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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 23 The Genius Who Shocked The City

Jiang Xue's expression was cold. Actually, it was not because of Lin Mo.

After all, Jiang Xue had many simps. In her eyes, Lin Mo was just one of them. In fact, Lin Mo could not even be considered an official bootlicker. At most, he could only be considered a farsighted dog!

Therefore, although Jiang Xue felt that Lin Mo was a little annoying, she only felt a little annoyed and did not care too much.

What really made Jiang Xue's expression unhappy was a piece of news.

[Shocking! A genius youth has appeared in Haicheng City. It's suspected that he has reserved the position of the city's top scholar in advance!]

"A genius in our city actually broke through to rank 3!"

Jiang Xue had just seen the news.

"Liu Zhonghao?"

"A third-year student from Haicheng City's Second Martial Arts High School?"

"It was just confirmed that hisbat skills have broken through to rank 3?"

Jiang Xue was a very proud person!

She had always thought that she was one of the top geniuses in Haicheng City.

She could allow someone to be a little stronger than her, but she could not allow anyone to be much stronger than her!

"I haven't been able to break through to the peak of rank 2 for a long time, but a genius has already broken through to the third rank!" Jiang Xue felt very unhappy.

Last night, she had already been defeated by a martial arts apprentice called "Black Earth"!

She did not expect to be defeated by another "third-rank" genius today!

"Liu Zhonghao!" Jiang Xue stored the name in her memory.

If Liu Zhonghao was from another city, Jiang Xue might not have felt much. After all, the world was so big, it was not surprising for some geniuses to appear.

However, Liu Zhonghao was from Haicheng City, the same city she is in. This made Jiang Xue a little depressed.

What made Jiang Xue even more depressed was that this Liu Zhonghao was actually from Second High!

After all, Haicheng Second High had always been suppressed by Haicheng Martial High. But now, Haicheng Second High had a "third-rank" genius, but there was no third-rank in Haicheng Martial High… This made the entire Haicheng Martial High lose face.

As a top student in Haicheng Martial High, Jiang Xue felt like she had been slapped in the face!

It was precisely because of this that Jiang Xue's expression was so unhappy when she walked out of the gym.

"Peak of rank 2! Peak of rank 2! I've already vaguely grasped the feeling of breaking through to the peak of rank 2, but why can't I break through?" Jiang Xue felt very agonized.

She returned home in a depressed mood and laid on the spacious leather sofa. She casually turned on the television and saw that it was also broadcasting a live stream of Liu Zhonghao.

The Martial Arts Department of Haicheng City could be said to be the most powerful unit in Haicheng City.

**10.00 pm**

Normally, the Martial Arts Department would have already gotten off work.

But today, the entire MAD was brightly lit and bustling.

This scene was all because of a genius who had appeared out of nowhere—Haicheng Second High's Liu Zhonghao!

A reporter from the television station was holding a microphone and interviewing Chief Zhao Xu from the MAD.

He saw Chief Zhao facing the camera, beaming with joy.

"Everyone knows that official martial artists are not rare!" Chief Zhao said confidently. "As long as you can get into a martial arts university and enjoy the rich martial arts resources there, it's not difficult to be an official martial artist! But…"

Chief Zhao suddenly changed the topic.

"An eighteen-year-old official martial artist is really rare!"

"Firstly, it's because the martial arts resources in high school can'tpare to those in university!"

"Secondly, it's because the natural physical and mental talents of high school students are still in the growth stage. Even if they have surplus resources, they don't dare to push it too far. Otherwise, it may be harmful to them in the future! Unlike the students of martial arts universities, they have already finished developing and can use all kinds of martial arts resources wantonly!"

"Therefore, those who can be official martial artists at the high school level are all extremely rare geniuses! Be it in terms of physical or psychological, they all have extremely high martial arts talent!"

"It's very difficult for such a genius to appear! He can easily enter any top school. The Martial Arts College Entrance Examination is just a formality!"

"And today, such an ultimate genius has appeared in our Haicheng City!"

"He is Liu Zhonghao from our Haicheng Second High School!"

"Our Haicheng Martial Arts Department is very fortunate to have certified him as an official martial artist today…"

After the reporter finished interviewing Chief Zhao, he ran to interview the principal of Second High.

The principal of Erzhong was a middle-aged martial artist with an aquiline nose. He usually looked very sinister, but today, he's smiling so hard his lips are cracking.

"Hahaha! Liu Zhonghao was able to break through and be an official martial artist before the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination not only because he's talented and hardworking enough, but also because of our Haicheng Second High's education system! For example, hasn't it been many years since Haicheng Martial High nurtured such a genius? Hahahaha…"

The principal of Second High was obviously pleased with himself.

But when the bald principal of Haicheng Martial High saw this live broadcast on the television, he was so angry that his head turned green.

The television reporter then interviewed a circle of people, including Liu Zhonghao's teacher, his classmates, and his family. Finally, he focused the interview on Liu Zhonghao himself.

"Student Liu Zhonghao, what are your plans next? Are you going to be directly admitted to a top university, or are you going to continue taking the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination?" The beautiful reporter handed the microphone to Liu Zhonghao and asked with a burning gaze.

"I'm going to prepare to take the martial arts college entrance examination!" Liu Zhonghao did not hesitate and said, "Let's see if we can break a higher college entrance examination score record for our Haicheng City! We can also go for the top score of the entire Jiangnan Prefecture!"

Jiangnan Prefecture included more than 20 cities; Haicheng City was one of them.

"There are already several third-year official martial artists in other cities in Jiangnan Prefecture. Moreover, they are all preparing to take the Martial Arts College Entrance Examination! But I believe that Student Liu Zhonghao will definitely be able to be the top scorer of the entire Jiangnan Prefecture!" the beautiful female reporter said.

Obviously, everyone thought that there was no doubt that Liu Zhonghao would be the top scorer of the martial arts college entrance examination in Haicheng.

The only suspense now was whether he could take the opportunity to be the top scholar of the entire Jiangnan Prefecture. If he could succeed, it would be a huge honor for the entire Haicheng!

"By the way!" The pretty reporter suddenly said, "I heard that Student Liu Zhonghao has already achieved a nine-game winning streak in the novice training field? And he's preparing to achieve a ten-game winning streak tonight?"

"Yes!" Liu Zhonghao said confidently, "I'm very interested in the A1-level evolution medicine rewarded by the novice training field! If possible, I want to aim for eleven or twelve consecutive victories or even higher… If I can obtain a few more A1-level evolution medicines, it will be easier for me to win the top scholar of Jiangnan Prefecture's entrance examination!"

"Then may I ask, will you broadcast the battle scene in the novice training field live?" the beautiful reporter asked.

"Of course!" Liu said energetically. "And I hope to meet a stronger opponent in the novice training field tonight! That way, I'll feel like I'm actually fighting!"


The beautiful reporter's eyes lit up. Clearly, she had been convinced by Liu Zhonghao's dominance!

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