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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 239 Fighting A Hundred Alone (1)

"Black Earth, stop!"

"Don't run!"

"Do you only know how to escape when you come to the chicken dinner competition?"

"Stand there obediently and let us drown you with a mouthful of saliva each!"

"The map is only so big. Where can you run?"

… .

Because Lin Mo ran decisively, the dozens of "Sixth Rank" experts who attempted to surround him could not fully complete the circle. Instead, it became dozens of experts chasing after Lin Mo.

"I was a little careless! Dozens of 'sixth-rank' experts are not so easy to deal with!" Lin Mo's current situation was obvious. "I can't continue to hide my strength!"

Thinking of this, Lin Mo threw the dagger in his hand behind him.

The "Sixth Rank" experts who were chasing after him and the players who were still floating in the sky by their parachutes were all dumbfounded by Lin Mo's actions.

"What is Black Earth doing?"

"He doesn't even want the special weapon? Is he trying to surrender?"

"With a special weapon in hand, Black Earth can still struggle a few times! If he throws away the special weapon, what's the point of fighting?"

"He probably felt that he was going to lose anyway, so he gave up resisting!"

As for the "Sixth Rank" expert at the front, he immediately smiled happily when he saw the special weapon Black Earth had thrown away flying towards him.

One had to know that whether there were special weapons or not would affect one's strength greatly in the "King of Chicken" game!

Especially at the "sixth rank" level! If he did not have a special weapon, he would probably need hundreds of effective attacks to kill an opponent. With a special weapon, he only needed to hit ten times!

"This dagger is mine!" The eyes of the lean "Sixth Rank" expert running at the front lit up as he grabbed at the dagger that was flying straight at him at high speed.

Although the dagger was extremely fast, with his combat technique, he could still easily grab it as long as it did not change directions.

But at that moment… the dagger changed directions!


Just as the "sixth rank" expert was confidently grabbing at the dagger, the high-speed dagger suddenly drew an arc and dodged the grab, heading straight for his head.


The expert was shocked and did not react to what had happened at all. There was not enough time for him to dodge this attack!


The dagger instantly pierced his head.

It was as if it had pierced through a big watermelon!


However, the combat technique of a "sixth rank" expert had long reached the realm of spirit and flesh as one. In the real world, even if he was shot in the head, he would not die.

In the game, although a headshot would not insta-kill him, he would definitely be severely injured!

One headshot was half of his health!

'Two headshots and it's over!'

After this dagger exploded, it did not stop at all. It exploded towards the other heads nearby.

Under the control of Lin Mo's psychic force…

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five more heads in a row!

At this moment, the speed of the dagger clearly decreased. Under Lin Mo's control, it drew a beautiful arc in the air and returned to Lin Mo's hand.

Only then did everyone react.


"Definitely a Psychic! Otherwise, the dagger wouldn't have changed direction while flying!"

"Black Earth is actually a Psychic!?"

One had to know…

In the entire Xia country, the number of Psychics and illusionists who appeared every year could be counted on one hand!

In the circle of martial artists, Psychics was definitely a very noble profession!

Firstly, it was because Psychics were usually very talented. For example, Li Jiaxuan. Although he went to the big sword every day, he was still one of the top geniuses in the second year!

Secondly, it was because the combat strength of a Psychic was really very strong! They could even be called "invincible at the same level" and have the strength to fight above their level! For example, a Psychic at the early-stage of the sixth rank was completely qualified to fight an ordinary martial artist at the mid-stage of the sixth rank!

"Black Earth is actually a Psychic?"

"How is that possible?"

"His combat technique is already so abnormal. Where did he get the time to cultivate psychic force?"

"Besides, isn't Black Earth's punching force very weak? Could it be that his psychic force is stronger than his punching force?"

"Why haven't I seen Black Earth use his psychic force before?"

"Isn't that obvious? Because he hasn't met an opponent worthy of his psychic force!"

After discovering that Lin Mo was a Psychic, everyone was shocked. Every time they were shocked by Lin Mo's strength, they would be shocked again in the blink of an eye!

"So Big Boss Black Earth is also a Psychic!" Gao Haoran's eyes lit up.

He suddenly understood why Big Boss Black Earth was so calm when he heard that someone was going to beat him up!

Because he was a Psychic!

The word "Psychic" meant that he was invincible among his peers, which meant that he could fight many alone!

"But… Big Boss Black Earth seems to be facing too many enemies?" Gao Haoran looked at him awkwardly.

And he wasn't wrong to think that. 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

A duo game with 98 enemies!

Moreover, he was surrounded and intercepted by 98 experts at the beginning!

It could be said that this was unique even in the history of the "King of Chicken"!

"If there were fewer experts participating in the siege, Big Boss Black Earth might really be able to kill his way out! But now… there are too many experts surrounding him!"

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