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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 267 - 267 Lin Mo’s Death

267 Lin Mo’s Death

Grandmaster Zhitian did not use his fists. Instead, he chose to slap with his palm because this way… he could have a larger area of contact when attacking and also make the vibration caused by the attack stronger!

Grandmaster Zhitian’s attack was not for hurting Lin Mo’s vital points. Instead, he wanted to slap all the cells in Lin Mo’s body to death at the cellular level!

‘That sounds exaggerated!’

However, for a martial arts grandmaster, it was not difficult to slap every cell of a Silver Lunar Martial Artist to death.

“Genius? Demon?” Grandmaster Oda thought of Lin Mo’s countless titles and smiled sinisterly. “No matter what height you can achieve in the future… War God? Extraordinary War God? Or even stronger? But you won’t have a chance! Because today, you’re going to be killed by me!”

Grandmaster Zhitian’s palm seemed to be slowly falling towards Lin Mo. However, in fact, it was already at the limit of speed, which was why it had such an effect.


Grandmaster Zhitian landed a palm on Lin Mo’s chest.

It was just a simple slap!

Lin Mo felt as if a high-speed train had collided with him and transmitted all its kinetic energy to him.

How terrifying was the punching force of a martial arts grandmaster?

That was in “ten thousand tons”!

Moreover, Grandmaster Zhitian was not an ordinary martial arts grandmaster, but a very experienced and powerful existence. His punching force far exceeded 50,000 tons! Therefore… calling it like a speeding train crashing into Lin Mo was minimizing the description of this attack!

To be precise, a ten-thousand-ton ship had collided with Lin Mo at the speed of sound! It had vented almost all its kinetic energy on Lin Mo!

Lin Mo’s mere punching force of just over 200 tons was nothing in front of the “ten thousand tons” attack of a martial arts grandmaster. It was almost negligible. Before he could hear the bang of this palm strike reach his ears from his chest, he was already sent flying backward.

Moreover, because Grandmaster Zhitian’s palm came from above, Lin Mo was sent flying a few meters before he “smashed” into the ground.

Lin Mo’s body was like a plow and plowed through entire arena. Then, he plowed nearly a hundred meters on the cement road of Jiangnan Martial Arts University before stopping.

Some students he bumped into along the way were also sent flying. They also faced broken limbs.

Lin Mo’s aura instantly dissipated.

“Heh!” Grandmaster Zhitian glanced in Lin Mo’s direction and smiled disdainfully.

It was too easy for a martial arts grandmaster to slap a Silver Lunar Martial Artist to death. Therefore, he had no doubt that Lin Mo had already been killed by his palm.

Although Lin Mo’s body still looked intact, this was the brilliance of a martial arts grandmaster—his body was intact, but every cell in his body was dead! Some of the DNA inside the cells had even broken!

“In a few seconds, Lin Mo’s seemingly intact body will definitely turn into pus!” Grandmaster Zhitian was very confident.

He had already personally launched a sneak attack. It would be a joke if he couldn’t insta-kill a Silver Lunar Martial Artist.

At this moment, Grandmaster Zhitian looked solemnly in Principal Tu’s direction.

Just as he slapped Lin Mo away, Principal Tu had already adjusted his posture and charged over.

Principal Tu watched as Lin Mo was sent flying and lost his breath. He went berserk! He never expected Lin Mo to be ambushed and killed by a martial arts grandmaster from the Cherry Blossom Country under his nose.

“Zhitian Xionger!!!” Not only did Principal Tu want to kill Oda Yuji, but he also wanted to immediately report to the Xia country’s Grandmaster Hall and kill his way to Cherry Blossom Country to take revenge.

“Hahaha! Principal Tu, you’re injured!” Grandmaster Zhitian laughed at the furious Principal Tu.

It was obvious that his sneak attack just now had been very successful.

“If Principal Tu wasn’t injured, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to escape! But now that Principal Tu is already injured, he might not be able to stop me!”

Grandmaster Zhitian thought as he stomped hard on the arena and instantly soared into the sky.

The arena that could only withstand the full strength of a Silver Lunar Martial Artist was crushed by Grandmaster Zhitian like a piece of tofu.

After Grandmaster Zhitian soared into the sky, not only did he not slow down under the effect of gravity, but he also flew higher and faster—this was the realm of a martial arts grandmaster!

After his combat technique reached the seventh rank, he could even ignore gravity!

Moreover, because the power of martial arts grandmasters was so strong, no matter how hard the cement ground was, it could not withstand their power. Therefore, generally speaking, the battles of martial arts grandmasters usually happened in the sky.

“Don’t even think about escaping!!” Seeing Grandmaster Zhitian soar into the sky, Principal Tu knew that he wanted to escape. He also stomped heavily on the ground and chased after him. i𝚗𝗻𝘳𝐞𝘢𝑑.𝑐o𝑚

The cement ground dozens of meters under Principal Tu’s feet instantly cracked.

In the meantime…

In other directions of Jiangnan University City, several martial arts grandmasters also soared into the sky. Although the sound of the battle in Jiangnan Martial Arts University had yet to spread, with the sharp senses of martial arts grandmasters, they naturally sensed the battle immediately.

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