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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 225 Watching The Fire From The Other Side

Not far from the Jiangnan Hotel, there was a rather unique private restaurant.

Lin Mo and Gao Haoran casually ordered a few home-cooked dishes and a few bottles of white wine before eating and drinking.

After a few liters of wine, Gao Haoran's words carried a hint of alcohol and he began to talk nonsense.

"Brother Mo, in terms of brotherhood, it's still the two of us!" Gao Haoran patted Lin Mo's shoulder and shouted, "In order to drink with me, you even gave up on secretly involuting tonight!"

"I…" Lin Mo was speechless.

He really didn't involute!

After he entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University, he slept and drank and had crayfish every day… Could this be considered involution?

"Brother Mo, you don't have to say anything. I understand!" Gao Haoran interrupted bluntly. "To be honest, I really miss the days when we trained hard together in high school! And now, the gap between us is getting bigger and bigger. I don't even have the chance to accompany you in involuting anymore! However… although we can't pursue martial arts together forever, we can be good brothers for the rest of our lives!"

Good brothers for life!

However, Gao Haoran did not seem to realize that a large part of the reason why the gap between him and Lin Mo was widening was because… he had fallen after entering a martial arts university. He had been using his sword every day and had almost given up on martial arts. Under such circumstances, how could the gap not widen?

Lin Mo was also a little touched. "Yes! Good brothers, for life!"

"This Li Jiaxuan is a good-for-nothing!" Gao Haoran couldn't help but curse. "It's rare for Brother Mo to put down his cultivation and come out to drink with us, but he stopped coming because of a few girls! What trash!—No! I must call him over today!"

The more Gao Haoran thought about it, the angrier he became. He took out his phone and called Li Jiaxuan.

However, the phone was cut off as soon as it rang. Clearly, Li Jiaxuan should be "busy" on the other end of the line.

"Damn!" Gao Haoran was even angrier when he saw that the call had been cut off.

"Ignore him. We'll just drink!" Lin Mo shook his head. He was not very familiar with Li Jiaxuan. After all… Gao Haoran was the one who played with Li Jiaxuan every day, not him!

The person who was very familiar with Li Jiaxuan was Gao Haoran, not him!

"This disloyal thing!" Gao Haoran cursed hatefully. "If he gets caught again tonight, don't even think about letting me bail him out again!"

Gao Haoran took a few gulps of wine angrily and said, "By the way, Brother Mo! You have an exchange challenge with Feng Zhiwei tomorrow?"

"Yes!" Lin Mo nodded casually, clearly not taking it to heart at all. After all, the difference in strength between Feng Zhiwei and him was too great. There was no pressure at all in tomorrow's battle.

However, Gao Haoran did not think so. "Brother Mo, Feng Zhiwei is a third-year genius after all. You've only entered university for a few days…"

Although Gao Haoran was being tactful, he actually did not think highly of Lin Mo.

It was impossible for any normal person to think highly of Lin Mo between Lin Mo and Feng Zhiwei!

"Brother Mo!" Suddenly, Gao Haoran's eyes lit up as he thought of a plan. "I have an idea! I'll think of a way to ask Feng Zhiwei out tonight to the big sword, and then I'll report him… This way, won't he be absent tomorrow? Brother Mo, won't you just win?"

The more Gao Haoran spoke, the more energetic he became. He realized that he was really smart!

"Although this is a little unfair, but… as long as victory is in sight, who cares how it was achieved! Brother Mo, don't you think so?" Gao Haoran said proudly, "Brother Mo, as long as you nod slightly, I will definitely arrange everything for Feng Zhiwei tonight!"

"No need…" Lin Mo was speechless.

Wasn't it easy for him to defeat Feng Zhiwei? Why did he have to beat around the bush?

"Alright…" Gao Haoran couldn't help but feel a little regretful, as if he was lamenting that Brother Mo had missed a good opportunity to win. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

"Eh?" Suddenly, Gao Haoran, who was a little drunk, saw a large group of uniformed martial artists in the distance through the windowsill. "Is that… the inquisition team?"

The drunkenness in Gao Haoran's eyes subsided a lot.

Moreover, he realized that the inquisition team was rushing in the direction of the hotel he had booked with Li Jiaxuan previously.

"Li Jiaxuan, this unlucky child. Did he run into police again?" Gao Haoran couldn't help but gloat. "I told you to drink with Brother Mo, but you didn't come. Now that you've been captured by the inquisition team, don't even think about asking me to bail you out!"

"Ha!" Lin Mo couldn't help but laugh.

How many times had Li Jiaxuan been captured?

He's really there every time they crack down on prostitution!

"Brother Mo, ignore him. Let's drink!" Gao Haoran clinked his glass with Lin Mo's and smiled cheaply. "I'll turn off my phone now. He won't be able to contact me even if he wants to! Hehe!"

It had to be said that Gao Haoran was quite vengeful.

"You ignored me just now. Now I want you to be out of your league!" Gao Haoran muttered proudly. "By the way! Before I turn off my phone, I have to post on my Moments and say that my phone is out of battery! Otherwise, he'll blame me for not picking up tomorrow! Is it me who's not picking up? There's nothing I can do if my phone is out of battery, right?"

As he spoke, Gao Haoran really posted on his Moments: It's rare for me to drink with Brother Mo tonight. My phone is dead. Contact me tomorrow if anything happens.

After sending it, Gao Haoran turned off his phone. At the same time, he didn't forget to remind Lin Mo, "Brother Mo, do you have anything else to do tonight? If there's nothing else, turn off your phone, in case Li Jiaxuan finds you!"

"Alright…" Lin Mo shook his head and smiled helplessly. He cooperated and turned off his phone. "Let's just stay here and drink while watching the fire from the sidelines. We'll wait for Li Jiaxuan to be arrested!"

… .

Ten minutes later.

Li Jiaxuan was having fun in his room when the inquisition team broke in.

"This…" Li Jiaxuan was dumbfounded.

But he was a habitual offender after all. He squatted in the corner with his hands behind his head very skillfully while muttering, "This is my first time…"

"This is the first time yet you're so familiar with holding your head with both hands?" A captain of the inquisition team scolded bluntly. "And I'm very familiar with your face. If I remember correctly, your name is Li Jiaxuan, right? You're here every time we crack down on prostitution!"

"…" Li Jiaxuan was speechless.

He had even been named. What else could he quibble about?

"Wait, I want to make a call first!" Li Jiaxuan said quickly.

The inquisition team did not stop him. After all, they had some impression that this Li Jiaxuan should be a student of Jiangnan Martial Arts University. He had some background and seemed to have been bailed out the first two times.

Li Jiaxuan quickly took out his phone from the pile of clothes and called Gao Haoran anxiously.

However, as soon as he dialed, he heard a prompt. "Hello! The number you have dialed is unavailable!"

"Damn! Why is his phone off?" Li Jiaxuan was anxious.

He was counting on Gao Haoran to save him. Why did he turn off his phone at the critical moment?

Glancing at Gao Haoran's Moments, Li Jiaxuan immediately understood. "It's out of battery? If it's out of battery, why didn't you find a charger to charge it?"

But he had no choice but to find Lin Mo's phone number and call him.

In the end… his phone was also switched off!

"Damn!" Li Jiaxuan was not stupid. He vaguely guessed that there was type of shut down called… deliberately turned off.

… .

In Jiangnan Hotel.

After Lin Mo left, Zhang Yunshan and Zhang Yunhai also discussed.

The mission the family had given them was to contact Lin Mo. Now that they had escaped from Lin Mo… They must report the situation to the family and see what to do next.

Therefore, Zhang Yunshan called his father.

Zhang Yunshan's father, Zhang Jie, was the current actual head of the Zhang family. After all, a grand martial arts grandmaster had no time to care about such trivial matters. The daily affairs of the family were naturally handed over to his eldest son, Zhang Jie.

"What did you say?" Zhang Jie screamed when he heard his son's report. "You said that your negotiation with Lin Mo fell through?"

"Dad! It's that Lin Mo who's too arrogant!" Zhang Yunshan quibbled. "We set the time already, but he's still late! He's clearly looking down on our Zhang family!"

"Then how many minutes late was he?" Zhang Jie questioned.

"Five… minutes!" Zhang Yunshan added few more minutes. But actually, Lin Mo was not late at all. He had deliberately adjusted the watch two minutes faster.

"The negotiation with Lin Mo ended because of this?" Zhang Jie was furious. "Do you know what Lin Mo's talent means? Do you know how important he is to our Zhang family? Hurry up and think of a way to make up for it! If you can't, your grandfather might have to come out of seclusion himself and go to Jiangnan City!"

"Huh?" Zhang Yunshan was dumbfounded. "Is that necessary? Isn't he just a genius who just entered a martial arts university? Is it worth Grandpa coming over personally?"

"You… useless piece of trash!" Zhang Jie cursed angrily. "You still haven't figured out what kind of status Lin Mo has? Don't tell me you think a piece of trash like you can be compared to Lin Mo? If you don't settle this matter well, your grandfather will definitely go to Jiangnan City personally! On the one hand, it's to show that our Zhang family values Lin Mo. On the other hand, it's to beat you up!"

"Huh?!" Now Zhang Yunshan was really afraid.

He had a deep impression of how ruthless his grandfather's attack was—it hurt a lot, and for a long time; but it wouldn't hurt his body.

"Dad, don't tell Grandpa yet!" Zhang Yunshan said hurriedly. "I know what to do. I'll call Lin Mo now and think of a way to make up for it!"

After hanging up, Zhang Yunshan called Lin Mo, but his phone was turned off.

"What should we do?" Zhang Yunshan was a little confused.

"Maybe Lin Mo is busy, or his phone is dead?" Zhang Yunhai guessed. "Brother, why don't we go to Jiangnan Martial Arts University to look for Lin Mo tomorrow?"

"That's the only solution for the time being!" Zhang Yunshan nodded, but he was still a little unconvinced.

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