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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 220 I’m Just A Little Busy Today (2)

"The Zhang family…" Lin Mo frowned slightly, thinking about something.

Soon, Lin Mo finished his breakfast and went straight to the gravity room.

"Twelve hours again?" The gravity room manager was already used to Lin Mo spending twelve hours a day.

"No!" Lin Mo shook his head. "Eight hours today!"

This afternoon, Lin Mo's package will arrive. It was his life-saving divine artifact, the "thin film battle suit". At that time, Lin Mo would definitely study and adapt to it.

Tonight, probably in the evening, Lin Mo was going to see the people from the Zhang family.

Therefore, Lin Mo was destined not to be able to lie in the gravity room for too long today.

"I'll have to sleep four hours less today!" Lin Mo thought gloomily.

It was more comfortable to sleep in the gravity room.

After getting used to sleeping in an environment with 40 times the gravity, Lin Mo could not fall asleep in the normal gravity of the Blue Planet.

"I'm so used to sleeping in the gravity room. When the time cards are used up in the future, will I start losing sleep?" Lin Mo couldn't help but be a little worried. Then, he shook his head. "Let's not think about this for now! Even if I sleep in the gravity room for 12 hours a day, it will be more than half a year later when the time cards are used up! By then, I might have already become a martial arts grandmaster… Since I'm a martial arts grandmaster, it shouldn't be a problem to arrange a separate gravity room for me to use, right?"

Lin Mo closed the door of the gravity room, adjusted the gravity multiplier, and laid down to sleep. He stopped thinking about it.

… .

However, Lin Mo only opened the gravity room for eight hours today. This news quickly spread among the teachers of Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

Principal Tu heard the news immediately.

"Oh? Lin Mo didn't go for 12 hours today, only eight?" Principal Tu had actually long instructed the gravity room manager to pay attention to Lin Mo's situation. "Looks like Lin Mo's punching force growth should have reached a bottleneck! Next, whether he's willing or not, he has to focus on cultivating his combat technique!"

Principal Tu muttered to himself in the office and paced around. "I wonder how talented Lin Mo is in combat technique. Will his growth in punching force stagnate for a long time because of the limitations of his combat technique?"

After thinking for a long time, Principal Tu shook his head and sighed. "Forget it! I won't think about it anymore! One can only walk the path of martial arts by himself! All I can do is try my best to provide Lin Mo with cultivation resources! As for how far he can go, it's up to him!"

As Lin Mo's class teacher, Teacher Wei naturally also heard immediately that Lin Mo had only opened the gravity room for eight hours today.

However, Teacher Wei was a little excited when he heard the news.

"I knew this would happen! I knew it!" Teacher Wei thought to himself. "Lin Mo, oh Lin Mo, if you don't listen to your elders, you'll suffer! Previously, you didn't listen to me. Now, you've been stuck at a bottleneck by your combat technique, right?"

Teacher Wei had been waiting for this moment for a long time!

It was not that he was gloating, but he was doing this for Lin Mo's own good. He did not want Lin Mo to take the wrong path of martial arts.

Although Lin Mo has taken some crooked paths now, fortunately, he didn't waste too much time! Teacher Wei thought to himself. Moreover, I hope this lesson can make Lin Mo understand that the path of martial arts isn't just based on talent!

Many other teachers and professors in Jiangnan Martial Arts University were also discussing Lin Mo.

If Lin Mo heard these discussions, he would probably be speechless—I'm just a little busy today and couldn't use the gravity room that long. Why are you guys overthinking so hard?

… .

It was already afternoon when Lin Mo walked out of the gravity room.

He arrived at the school gate of Jiangnan Martial Arts University and waited for the "delivery" to arrive.

Coincidentally, Lin Mo had only waited for a few minutes when he bumped into Feng Zhiwei—the opponent he would challenge in the exchange dormitory tomorrow!

"Lin Mo!" Feng Zhiwei took the initiative to greet him. After all, his relationship with Lin Mo was actually quite good.

Lin Mo did not know many people at Jiangnan Martial Arts University. Other than his classmates, there were only Feng Zhiwei and a few others.

"Why are you standing at the school gate?" Feng Zhiwei asked.

"Waiting for a delivery!" Lin Mo said honestly.

Something as important as a film battle suit definitely needed him to sign for it himself.

"Waiting for a delivery?" Feng Zhiwei seemed to have guessed something and smiled meaningfully. "What delivery is so important? You can't leave it at the delivery point and waited at the school gate yourself? Don't tell me it's… some temporary potion to increase your strength?"

No wonder Feng Zhiwei had such a hypothesis.

Tomorrow was the day of Lin Mo's "exchange challenge" with him!

In Feng Zhiwei's opinion, Lin Mo would definitely do anything to win against him, such as… using some high-tech potions that could temporarily increase his strength.

"Nope!" Lin Mo shook his head and didn't elaborate.

He couldn't possibly confess that he had obtained a thin film battle suit, right?

After all, there were only dozens of people on the entire Blue Planet who had a thin film battle suit! If Lin Mo told anyone, he would definitely attract a lot of jealousy.

Moreover… the thin film battle suit was Lin Mo's trump card! Of course, the fewer people who knew about it, the safer he would be!

Lin Mo's idea was that it would be best if no one knew that he had a thin film battle suit. Only then could he maximize the utility of it at the critical moment!


However, in Feng Zhiwei's opinion, Lin Mo's denial became a cover-up. Feng Zhiwei first sneered and said, "After all, you're only a first-year student and have just entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University! It's only natural for you to sneak some special methods to challenge me. There's no need to hide!"

When Lin Mo heard this, he couldn't help but roll his eyes. I already have more than a hundred thousand kilograms of punching force. I can send you flying out of Jiangnan Martial Arts University with one punch! What special methods do I need?

"However, even if it's a special potion, the increase is limited! If you're not strong enough, no potion will help!" Feng Zhiwei continued, "I heard that your combat technique is higher than the rumors outside. You've already reached the peak of rank 3? The peak of rank 3 combat technique can only control 20,000 kilograms of punching force at most… With this little punching force, no matter how much you boost, you can't defeat me, right?"

Feng Zhiwei smiled disdainfully.

At that moment, Lin Mo's delivery arrived.

Feng Zhiwei's delivery was also delivered immediately.

"I have a date with a girl tonight, so I bought some urgently needed little umbrellas!" Feng Zhiwei took the package and explained. Then, he said, "Lin Mo, don't tell me your combat technique has already reached the fourth rank? But even so, the punching force you can control is only so little! Even if you used an enhancement potion, it's impossible for you to defeat me!"

"That really isn't true!" Lin Mo took the package and said casually without explanation.

The Silver Lunar martial artist who delivered the package actually knew what Lin Mo's package was. He just couldn't say it because of the confidentiality clause.

After all, he had heard of how the previous Radiant Solar Martial Artist who leaked confidential information had died!

The Silver Lunar Martial Artist looked at Feng Zhiwei as if he was looking at a fool and thought to himself, "Lin Mo has already obtained the thin film battle suit. He's probably already much stronger than you! You're actually still showing off in front of Lin Mo!"

The Silver Lunar Martial Artist who delivered the package looked at Feng Zhiwei disdainfully before turning to leave.

Feng Zhiwei naturally did not notice anything amiss. He continued to chatter, "Lin Mo, no matter what, I look forward to meeting you in the arena tomorrow! At that time, you'll know the gap between you and me! By the way! I even invited a couple of students to watch the battle. You won't mind, right?"

Feng Zhiwei knew that this was a rare opportunity for him to show off. In order to show off, he naturally called many students who were watching the battle.

"Nope!" Lin Mo glanced at Feng Zhiwei with a strange expression. He actually called students to come see him lose? What was Feng Zhiwei thinking. What would his expression be like tomorrow?

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