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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 269 - 269 Where’s the Trust Between People?

269 Where’s the Trust Between People?

While Gao Haoran was “crying”, Lin Mo was quietly feeling the injuries in his body.

“How f*cking strong…”

Grandmaster Zhitian’s seemingly casual slap just now almost shattered Lin Mo’s internal organs.

“This is under the condition that I’m wearing a thin film battle suit that already quietly reduced most of the damage for me. If not for the thin film battle suit, I’m afraid that attack just now would have killed all the cells in my body!”

Lin Mo couldn’t help but feel worried.

As expected of a martial arts grandmaster! He was really so strong!

Fortunately, Lin Mo had a premonition that he might be ambushed, so he thought of a way to obtain the thin film battle suit to save his life.

However, Lin Mo did not expect this martial arts grandmaster from the Cherry Blossom Country to be so crazy as to dare to ambush him in Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

“Fortunately, I hid most of my strength and still have a trump card! Otherwise, I would really be in danger this time!” Lin Mo thought with lingering fear. “But now… although my internal organs have been shattered, with my peak of the sixth rank combat technique, such a small injury is actually nothing. I can recover by lying here quietly for a while!”

After his combat technique reached the “sixth rank”, he had already reached the realm of spirit and flesh as one. At this level, the definition of serious injuries was already completely different from ordinary martial artists.

To ordinary martial artists, having their internal organs shattered was already a fatal injury. To a “sixth-rank” expert, it was very likely that they might not even be considered injured!

This was because after reaching the “sixth rank”, only the large-scale death of the cells in the body could be considered an injury. As long as the cellular level was not much affected, it was almost negligible and could not be considered an injury.

For example, now, he seemed to be injured, but he also didn’t seem to be injured. He could recover after lying down for a while!

It was comparable to an ordinary person’s skin being rubbed raw!

“Let’s continue to play dead! Playing dead is the safest!” Lin Mo thought to himself.

No matter how crazy Grandmaster Oda was, he wouldn’t go so far as to attack a “dead man” like him, right?

‘Just play dead!’

Moreover, Gao Haoran was crying so hard that it undoubtedly made Lin Mo’s death even more real. It was as if he actually passed away.

… .

High in the sky.

Grandmaster Zhitian had already flown more than ten thousand meters into the clouds and was about to escape from the encirclement of the five martial arts grandmasters.

However, at this moment, Grandmaster Zhitian did not feel much joy from escaping. Instead, he felt that something was wrong. However, the situation was urgent, and he could not tell what was wrong.

“What’s going on?” The martial arts grandmaster’s intuition was still very accurate. The more Grandmaster Zhitian thought about it, the more puzzled he became.

He looked at his palm and fell into his memories. It was this hand that had slapped Lin Mo previously.

“When I slapped Lin Mo just now, it seemed… to feel wrong?” Grandmaster Zhitian suddenly trembled.

He finally realized what was wrong!

It just didn’t feel right!

Lin Mo was only a Silver Lunar Martial Artist. When he slapped, the resistance seemed to increase? This should not be the case for the defense of a Silver Lunar Martial Artist!

However, just now, Grandmaster Zhitian was in a hurry to escape, so he did not notice this detail. At this moment, he had already fled ten thousand meters into the sky before he suddenly understood!

Grandmaster Zhitian reacted and hurriedly looked down at the ground.

The thick clouds could not block his sharp gaze at all. His gaze instantly locked onto Lin Mo, who was lying on the ground.

“He really hasn’t moved. He should be dead! Moreover, that Gao Haoran beside him is still crying so miserably, which means that Lin Mo is already dead!” Grandmaster Zhitian looked at the scene on the ground below, but he still felt that something was wrong. “That’s not right! My palm just now should be more than enough to kill Lin Mo on the cellular level… But if I really killed every cell in Lin Mo’s body, he should have already begun to turn into pus! Why is Lin Mo’s corpse still intact?”

A thought suddenly occurred to Grandmaster Zhitian. ‘Playing dead?’

“Lin Mo isn’t dead? He’s pretending to be dead?” Although Grandmaster Zhitian didn’t understand why Lin Mo wasn’t insta-killed by him, he still decided to test him.

“Go!” Grandmaster Oda instantly shot a steel needle at Lin Mo, who was on the ground below.

The steel needle was the size of a bullet from a big sniper rifle, and it was made by a martial arts grandmaster. Its speed was ten times more terrifying than a bullet from a real big sniper rifle!

In Grandmaster Zhitian’s opinion, if this steel needle hit Lin Mo, even if it didn’t directly blast him into pieces, it would definitely be enough to blast a big hole in Lin Mo’s “corpse”.

As for Grandmaster Zhitian himself, he fled even faster under the reaction force of the steel needle.


The steel needle broke through the air and instantly became red due to the friction.

“Damn?” Of course, Lin Mo, who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead, noticed the danger immediately. “I’m already f*cking dead, but this Grandmaster Zhitian still won’t let me off?”

Lin Mo only wanted to say: Where’s the trust between people?

‘How can you suspect that I’m not dead just because I pretended to be dead?’

‘If I’m pretending to be dead, why can’t you just believe me?’

“Run!” Although Lin Mo had a thin film battle suit, he did not dare to let this steel needle hit him.

Even if this steel needle was not life-threatening to him, Lin Mo did not want to foolishly take it head-on. Moreover, even if he took it head-on, wouldn’t it still expose that he was not dead?

Therefore, Lin Mo’s first reaction was to run!


Lin Mo jumped up from the ground and rushed towards Gao Haoran. He grabbed the little fatty and ran.

At that moment, the steel needle fell to the ground like a cannonball—


It was clearly just a small steel needle, but it was even more terrifying than a cannonball. It blasted a ten-meter-wide pit in the ground and was even deeper.

If Gao Haoran had not been taken away by Lin Mo, he would probably have been severely injured. With his little strength, even if he was only slightly affected, he would probably be severely injured if not dead.

“Brother… Brother Mo!” Gao Haoran looked at the huge pit not far away in horror. The attack of a martial arts grandmaster was too terrifying! He, the actor, was almost killed by the impact.

“Run to the teachers!” Lin Mo had no time to waste on Gao Haoran. He threw the little fatty in the direction of the teachers and was about to escape. The moment Lin Mo revealed that he was not dead, Grandmaster Zhitian, who was in the sky, instantly stopped escaping. Instead, he turned around and swooped down at Lin Mo.

“Lin Mo? You’re actually not dead?!” Zuoteng Yijian, the strongest piece of trash, looked at Lin Mo in shock.

At this moment, Zuoteng Yijian did not have the time to think about why Lin Mo was not dead. He almost reflexively charged at Lin Mo. After all, according to the original plan, Zuoteng was in charge of assassinating Lin Mo!

Now that Lin Mo was not dead and Zuoteng Yijian knew that it was impossible for him to escape, his reaction was naturally to attack Lin Mo.

“You overestimate yourself!” Lin Mo smiled in disdain. Under the control of his “peak of rank 6” combat technique, all his strength instantly gathered in a punch. He punched Zuoteng Yijian’s face head on.

Although Zuoteng Yijian’s combat technique had also reached the peak of rank 5… in front of Lin Mo’s “peak of rank 6”, his every move seemed so clumsy.


Without any resistance, Zuoteng Yijian was sent flying by Lin Mo’s punch. A large number of the cells in his body were instantly killed.

“How is that possible?!” As a peak rank 5, Zuoteng Yijian’s vitality was naturally extremely strong. This punch was not enough to kill him. However, he was stunned by the power and combat technique displayed by Lin Mo’s punch.

“How can Lin Mo’s combat technique be so strong!?” Zuoteng Yijian could feel that in the instant they exchanged blows just now, Lin Mo’s combat technique was even more terrifying than the “Black Earth” he had faced before! If not for his relatively high punching force and tyrannical body, that punch just now might have been enough to kill him.

“Could it be that Lin Mo’s combat technique is even stronger than ‘Black Earth’?” Zuoteng Yijian felt that he had witnessed a dream, but he had no choice but to believe it.

“What kind of trash dares to stop me?!” Lin Mo glanced at Zuoteng Yijian in disdain. Then, he planned to burrow underground. Facing a “three-dimensional creature” like a martial arts grandmaster who could fly, it was impossible for Lin Mo, a “two-dimensional creature” that could only move on the ground, to escape. To Lin Mo, the most hopeful thing was to burrow underground while Grandmaster Zuoteng Yijian was still relatively far away from him.

The ground had a powerful blocking effect on vital essence.

As long as he could burrow deep enough before Grandmaster Oda reached the ground, it would be very difficult for Grandmaster Oda to find him underground even if he arrived!

Therefore, Lin Mo wanted to drill in without hesitation!

He was saving his life in front of a martial arts grandmaster! He was not afraid of embarrassing himself!

And yet…

Lin Mo was about to dig into the ground when Grandmaster Zhitian revealed a disdainful expression. “You want to dig into the ground and escape? Would I give you such an opportunity?”


Grandmaster Zhitian waved his hand, and a slightly yellowed talisman appeared. This was the “Illusion Killing Talisman” refined by Mrs. Tengyuan, a seventh-rank illusionist from the Cherry Blossom Country, at the expense of permanently consuming her vital essence. It was a special tool that only illusionists could refine.

“The illusion killing talisman refined by a seventh-rank illusionist at all costs is enough to kill most Radiant Solar martial artists!” Of course, Grandmaster Zhitian did not dare to rush back to the ground. After all… in the face of the pursuit of five martial arts grandmasters, it would be very difficult for him to escape once he rushed back to the ground!

Fortunately, Grandmaster Zhitian also carried a killing weapon—a seventh-rank illusion killing talisman!

“Mrs. Tengyuan was severely injured once in the Primordial Universe before. This time, she refined a seventh-rank illusion killing talisman. Her illusion reservoirs are almost crippled…” Grandmaster Zhitian thought to himself.

The price Mrs. Tengyuan paid for not hesitating to permanently expend her mental strength twice in a row was undoubtedly huge. Of course, compared to Grandmaster Zhitian not hesitating to exchange his life for Lin Mo’s, Mrs. Tengyuan’s sacrifice was a little insignificant.

In short, in Grandmaster Zhitian’s opinion, once this seventh-rank illusionary killing talisman was used, Lin Mo would definitely die! One had to know that even he would not feel good if he was struck by such an illusionary killing talisman!

“Die!” Grandmaster Zhitian locked onto Lin Mo with his vital essence and tore the seventh-rank illusion killing talisman in his hand without hesitation.


A silent illusion killing technique was like an extremely fast electric snake.

Before Lin Mo could react, let alone dig into the ground, the electric snake had already entered his body and headed straight for his sea of consciousness.


Lin Mo felt his vision go dark and his consciousness instantly sank into darkness.


His body went limp and he fell heavily to the ground.

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