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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 235 Throw The Parachute First!

Gao Haoran was only here to show off.

After all, it had been a few days since he showed off. He felt uncomfortable all over.

However, he never expected that showing off would cause trouble—in the official forum of the chicken dinner competition, those martial arts doctoral students and even doctoral graduates actually threatened to "surround and hunt" Big Boss Black Earth!

Many of these people who shouted that they wanted to "surround and hunt" were Silver Lunar Martial Artists or even Radiant Solar Martial Artists in reality!

Gao Haoran was stunned!

Was a Radiant Solar Martial Artist not a big shot anywhere? But now, you actually have the cheek to say that you want to beat up a first-year student?

How shameless!

Although they were ganging up on him in the "King of Chicken" game and not in the real world, wasn't this too shameless?


Although Gao Haoran was very confident in Big Boss Black Earth's strength and believed that he could win even if he fought many alone… the many doesn't mean this many! At most three to five!

And now, from the looks of it on the official forum, there were dozens of people looking to fight Black Earth as a group?

Dozens against one! Moreover, these dozens were all peak rank 5 or even rank 6 combat techniques… No matter how confident Gao Haoran was in Big Boss Black Earth's strength, he did not think that he could win in such a situation!

"I seem to have… done something bad?" Gao Haoran couldn't help but shrink his head.

If he hadn't been showing off in the official forum and attracting hatred, there wouldn't be such a "surround hunt" situation. It could be said that it was all thanks to Gao Haoran that the difficulty of Lin Mo's game increased by more than ten times!

"If Big Boss Black Earth finds out, he'll probably kill me, right?" Gao Haoran thought in fear.

Although he wouldn't go so far as to kill him, he was basically certain that… Big Boss Black Earth probably wouldn't bring him to duo chicken in the future!

Gao Haoran also knew that his actions had really messed up his teammate!

He was completely digging his own grave! i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

… .

Just as Gao Haoran was panicking.

On the campus of Jiangnan Martial Arts University, under the night sky, Lin Mo packed his daily necessities and walked towards his "new dormitory".

Feng Zhiwei's dormitory was the place with the highest involution index in the entire dormitory area. Lin Mo had been coveting this dormitory for a long time, and he had finally gotten what he wanted today.

Because he had to lie down in the gravity room to sleep during the day and give Feng Zhiwei some time to clean up the dormitory, Lin Mo only came to accept the new dormitory now.

At the door of the new dormitory, Lin Mo saw Feng Zhiwei with a depressed expression.

Feng Zhiwei handed over the dormitory key and looked at Lin Mo resentfully. "Brother Lin Mo, our relationship can't be considered strong, but it's not bad, right? There are so many good dormitories in the school. Why did you target my dormitory?"

"This…" Lin Mo actually found it difficult to explain. He couldn't possibly say that he was doing it for the involution index, right?

"I know you're using the opportunity of the exchange challenge to become famous!" Feng Zhiwei thought of a reason for Lin Mo. "But… why do you have to step on me to become famous?"

Feng Zhiwei was really depressed!

He had been lying low in Jiangnan Martial Arts University for a long time and was about to come out and show off when Lin Mo stepped on him.

"However—" Feng Zhiwei suddenly changed the topic and looked at Lin Mo expectantly. "Lin Mo, you must work hard to become an extraordinary war god! In that case, your name will be circulated in history books. At that time… the story of me, Feng Zhiwei, relinquishing my dormitory will also be remembered by future generations!"

Thinking of this, Feng Zhiwei suddenly felt that he did not feel so bad anymore!

After all, it was an honor to have the chance to lose to a future "legend"!

"I've cleaned the dormitory for you. You can move in with your bag!" Feng Zhiwei continued, "By the way, your small dormitory has also been cleaned, right?"

"Uh…" Lin Mo said awkwardly," Well, I was busy today, so I didn't clean at all… could you try to get it done? "

"Damn!" Feng Zhiwei cursed and left.

As for Lin Mo, he threw his luggage into his new dormitory and logged into the Primordial Universe.

"I'm on!" Lin Mo sent a message to Gao Haoran. "Let's duo!"

Gao Haoran had been terrified for half an hour… He wanted to tell Big Boss Black Earth that he had caused a disaster, but he did not dare to say it.

Now that he saw Big Boss Black Earth's message, Gao Haoran knew that he couldn't avoid it. He could only hesitate for a moment and brace himself to say, "Big Boss Black Earth, I caused you some trouble…"

'Caused some trouble?'

When Lin Mo heard this, he was a little curious. What trouble could Gao Haoran cause him?

"What's going on?" Lin Mo asked.

"It… might… not be a big deal!" Gao Haoran stammered. "It's just that when we match in the chicken dinner competition later, there will probably be 98 people beating you up…"

"Pfft!" Lin Mo almost vomited blood when he heard that.

In the King of Chicken, there were only 100 people in one game!

There were probably 98 people beating him up?

Didn't that mean that other than him and Gao Haoran, this stupid teammate, everyone else in the game was going to beat him up?

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