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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 268 - 268 Lin Mo’s Death (3)

268 Lin Mo’s Death (3)

Four martial arts grandmasters surrounded Grandmaster Oda from four different directions. Although these four martial arts grandmasters were still unaware of what had happened, they saw that Principal Tu was chasing after Zhitian Xionger. They only needed to follow him!

However, Grandmaster Zhitian did not panic at all in the face of the pursuit of five martial arts grandmasters.

The sky was not like the ground!

The ground was only “two-dimensional”! If someone chased after him from five directions, there was a high chance that their path would be blocked.

But the sky was “three-dimensional” and there were too many directions to escape in!

This was like ants and mosquitoes… Ants were very easy to trample to death on a two-dimensional plane, but mosquitoes were active in a three-dimensional space. It was a little more difficult to kill a mosquito.

Therefore, at this moment, even if the five martial arts grandmasters joined forces, as long as they did not have an obvious advantage in speed, it would be very difficult to block Grandmaster Oda’s path.

Originally, if Principal Tu was not injured, his speed would definitely be faster than Grandmaster Zhitian. However, the injury meant he no longer had the advantage of speed.

… .

When the five martial arts grandmasters began to chase in the sky… the commotion caused by Grandmaster Zhitian’s sneak attack on Principal Tu, which was the spherical sound wave, finally spread throughout Jiangnan Martial Arts University.


It was only at this moment that the teachers and students around the arena realized what had happened.

“Grandmaster Zhitian actually dared to sneak attack Principal Tu?”

“No! His real target is not Principal Tu, but Lin Mo!”

“Lin Mo was sent flying by a slap… He plowed a long pit in the ground and stopped breathing…”

“Lin Mo… is dead?”

The teachers and students around the arena were dumbfounded.

The peerless and shocking Lin Mo… was actually dead?

He was ambushed and assassinated by a martial arts grandmaster from Cherry Blossom Country?

“Lin Mo?!” Teacher Wei, Yan Yimo, Ye Yi, and the others who were closer to Lin Mo could not accept the truth in front of them.

“Brother Mo!!!” Gao Haoran was even more miserable as he scrambled towards Lin Mo.

At this moment, in addition to being sad, Gao Haoran was also filled with endless self-blame. In his opinion, if he hadn’t called Brother Mo out of the gravity room to participate in the exchange battle, the martial arts grandmaster from Cherry Blossom Country probably wouldn’t have had the chance to attack Brother Mo!

At this moment, Gao Haoran’s heart was completely filled with regret and hatred. He wanted to take revenge for Brother Mo, but ever since he entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University, he had been attending the big sword every day. He was already crippled. How could he take revenge?

Moreover, with Gao Haoran’s little talent, even if he cultivated diligently every day, he might not have a chance to avenge Brother Mo in this lifetime.

Just as Gao Haoran was about to cry and lie on Lin Mo… Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded in his mind.

“Don’t touch me! I’m playing dead! You’ll give me away if you touch me!”

Hearing this familiar voice, Gao Haoran couldn’t help but pause.

Wasn’t this Brother Mo’s cheap voice?

Brother Mo wasn’t dead yet?

‘He’s pretending to be dead?’

At this moment, Gao Haoran only wanted to say, “The ancients didn’t lie to me! A scourge will live for a thousand years! I knew Brother Mo wouldn’t die so easily!”

“Don’t just stand there. Continue crying!” Lin Mo’s voice sounded in Gao Haoran’s mind again. “Although that Grandmaster Zhitian has already flown far away, he can still see the situation here! If he finds anything abnormal on my side, he’ll kill his way back!”

“Huh?” Gao Haoran was stunned again.


‘He can’t on command!’

“Hurry up and cry!” Lin Mo urged.

Lin Mo’s vital essence had already reached the mid-stage of the sixth rank. In terms of mental strength, he was not even inferior to some martial arts grandmasters. He felt Grandmaster Zhitian’s vital essence sweep across his “corpse” again, clearly wanting to confirm that he was really dead.

“Cry harder! Cry harder!” Lin Mo continued to use his mental strength to send a voice transmission to Gao Haoran and urged anxiously, “But don’t touch my ‘corpse’. Grandmaster Zhitian will notice that something’s wrong!”

After all, theoretically speaking, all the cells in Lin Mo’s body should have died by now. The entire “corpse” should be turning into pus soon.

“Well…” Gao Haoran was stunned.

But in the current situation, he had no choice but to cry.

“Brother Mo! Why did you die like this? Brother Mo… you died too tragically!!”

Gao Haoran scrambled to a few meters away from Lin Mo. He lay on the ground and beat his chest as he wailed.

He looked like a filial son.

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