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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 234 Hunting (2)

"Impossible! There's definitely no such thing!" Although Gao Haoran was puzzled as to why Big Boss Black Earth would ask these questions, he still replied firmly.

Break through to the peak of the sixth rank before the age of 30?

Not to mention that it was impossible in the current era, it might never even appear in the entire history of the Blue Planet!

Therefore, Gao Haoran's voice was abnormally firm!

"Then that's it!" Lin Mo said calmly. "Even if there's really a peak rank 6, I won't be afraid! Moreover, it's impossible for there to be a peak rank 6."

Although Lin Mo's combat technique had just stepped into the late-stage of the sixth rank, was Lin Mo really that weak?

Don't forget that Lin Mo was also a Psychic and an illusionist!

Although in the chicken dinner competition, psychic force and illusion would be greatly suppressed and restrained in a range that would not affect game balance, this did not mean that the psychics and illusionists were crippled!

At the very least, with similar conditions in all other aspects… Even if a Psychic did not rely on punching force at all and only used psychic force, there was a high chance that they could defeat an ordinary martial artist in the chicken dinner competition!

The combat power of illusionists in the chicken dinner competition could also be referenced to Psychics.

In other words… Psychics and illusionists were not crippled, but still very powerful!

As for Lin Mo, not only did his punching force have a solid foundation, but he was also a Psychic and an illusionist! He was a "three in one"!

If he used his full strength, Lin Mo could completely fight three of them alone! Therefore, although Lin Mo's combat technique was only at the late-stage of the sixth rank, was it very difficult to challenge an opponent at the peak of the sixth rank?

It was really not difficult!

There was really no opponent at the peak of the sixth rank in the chicken dinner competition. If there was, he would be pressed to the ground by Lin Mo! He would not be able to resist at all!

After all…

In this game, the other two-man teams were only two teammates with ordinary cooperation. As for Lin Mo's team, they were like three flawless teammates with a burden, Gao Haoran!

Moreover, Lin Mo's team was equivalent to three late-stage rank 6 experts!

What other teammates did he need?

Did having teammates make a difference to Lin Mo?

That was why Lin Mo could say so calmly, "Then that's it! Even if there's really a peak rank 6, I'm not afraid! Moreover, it's impossible for there to be a peak rank 6."

After Gao Haoran heard Big Boss Black Earth's calm and confident voice, he finally understood.

"Could it be that Big Boss Black Earth has the strength comparable to the peak of the sixth rank?" Gao Haoran's eyes lit up.

In his opinion, even if Big Boss Black Earth was bragging, at least he wouldn't brag too much. Even if he couldn't defeat a peak rank 6, he shouldn't lose too badly. At the very least, he should be much stronger than an ordinary late-stage rank 6!

"If Big Boss Black Earth is so strong, doesn't that mean that I can follow Big Boss Black Earth and kill randomly in the chicken dinner competition?" Gao Haoran was immediately filled with anticipation.

He was afraid of dragging Big Boss Black Earth down, which was why he was so shy just now. Now that he knew that he wouldn't be a burden and could continue to show off, how could he not look forward to it?

Gao Haoran seemed to see the same thing as when he was matched with the chicken dinner previously. He was in charge of the spree, and Big Boss Black Earth was in charge of killing!

"Big Boss Black Earth, shall we start teaming up now?" Gao Haoran said anxiously.

"Let's wait a little longer!" Lin Mo thought for a moment and said, "I still have something to do here. An hour at most! I'll invite you to the party later!"

"Alright!" Gao Haoran said expectantly. "I'll wait online!"

Immediately after, Gao Haoran saw Big Boss Black Earth leave the Primordial Universe.

"Tonight, I'll make all the voices that questioned me a while ago disappear!" Gao Haoran had long wanted to show off.

However, before this, he did not have the strength, and Big Boss Black Earth might have been too busy in reality to pull him in for a chicken dinner. But today, he could finally stand out and show off!

Gao Haoran thought for a moment and rushed to the official forum of the chicken dinner competition. He had been holding back his anger for a long time! Since Big Boss Black Earth was still more than an hour free, he would come to the official forum to vent his anger!

As soon as Gao Haoran rushed in, he aggressively typed a post:

[Little brats! It's only been a few days since Daddy last came to the chicken dinner competition, and you're already showing off like this? Tonight, Daddy will let you know what it means… Your father will always be your father!] 𝚒𝓃𝘯𝙧𝚎𝗮𝚍. 𝒄𝐨𝓂

This post was obviously extremely aggravating!

After Gao Haoran posted this post, he felt very comfortable!

He had long wanted to show such an aura!

After posting, Gao Haoran still felt that it was not enough to vent his anger. He posted a few more posts.

[Tonight, any opponent that matches us, please be mentally prepared in advance—you definitely won't be able to eat chicken!]

[It's a dark night! How hard you screamed these last couple days will be how hard you'll lose tonight!]

… .

The official forum of the chicken dinner competition was still very popular.

As soon as Gao Haoran's post was posted, it was quickly seen by many contestants.

"Damn? Isn't this that 'righteousness' guy?"

"What's he talking about?"

"Isn't that too damn arrogant? Who gave him the courage to speak like that in the forum?"

"This 'Righteousness" is Gao Haoran from Jiangnan Martial Arts University, right? He dares to spout nonsense here. Isn't he afraid that someone will rush to Jiangnan Martial Arts University to beat him up?"

"Is he courting death?"

Immediately, Gao Haoran's posts were filled with curses.

Who would have thought that Gao Haoran would suddenly say such harsh words on the official forum? He was provoking all the young martial artists participating in the chicken dinner competition… How could these hot-blooded young martial artists not be angry?

There were even some young martial artists from Jiangnan City or the surrounding areas who threatened to rush to Jiangnan Martial Arts University to beat Gao Haoran up!

Although they definitely did not dare to rush into Jiangnan Martial Arts University, they could camp for Gao Haoran outside the school!

Some people also revealed that Gao Haoran was famous for liking big swords and had to go to big swords almost every day. Therefore, they suggested rushing in and beating Gao Haoran while he was there!

In short…

The official forum was filled with curses!

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