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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 4 Cheers To Dreams

"Mr. Owner! Can we get two roasted rice cakes, ten lamb skewers, half a dozen oysters, and maybe two cold beers?"

Gao Haoran's prep class was in the city gym.

And there was a barbecue stall right next to the gym entrance.

Lin Mo found a stool and sat down. He shouted, "Also! Make it spicy!"

Martial arts high school students were usually quite rich.

After all, the stamina consumed by cultivation every day needed to be replenished by a large amount of proteins. If he couldn't eat his fill, he'd be a soft shelled shrimp. There's no way to train martial arts without money?

Furthermore, he also needs to intake some precious herbs from time to time, such as hundred-year-old ginseng, wild lingzhi…

Families with substantial wealth would dedicate themselves to attempt to obtain some high-tech potions through special channels.

In conclusion, the path of martial arts was a path that does note cheap!

The poor enter humanities and the rich enter martial arts. Without some sort of familial fortune, there is no way to afford having a martial arts student.

On the other hand, Lin Mo's family background was quite ordinary. He almost never have had any expensive medicinal herbs. This was also an important part of the reason why he could not defeat the other students.

"The peppers I put here is renowned for its insane spiciness. Are you sure you want more?" The middle-aged owner, who was bare-chested and muscular, asked with a smile.

"I'm also renowned for eating spicy food!"

Lin Mo said arrogantly, then pulled up the system interface and looked at it.

"The involution index is 4.3, and it's still rising!" Lin Mo couldn't help but exhale contently. As expected of the prep class!

It hadn't been long since little fatty entered, but the involution had already begun so intensely! Later, they would be involuting so hard the universe spin the opposite way. Then the involution index would directly break through 10!

"Eh? Why is my punching force only increasing 0.3 kilograms per hour?"

According to his experience, the internal volume index of 4.3 should increase by 0.86 kilograms per hour!

However, Lin Mo saw that in the "Leveling Speed" column, other than the "Punching Force Increasing Speed", there was also a line of small words: "Rank Leveling Up…"

"Rank?" Lin Mo was stunned.

Rank was actually abat technique.

The students of martial arts high schools had a lot ofbat training. Theirbat skills could usually reach the "first rank", which wasparable to those experienced veterans on Earth in his previous life.

If hisbat skills reached second rank, he would beparable to the special forces soldiers on Earth.

A third rankbat technique wasparable to abat king on Earth!

And if hisbat skills reached the fourth rank, it would exceed the limits of regular people!

Lin Mo had even heard that a fourth-rank genius could directly be guaranteed admission to a key martial arts university without even taking the martial arts college entrance examination.

Of course… the further he went, the harder it would be to improve hisbat skills! In any case, he had never heard of such a genius in Haicheng City.

"Could it be that I mainly improve on whatever the people around me are training in? And this prep class happens to trainbat skills?"

Unable to contain his curiosity, Lin Mo stood up and walked towards the window.

"Here, little brother, the baked rice cake is ready! Eat it first!" The boss handed over two skewers of rice cake roasted bright red, clearly a sign of the large amount of chili sauce it has been brushed with.

"Okay!" Lin Mo held a skewer in each hand and stood by the window. He stood on his tiptoes and looked in.

As expected, the martial arts teacher inside was passionately talking about how to improvebat techniques.

"In the martial arts college entrance examination, punching force is important, butbat techniques are equally important!"

"Howe some students who have clearly broken through the 1,000-kilogram mark still can't make it in a specialization school? It's because theirbat techniques are too poor!"

"It's very difficult to improve one's punching force greatly in a short period of time! However, one'sbat skills can improve significantly in a short period of time!"

"As long as one's technique improve slightly, it will beparable to several kilograms or even more than ten kilograms of punching force! If anyone'sbat skills can break through to the second rank, it will be equivalent to directly increasing their punching force by 50 kilograms! In that case, they might even be able to pop off during the college entrance examination and attempt for an undergraduate university…"

The martial arts teacher in the prep class taught devoutly while encouraging his students.

"Sure enough, it's a lesson onbat technique!" Lin Mo thought silently. "I was originally worried about how to improve mybat skills after bing idle. Now, it seems that this worry is unnecessary!"

Idle Upgrade System, you got to stay idle to level up!

The more he idles, the faster he levels!

If Lin Mo actually went to cultivate hisbat skills, the system would be temporarily shut down. Moreover, the harder Lin Mo worked, the longer the system would be shut down—it was a punishment.

Fortunately, the system was very functional and Lin Mo doesn't need to cultivate himself.

Lin Mo just needs to lay down and be idle. The rest is up to the system.

"Haoran is really working hard inside!"

Lin Mo looked at Gao Haoran, sweating profusely inside, and happily took a bite of the roasted rice cake.

"Holy sh*t!!"

Lin Mo was shocked when he bit down!

This was too damn spicy!

His tears stung!

The thing was… Lin Mo had just bragged that he was renowned for eating spicy food! So, although he was in immense pain, he couldn't cry in pain!

'I can die of spiciness!'

'But I cannot lose face!'

Lin Mo insisted on not making a sound, but tears flowed uncontrollably…

"Little brother!" At this moment, the owner of the barbecue stall walked over.

The boss was holding two bottles of beer, but he was looking at the students who were cultivating in the gym.

"When I was in my third year of high school, I was just like you!" The owner's gaze was deep, and it was obvious that he was a man with a story. "At that time, I knew that there was no hope for the college entrance examination. After school, I apanied my classmates to the prep class."

The owner looked at Lin Mo again. "My classmates inside gritted his teeth and trained hard! I stayed outside, just like you, crying silently!"

"I…" Lin Mo only wanted to say, "We're different!"

'It's different!'

'I'm crying because of the spiciness!'

"You don't have to say anything. I understand! I've experienced everything you've experienced!" The owner shook his head and smiled. His smile was filled with the vicissitudes of time. "Come, little brother, take this bottle of beer. Consider it a gift from me! This bottle, to our dreams! I'll drink. Do as you please!"

The owner gently clinked the beer bottle with Lin Mo. Then, he raised his head proudly and performed a small whirlwind before drinking it in one gulp.

"Uh…" Lin Mo was speechless.

However, he happened to need to drink something to relieve the pain from the peppers.

Just as he was about to take a sip or two, a system notification that only he could hear suddenly sounded in the depths of his mind. "Congratulations, host! You have broken through to the second rank!"

"Second rank?" Lin Mo was pleasantly surprised.

He had juste here to lie idle, but hisbat skills had already broken through to the second rank!

The efficiency of idleness was too high!

If he came here a couple more days, wouldn't he quickly reach the third and fourth ranks?

He could already see the top universities, Qingmu University, Jingdu University, and Xia University beckoning at him!

"To our dreams!" Lin Mo, who was in a good mood, raised the bottle and downed it.

"By the way, owner!" After downing a bottle and wiping away his tears, Lin Mo asked. "Can you organize a membership for your barbecue stall? I'lle again tomorrow!"

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