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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 237 This Game Is Over (1)

Gao Haoran felt that he had already figured out Big Boss Black Earth's thoughts!

"Big Boss Black Earth must be thinking—if you dare to gang up on me without regard for morals, I'll dare to abandon my parachute and commit suicide!" Gao Haoran speculated. "This way, it will completely disrupt the enemy's rhythm! After the enemy attacks a few times, they probably won't be able to be bothered to gang up on us anymore! At that time… Big Boss Black Earth and I can kill indiscriminately!"

Gao Haoran couldn't help but click his tongue in praise.

In his opinion, Big Boss Black Earth's actions seemed to have lost them a few rounds of games, but he had actually won in the big picture.

"These people spent so much effort to beat up Big Boss Black Earth, but they were easily cracked!" Gao Haoran looked at Big Boss Black Earth, who was falling rapidly, in admiration. "This is probably called strategic vision, right?"

Gao Haoran saw that Big Boss Black Earth was about to hit the ground. With his understanding, he would definitely die if he smashed down from such a high altitude!

When Big Boss Black Earth dies, I'm going to abandon my parachute and commit suicide as well! I'll let this large group of people's plan to gang up on me fall through! Gao Haoran thought.

Ganging up?

'I'll just kill myself!'

'There's nothing for you here!'

However, immediately after, a scene that shocked Gao Haoran appeared—Big Boss Black Earth rushed to the ground at an extremely fast speed and actually stood steadily!

Although he had smashed a deep pit in the surrounding ground, Gao Haoran saw through his teammates' interface that Big Boss Black Earth's health was pristine. His "HP" had almost not fallen at all!

"Huh?" Gao Haoran was stunned. "You can do that?"

Gao Haoran really didn't know that high elo games were all about giving up on parachutes first!

In the next second, Gao Haoran saw Big Boss Black Earth bend down and hold a shining weapon in his hand.

"That's… a special weapon?" At this moment, Gao Haoran came to a realization. Could it be that Big Boss Black Earth had just thrown away the parachute and changed his falling trajectory for this special weapon? Otherwise, how could he have bent down to pick up a special weapon as soon as he landed?

How could there be such a coincidence?

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Just as Lin Mo obtained the special weapon, the "sixth-rank" experts who followed closely behind also landed in the mountains around him like dumplings. 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

However, the forest was rugged and dangerous. Although these "sixth-rank" experts' coordinates were relatively close to Lin Mo, the actual distance was not close at all! This was also the reason why Lin Mo chose to jump off the spaceship in the forest!

"From the looks of it, Big Boss Black Earth is really prepared to fight nearly a hundred experts?" Gao Haoran watched in disbelief, unable to bear to see what would happen next.

One against a hundred?

And half of them were "sixth-rank" experts?

'Is that possible?'

Gao Haoran knew without thinking that this was a battle with no suspense at all. Even if Big Boss Black Earth had a special weapon in his hand, he would probably be obediently ravaged!

"In order not to see Big Boss Black Earth being ravaged, I'll just abandon the parachute and commit suicide!" Gao Haoran decided—since Big Boss Black Earth couldn't commit suicide, he would do the honors!

In any case, his little strength would not affect the battle at all. He might as well commit suicide early and enter spectator mode!

Thinking of this, Gao Haoran jumped deeper without hesitation.

As he jumped out of the spaceship, he untied his parachute and threw it out.

At the same time, Gao Haoran shouted wantonly, "You want to kill me? In your dreams! Even if I commit suicide, I won't let you kill me!"

But at that moment!

A seemingly loyal figure jumped out of the spaceship with Gao Haoran, right beside him.

This somewhat experienced martial artist's name was Jiang Mu. He was an expert at the peak of the fifth rank and was already in his thirties. He first grinned at Gao Haoran, then grabbed his wrist.

"What do you want to do?" Gao Haoran asked in shock.

"Hehe! Trying to commit suicide?" Jiang Mu grinned again. Then, he opened the parachute and slowly descended with Gao Haoran. "I've long been guarding against you committing suicide! Do you think your plans can go through with me here?"

"…" Gao Haoran never expected that he wouldn't even be able to commit suicide successfully.

He, a "Second Rank" chicken, had fallen into the hands of a "Peak of the Fifth Rank" expert. He really wanted to die!

As long as the other party did not want him to die, he could not even attempt to die!

"Follow me first and take a good look at how Black Earth was beaten up!" Jiang Mu sneered. His eyes seemed to say that this was the outcome of saying harsh words!

… .

On the ground, in the forest.

Lin Mo looked at the special weapon in his hand and was a little depressed. "It's actually a dagger?"

As the saying went, the longer the better!

Especially in the face of a siege and one versus many, an ultra-short weapon and dagger should be the most useless!

However, no matter how useless it was, it was still a special weapon. It was much better than bare hands or ordinary weapons!

At that moment, Lin Mo's first enemy arrived.

This was a tall, thin, and cold "sixth-rank" expert! When he saw the dagger in Lin Mo's hand, he was first stunned, then he sneered. "You're indeed here for this special weapon! However, what's the point of giving you a special weapon in today's scene? Moreover… it's just a dagger!"

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