woke up, it had be 925 kilograms!

He didn't do anything. He just had a good sleep and it increased his punching strength by six kilograms!

He felt bad for the third-year students, who cultivated with all their force just to barely increase it by 500 grams.

"What is this situation?"

Lin Mo was a little confused at first, but he understood quickly. Someone in the neighborhood must have been staying up late training when he was sleeping.

"I've long heard that this neighborhood has a strong love of learning. I wasn't exposed to it before. After all, I've never seen anyone cultivating in the neighborhood. Now it seems that everyone is hiding at home and secretly cultivating!"

'The system can't fool anyone!'

'The increase in punching force could not fool anyone!'

"Go ahead!" Lin Mo was in a good mood. "The more you involute, the faster I'll improve!"

He walked out of the house whistling happily.

As soon as he entered the elevator, Lin Mo bumped into an acquaintance.

This was a neighbor who lived upstairs. He was also in his third year of high school this year, but he was not from Haicheng Martial Arts High School. Instead, he was from the Second Martial Arts High School in Haicheng City.

"Morning, Liu Xia!" Lin Mo greeted with a smile. Then, he asked curiously, "Why are your dark circles so heavy? Did you cultivate late last night?"

"What training! I'm already tired from school. Of course I have to rest well when I get home. Work-life balance is the way to go!" Liu Xia said disdainfully. "It's just that I played games too late, so I have dark circles under my eyes!"

When Lin Mo heard this, he only wanted to say: As if I would believe you!

'You didn't involute?'

'If you hadn't involuted, how would my punching force increase so much?'

If not for the system, I would have believed you!

An eerie silence filled the elevator.

As soon as he reached the first floor and the elevator door opened, Liu Xia rushed out and dashed away. It was obvious that he wanted to rush to school to work hard.

"So dishonest!" Lin Mo shook his head. "What's there to hide about training? It's not like it's something shameful!"

As they walked in the neighborhood, Lin Mo could clearly feel many people pointing and whispering behind him.

"That's the Lin family's child! I heard that his grades were too bad and his mentality collapsed. He gave up on the college entrance examination!"

"If he was going to give up, he should have done it earlier! Why wait until the third year of high school to give up? Doesn't he know how difficult it is for his parents to nurture a high school martial artist like him?"

"That's right! I heard that Old Lin borrowed a lot of money from someone to buy him a hundred-year-old ginseng!"

"What an unfilial child!"

Many of these gossiping neighbors were bored aunties. Their words were much more lethal than those students in school.

Even though Lin Mo had a good mentality, he was still a little frustrated.

At this moment, there was a dog peeing on the lawn not far away.

Lin Mo couldn't help but curse under his breath. "In half a month, I'll blind all of your eyes with my brilliance!"

"Mommy, Mommy." After a few steps, Lin Mo heard a three-year-old girl point and speak in his direction. "What kind of animal is that?"

She was probably referring to the dog.

But her mother said pointedly, "Remember, baby, that's a good for nothing!"

At school, Lin Mo was indeed the last to arrive.

He went to the spot where he had slept yesterday and lied down flat. In the two weeks before the college entrance examination, this spot would be his exclusive VIP bed.

"Yo! The involution index is actually 5.6 early in the morning!"

The first thing he did after lying down was to check the index, of course.

Perhaps it was because there were still remnants of the encouragement that Lin Mo had injected yesterday, or perhaps it was because the college entrance examination was getting closer day by day, but today's initial involution index actually reached 5.6!

This satisfied Lin Mo, but not very much.

After all, he had experienced a score of 20+ last night outside the prep class!

It was easy to go from frugal to extravagant, but difficult to go from extravagant to frugal.

After being satisfied by the 20+ inner volume index, it was very difficult to be satisfied with the single-digit involution index!

However, Lin Mo was not prepared to remain idle until school ended today. Before he went to bed last night, he had already planned a huge gamble to play at school today!

The kind that will cause the index to skyrocket!

Just as Lin Mo was wondering when he would start working, the class teacher, Lu Yan'an, walked over. "Lin Mo, I can understand why you gave up on the college entrance examination. After all, your punching force is indeed a little lacking. It's a good thing that you can let it go. However… you're lying down as soon as class starts, which more or less affects the other students. Moreover, it doesn't look very elegant!"

"Teacher Lu, shall I walk around the school then?" Lin Mo was looking for an excuse to go outside the class.

"It's good to walk around!" Teacher Lu did not object. "Also, I saw you inspiring the students in your own way yesterday. I think it's very good and effective!"


'It's just injecting chicken blood!'

Lin Mo immediately patted his chest and said, "Teacher, don't worry. I'll give them double the amount today!"

Teacher Lu nodded in satisfaction. "If you perform well, I'll think of a way to give you a rmendation after you graduate and arrange for you to be a temporary worker in the school. In the future, you'll specially help theing students do psychological reinforcement work!"

"Thank you, Teacher!"

Of course, Lin Mo looked down on temporary jobs, but he also knew that his teacher was being kind. After all, there were many people who wanted to be temporary workers in Haicheng Martial Arts High School!

As soon as Teacher Lu left, Gao Haoran came up to him. "Brother Mo, why is Teacher Lu looking for you?"

"It's Haoran!"

Lin Mo gambled with the goal of making the entire Year Three cohort crazy for training, and Gao Haoran was his first target. After all… he was famous for his big mouth in the class.

Therefore, when Gao Haoran came forward himself, it was exactly what Lin Mo wanted. "I'm not thatfortable with revealing what Teacher Lu told me! Haoran, is your mouth tight?"

When Lin Mo said that, Gao Haoran became even more interested. "Tight! Definitely tight! I'm famous for keeping my mouth shut!"

'I almost believed you!'

Lin Mo cursed in his heart, but he appeared to looked like he was about to say something. "Forget it, forget it! I shouldn't reveal it!"

"Please do, Brother Mo!" Gao Haoran was anxious. "Don't you know what kind of person I am? Can you not trust my mouth?"

"Alright, then don't tell anyone. I'm afraid it will affect the mentality of the other students!"

"Don't worry, don't worry!" Gao Haoran said firmly. "I'll let the information rot in my stomach!"

"I believe you!" Lin Mo leaned closer and said in a low voice, "Just now, Teacher Lu secretly told me that the admission score for this year's college entrance examination will probably increase by a lot! I reckon it will increase by at least ten kilograms!"

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