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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 231 This Damned Competitive Spirit! (1)

"Principal Tu, you're right! Failure is only temporary. You can't sink and give up on yourself because of one failure! But…" He Xin first flattered him silently, then said," But Lin Mo shouldn't need any psychological counseling! "

"Oh?" Principal Tu was a little surprised. "Could it be that Lin Mo's mentality is very tenacious? Even if he fails, it doesn't affect his mentality at all? In that case, I'll think even more highly of Lin Mo!"

"It's not like that!" He Xin explained hurriedly. "To be precise… Lin Mo doesn't need psychological counseling, but Feng Zhiwei might need it very much!"

"Why?" Principal Tu paused for a moment and couldn't help but ask, "The loser doesn't need psychological counseling, but the winner needs it? Why's that the case?"

However, Principal Tu was a knowledgeable big shot after all. He quickly came up with a possibility.

"Could it be that… although Lin Mo lost to Feng Zhiwei, he didn't lose very badly?" Principal Tu voiced his guess. "On the other hand, Feng Zhiwei's confidence was deeply affected because he spent a lot of effort to defeat Lin Mo?"

The more Principal Tu thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible!

And he wasn't wrong to think that.

After all, Feng Zhiwei was a top student who had trained hard in Jiangnan Martial Arts University for more than two years! If it was so difficult to defeat a new student like Lin Mo, it would be strange if his mentality was not affected!

"However… isn't Feng Zhiwei's mentality too fragile?" Principal Tu couldn't help but say unhappily, "He actually needs psychological counseling for such a small blow?"

As Principal Tu spoke, he couldn't help but shake his head. "The younger people these days have much better lives. Their martial arts resources are becoming more and more perfect, but their martial arts hearts are not as before! If it were when I was young… what would such a small blow count for? No one needed psychological help!"

Principal Tu even compared himself to Feng Zhiwei when he was young.

As a secretary, He Xin did not dare to interrupt Principal Tu casually.

It was not until Principal Tu's speech ended that He Xin carefully added, "It's not like what you think! The one who lost was not Lin Mo, but Feng Zhiwei!"

"What?!" Principal Tu's old eyes widened.

He had thought that there were many possibilities for Lin Mo and Feng Zhiwei's battle. For example, Lin Mo was defeated in one move, or Feng Zhiwei spent a lot of effort to win…

However, Principal Tu had never thought that Lin Mo would actually defeat Feng Zhiwei!

How could Lin Mo win?

Had Feng Zhiwei's more than two years of martial arts university life gone to waste?

Furthermore—not only did Lin Mo defeat Feng Zhiwei, but he also slapped the face of the entire Jiangnan Martial Arts University!

Wasn't that so? The top genius that Jiangnan Martial Arts University had spent more than two years nurturing had actually lost to Lin Mo, who had yet to be nurtured. Didn't this prove that… their Jiangnan Martial Arts University was very trashy?

"Ahem!" Principal Tu coughed dryly and said, "Feng Zhiwei must have tried his best in this battle, but he still lost to Lin Mo! Under such circumstances, it's understandable that his mentality was affected…"

Principal Tu compared himself.

He felt that if he had encountered the same thing as Feng Zhiwei when he was young, his mentality would probably collapse. He would also need psychological counseling to help him regain his confidence in martial arts.

"You can't blame Feng Zhiwei for this! Xiao He, arrange for his psychological preparation work!" Principal Tu instructed.

However, at this moment, He Xin continued to add, "That's not true. Principal Tu… Feng Zhiwei, he didn't have a chance to use his full strength at all!"

"Didn't have a chance?" Principal Tu was puzzled.

'If you want to use your full strength, how can you not have a chance?'

However, this time, Principal Tu did not continue to say what he was imagining—he had already said several imaginations, but they were immediately overturned by He Xin! This made him feel quite embarrassed!

Principal Tu even suspected that this secretary was deliberately slapping his face. Otherwise, why did he always wait for him to say his wrong guess before jumping out to disagree?

'This secretary is rebellious?'

Principal Tu couldn't help but look at He Xin suspiciously.

He Xin did not expect that Principal Tu would suspect him of being rebellious just because he did not dare to interrupt Principal Tu's "speech". If he knew, he would definitely shout that he was wronged.

However, seeing Principal Tu's questioning gaze, He Xin knew that he should continue, so he said in detail, "Lin Mo sent Feng Zhiwei flying more than a thousand meters with a single punch! He was directly sent flying from the arena area to the school gate!"

Principal Tu was shocked!

Lin Mo sent Feng Zhiwei flying with a punch?

And he was sent flying thousands of meters away? From the arena area to the school gate?

"The pit that Feng Zhiwei created is still at the school gate!" He Xin was afraid that Principal Tu would not believe him, so he hurriedly said, "Principal Tu, if you're interested, you can take a look!"

… .

Principal Tu was severely shocked, let alone the various martial arts forums!

After those ordinary martial artists heard the battle between Lin Mo and Feng Zhiwei, their first reaction was that they had misheard!

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