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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 232 This Damned Competitive Spirit! (2)

Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

When this news was confirmed, and even battle videos circulated online… The trend in the various martial artists' forums immediately turned into crazily worshiping!

"Isn't Lin Mo's strength too terrifying?"

"An eighteen-year-old eight-star martial artist? He might even be a nine-star martial artist?"

"I'm not even as good as Lin Mo at fifty years old! Did a dog steal all my years?!"

"Don't blame everything on the dog. The dog won't take the blame!"

"I won't say anything else. I just want to ask about how traumatized Feng Zhiwei is—he was sent flying more than a thousand meters by a punch. How desperate must he be during the flight!"

"If I were Feng Zhiwei, I might have directly lost confidence in martial arts! In front of talent, hard work seems worthless!"

"Don't tell me Feng Zhiwei was crippled from the blow?"

"That's very likely! But Jiangnan Martial Arts University should have a powerful therapist! He should be able to treat Feng Zhiwei!"

There were also many martial artists on the forum who recalled the previous argument about "Lin Mo and Black Earth".

Previously, many people had been arguing about who was stronger between Lin Mo and Black Earth. Although there were many opinions, most of them were still biased towards "Black Earth"! After all… before today, Black Earth's results were much more dazzling than Lin Mo's!

Black Earth had displayed the strength of a "sixth-rank". He was a dazzling star!

In comparison, Lin Mo's pitiful results seemed much inferior! Moreover, Lin Mo's behavior of brainlessly entering the gravity room every day was also criticized!

But today, Lin Mo broke all the doubts with a punch!

"Who said that Lin Mo is inferior to Black Earth? Lin Mo is clearly much stronger than Black Earth!"

"Although Black Earth is powerful, can he win if he stands in the same arena as Lin Mo? I don't think that's possible, right?"

"I only realized now that Lin Mo should be the first on the Genius List! Black Earth is far inferior to him!"

"Isn't that so? Black Earth doesn't even dare to enter the chicken dinner competition anymore. Clearly, he has already displayed his strength! On the other hand, Lin Mo, who has always been unknown, finally shocked everyone today!"

"Lin Mo is the true number one genius of Xia country! No, the number one genius of the Blue Planet! And the number one genius in the history of the entire Blue Planet!"

Gao Haoran was in the martial artist forum with mixed feelings.

Among the "two" discussed in the forum, one was Brother Mo, who he was closest to, and the other was a Black Earth big shot who kindly brought him to show off… To be honest, to Gao Haoran, no matter who he saw being questioned, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Of course, Gao Haoran was still more inclined to "Lin Mo"!

After all, Big Boss Black Earth had only brought him along to show off. As for his Brother Mo, not only had he been his brother for many years, but he had also directly changed the trajectory of his life!

Therefore, logically speaking, Gao Haoran should stand on Lin Mo's side in this "argument".

Therefore, after Gao Haoran entered the martial artist forum for a while, he joined the army of "supporting Lin Mo".

Mo God, YYDS!

… .

Demon City.

The Cherry Blossom Country's martial arts exchange team with the "Zuoteng Yijian" as the core had been here for a few days.

It was no different from being in Jingdu City. After Zuoteng arrived in the Demon City, he still beat up the geniuses of the various top martial arts schools. Those fourth-year influential figures could not resist him at all.

Soon, Zuoteng Yijian could destroy the entire martial arts university in the Demon City with one strike.

"The top martial arts schools in Xia country are all so fragile!" The more Zuoteng Yijian won, the more arrogant he became. He had even forgotten that he was not a true peerless genius at all. He was just a sacrificial soldier nurtured with the price of squeezing out his potential!

As a martial arts exchange team, he did not really come to Xia country to beat up the geniuses of the various top martial arts schools! His true goal was to cooperate with the assassination of Lin Mo!

"When the exchange battle in Demon City ends, the next stop will be Jiangnan City!" Zuoteng Yijian thought to himself. "And the first exchange battle in Jiangnan City will definitely be arranged at Jiangnan Martial Arts University! At that time, it will be time to assassinate Lin Mo!"

Zuoteng Yijian suddenly felt a little reluctant to part with the scenery in front of him!

Although he was in the limelight now, once the assassination plan was activated, he would definitely die!

At that time, all the fake glory in front of him would be punctured like a balloon.

"After beating up the top geniuses these few days, my mentality has really changed a little!" Zuoteng Yijian couldn't help but laugh at himself. "After acting for so long, even I almost forgot that I'm just an actor… I'm not a genius! I'm just a sacrificial soldier!"

Just as Zuoteng Yijian was sighing with emotion, a piece of news reached the Cherry Blossom Country's martial arts exchange team.

"Lin Mo is at least an eight-star martial artist? He might even be a nine-star martial artist?" Zuoteng Yijian was really stunned when he saw this message. "Doesn't that mean… Lin Mo's talent is even more abnormal than that Black Earth who beat me?"

Sato had already experienced how abnormal Black Earth was!

And Lin Mo was actually even more abnormal than Black Earth? How abnormal must he be?

"Lin Mo is definitely the greatest obstacle to our Cherry Blossom Country's control of the Blue Planet!" Zuoteng Yijian's expression gradually became solemn. 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

Previously, he was still a little reluctant to part with the fake prosperity in front of him. But now, he only wanted to hurry to Jiangnan City and kill his way to Jiangnan Martial Arts University to get rid of Lin Mo to prevent future troubles!

"The earlier a demon like Lin Mo dies, the better!" Zuoteng Yijian's eyes were filled with killing intent. "It's worth it to exchange our martial arts exchange team for Lin Mo's life!"

… .

Lin Mo did not realize that a terrifying crisis was quietly approaching!

Lin Mo, and even the martial arts experts in the entire Xia country, did not expect that in order to get rid of Lin Mo, the Cherry Blossom Country would not hesitate to sacrifice a martial arts grandmaster and a "super genius" like Zuoteng Yijian!

Until now, no one had thought that… the martial arts exchange team was a facade, and the assassination was the real intent!

At this moment.

Lin Mo, who did not sense any danger, was still in the martial arts forum, reading the comments about "himself vs himself".

"What's going on? He actually said that Black Earth is inferior to Lin Mo?" Lin Mo felt a little indignant for himself.

Although Lin Mo was also him and Black Earth was also him… Lin Mo's competitive spirit did not allow netizens to question which "he" was bad!

Although Lin Mo was also him and Black Earth was also him… Lin Mo's competitive spirit did not allow netizens to question which "he" could not do it!

This damned competitive spirit!

"I haven't gone to the chicken dinner competition for two days. I didn't expect my identity as 'Black Earth' to be slandered as a coward!" Lin Mo looked at the netizens' discussion indignantly. "What do you mean cowardly? Would I be cowardly? It seems that I didn't beat them up badly enough in the chicken dinner competition a few days ago. They actually dare to question my strength!"

Lin Mo's competitive spirit could not be questioned!

And the most direct way to break the doubts was also the best way, which was to use strength!

Without thinking, Lin Mo logged into the Primordial Universe.

Then, he used his identity as "Black Earth" to private message Gao Haoran. "I'm on, let's go!"

"Big Boss Black Earth?" Although Gao Haoran was browsing the martial artist forum, he had set up a notification in the Primordial Universe. Therefore, after receiving the news from Big Boss Black Earth, he immediately logged into the Primordial Universe. "Big Boss Black Earth, are you going to participate in the chicken dinner competition again?"

Gao Haoran replied, then couldn't help but remind him, "Big Boss Black Earth, the entire age range of the chicken dinner competition is already open now! If you're matched, you won't just be matched with opponents of similar age, but all opponents below the age of 30… Why don't you change to a more powerful teammate duo? After all, if I team up with you, I'll be a burden!"

Although Gao Haoran also wanted to get higher points and be led to show off, he still considered Big Boss Black Earth first.

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