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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 28 Beaten Into Depression

Logically speaking…

It should be something to be happy about meeting someone as steel headed as him.

After all, this winning streak was so easy!

A single punch equaled a game won. Lin Mo had only thrown two punches in the novice training field today, but he had gone from "ten consecutive wins" to "twelve consecutive wins."

And he was about to achieve "thirteen consecutive wins"!

This winning streak was really satisfying!

However, Lin Mo could not be happy.

"Could it be that this Grand Deity is jealous of my winning streak and wants to trick me?" Lin Mo couldn't help but sense something suspicious.

The beginner's training ground had a "farm-proof mechanism"!

If anyone dared to deliberately obtain a win streak, at best, their winning streak would be cleared to zero. At worst, they would be banned from ten days to half a month. They wouldn't even be able to log in to the Primordial Universe.

But now, not only did Lin Mo encounter the same opponent consecutively, but he also won every battle with a single punch! This… felt like there was no need for any "anti-cheat mechanism" to judge. Even if Lin Mo were to judge himself, he'd think that he had hired a cheat to win continuously!

"After this match, I must blacklist him!" Lin Mo immediately decided.

He had to block him!

If he continued farming him… Ah, pfft! If he continued fighting him, he would trigger the "anti-cheat mechanism"!

"Besides, it will be easy for me to win twenty consecutive victories today anyways. There's no point keeping his eye on just one person."

It waspletely unnecessary!

Liu Zhonghao would never have thought… that a newly promoted official martial artist and a high-spirited genius like him would actually be so misunderstood by his opponent. If he knew that Lin Mo thought he was feeding a win streak to get other people punished, he would probably want to die!

'That's too bloody condescending!'

? 'Is there any bottom line? Any conscience? You can't humiliate me like that!'

Fortunately, Liu Zhonghao did not know what Lin Mo was thinking at this moment.

Bang! Bang!

For the third time, both sides landed on the samebat ring.

"Black Earth! I—"

Liu Zhonghao was about to speak when Lin Mo interrupted him.

"Stop! Let's skip the trash talk!" Lin Mo waved his hand to stop the other party from continuing. "I've already experienced your unnecessary emotions twice just now! Let's save some time and get straight to the point. Let's start fighting!"

Three minutes of trash words and a second of fighting—wasn't that a waste of time!

"I…" Liu Zhonghao was stunned. He had a feeling that his aura would be inferior if he skipped this segment!

"Then be careful!" Liu Zhonghao did not say anything else. Instead, he kindly reminded Lin Mo, "This time, I'm treating you as an opponent of the same level! I'm really going to be serious. Don't be careless!"

"Are you really going to be serious now?" Lin Mo looked at his opponent strangely.

You're obviously only at the early stage of the rank 3, while I'm at the mid-stage of rank 3. I'm an entire realm stronger! Under such circumstances, you aren't treating me as an opponent of a higher level, but as an opponent of the same level… And you are still telling me that you're really serious?

'Are you kidding me?'


The difference inbat technique was obvious! Even if you were serious, what was the use?

If being serious was useful, what's the point of improvingbat technique?

"Come!" Liu was no longer arrogant, but carefully approached.

His movements were cautious and agile. When his feet landed on the ground, he barely made a sound, as if he was a nimble feline.

His expression was grim as he focused his attention on his opponent, Black Earth!

"This battle is my battle of honor! I can't lose again!" Liu Zhonghao placed great importance on the oue of this battle. "I definitely can't advance rashly! I'll stabilize my mind and wait for him to reveal his flaws before killing him with one strike!"

Although he had already lost two rounds in a row and had suffered a crushing defeat both times, Liu Zhonghao still stabilized his mind and his thoughts were extremely clear!

At this moment, even he was impressed by his own mentality!

"How many people in Haicheng City or even the entire Jiangnan Prefecture canpare to this stable determination?" Outside the arena, on the live broadcast, the beautiful reporter finally found something to praise about and became excited again.

"What's the most important quality of a martial arts expert? Is it physical growth talent? Or critical thinking talent? Neither! The most important thing is mentality!"

"And through today's live broadcast, we canpletely see how determined and stable Liu Zhonghao's mentality is! This mentality will apany him on the path of martial arts, helping him ovee difficulties and cross obstacles!"

"Alright, we can see that Student Liu is very cautious now. It looks like he's finally going to be serious for once! He's probing, he's waiting! He's like a calm hunter. As soon as his prey shows any signs of weakness, he'll launch a fatal attack! Look—"

Liu Zhonghao suddenly moved!

After observing for about ten seconds, he finally saw his opponent's flaw!

At this moment, Liu Zhonghao did not hesitate at all. He attacked like lightning and was extremely decisive! His figure even left an afterimage on the live broadcast, stunning countless young men and women who admired him!

"I will definitely win!" Liu Zhonghao's eyes were fierce.

However, in the next moment—

He became dumbfounded!

Liu Zhonghao rushed forward and realized that his opponent, "Black Earth", was only feinting his attack! The flaw that he had waited so long for was a bait that his opponent had deliberately revealed.

By the time Liu Zhonghao understood this, it was already too late!

'Third time!'

For the third time, Liu Zhonghao saw the familiar shadow of a fist rapidly enlarging in his vision.

And it was an instant kill!

"What's going on? He's so gullible! He was fooled by a casual feint!" Lin Mo looked at his fallen opponent and was very speechless. "Although this kid'sbat technique had already reached rank 3, his brain hasn't caught up yet!"

It took brains to fight!

If one'sbat intelligence was not high enough, no matter how strong one's punching force andbat skills were, they would only be a reckless brute!

"Brains are a good thing!" Lin Mo sighed. Then, he quickly left the novice training field and blocked the "Grand Deity" without hesitation.

"I can't run into him again! If I do, my win streak will definitely be ruined by him!"

Lin Mo now has "thirteen consecutive wins"!

If he continued to win against the "Grand Deity", he might really trigger the "anti-cheat mechanism"!

Therefore, he needs to be blocked! That way, he wouldn't have to worry about being matched with him again!

However, Lin Mo's worry was actually a little unnecessary.


After Liu Zhonghao was killed by a single punch for the third time, he forcefully took off his virtual helmet. Tears of humiliation welled up in the corners of his eyes.

"What a bully!"

At this moment, Liu Zhonghao was on the verge of an emotional breakdown!

He had already been beaten into depression!

He had lost three matches in a row in front of the entire Haicheng City!

And he had lost to a martial arts apprentice!

And they were all insta-killed!

He was an official martial artist! He was the genius of Haicheng City's Second High School! He doesn't want to lose everyone's respect!

Who wouldn't be depressed after this?

Liu Zhonghao was already so traumatized, he probably wouldn't dare to go to the novice training field again!

How was this a novice training field!

This was simply hell!

"Student Liu, are you alright?" The beautiful reporter went forward and asked with concern.

"Get lost!" Liu Zhonghao shoved the reporter, then squeezed through the crowd and ran away!

He probably ran home, or he might have gone to some unknown corner to heal the wound in his pride.

"Everyone, I'm very sorry. There's a situation with our live broadcast!" The beautiful reporter's professional capabilities were still passable. In the face of such a sudden incident, she could still deal with it. "Today's live broadcast will end here for now! Goodbye, everyone!"

The theme of Haicheng Martial Arts Channel's live broadcast today was to promote the genius, "Liu Zhonghao".

But now, the main character of the live broadcast had been beaten into depression. No one knew where he had gone… Of course, the live broadcast could not continue.

"Chief Zhao, this situation… What should we do?!" Someone couldn't help but ask Chief Zhao Xu of the Martial Arts Department.

Chief Zhao was indeed a seasoned official. After all, he had been in a high position for a long time. What kind of scene had he not seen before?

Although Chief Zhao had indeed never seen something quite like today, he still made an important decision with his rich life experience. "Quickly go to the psychiatric department and find a few therapists. Send them to Liu Zhonghao for psychological preparation! Don't let this child be crippled from the blow!"

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