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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 22 This Isn’t Love

"You're here to pick up girls!"

Amidst the roars, Wu Bin quickly packed up the barbecue stall and left.

Fortunately, Lin Mo was agile and snatched the skewers on the table and a bottle of beer before Wu Bin cleared the area.

"His mentality is too poor!" Lin Mo was speechless as he watched Wu Bin leave.

'You're the one who wanted to play!'

'Now you're the one who can't take the results!'

A noob addicted to fighting!

If he had known that this would happen, Lin Mo would never have sparred with him!

"I wanted to eat barbecue and ended up scaring the barbecue owner away… what the hell is this!"

Without the skewers and beer, Lin Mo continued to lie down at the door of the prep class. How boring!

Moreover, when Jiang Xue had questioned why he hade here earlier, Lin Mo had vowed that it was because he liked to eat the barbecue here!

But now that the barbecue stall was gone and he was still staying here… How was he going to explain himself when the time came?

Lin Mo was almost certain that no matter how he explained it, it would seem like everyone knew what he was "thinking".

"But the problem is that I'm not actually "thinking" those thoughts!" Lin Mo felt wronged. "Did Jiang Xue really treat me as a simp?"

The more Lin Mo thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt!


'I'm not a simp!'

"Forget it, I won't think about it anymore!" Lin Mo took a sip of wine. "For the sake of the involution index, so be it. If I'm wronged, so be it!"

Even if he was a simp, he was simping for the index!

'As for women?'

What was a womanpared to the index?

'I'm not interested in women!'

Martial arts experts only needed hands! What was the use of women?

'Are they edible?'

They don't even taste as good as the barbecue!

However… the barbecue stall was gone, and so were the seats. Lin Mo could only find a corner to squat in, with a beer in one hand and a skewer in the other.

"It's too tough!" As he ate and drank, Lin Mo shook his head and sighed. "For just a little improvement inbat technique, I'm putting in so much effort!

Of course, Lin Mo knew very well that although he was struggling a little, he was already very luckypared to those who had trained hard in the prep class.

Moreover, Lin Mo could feel that hisbat technique were soaring in improvement at all times!

So even if he had to suffer a little, so be it!

"It's much nicer than those people in the prep class who are working their ass off and still can't improve much, right?" Lin Moforted himself. He calmed down and silently felt the increase in hisbat technique. "I just broke through to the third rank not long ago. I'm still quite a distance away from the peak of rank 3!"

Combat techniques were essentially a more precise control of strength!

Under the same punching force, the more precise one's control of strength was, the stronger their strength would naturally be!

And the requirement for the peak of the third rank was "Flow like Silk"—the control of strength was so precise that one could mobilize the slightest bit of strength in one's body at will!

When attacking, all his strength would instantly be perfectly gathered at one point. When changing moves, it will be unpredictable and could easily create all kinds of unimaginable movements.

"I'm far from being able to control such fine power!" Lin Mo could clearly see the gap between him and the peak of rank 3.

The peak of rank 3 was the control of "every strand of strength".

As for Lin Mo, his accuracy was about "100 strands of strength".

The difference was a hundred times!

"However, my current improvement speed is still very fast!" Lin Mo could directly feel that his control over his strength was constantly increasing.

One hundred strands!

Ninety-nine strands!

Ninety-eight strands!

"Tonight, my strength accuracy will probably increase to about 'thirty strands'!" Lin Mo estimated.

From "100 strands" to "30 strands", it seemed like a huge improvement, but in fact, it had only increased by a little more than three times. It was still a full 30 times away from the rank 3 extreme accuracy requirement of "one strand, Flow like Silk"!

"30 strands of accuracy means that mybat technique are at the mid-stage of rank 3! Lin Mo thought to himself. "However, the further I go, the harder it is to improve! If I want my strength accuracy to reach the level of 'one strand', I'm afraid it will take me all day tomorrow!"

It actually took all day!

How bloody difficult!

Fortunately, the prep class would be in class all day tomorrow. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult!


Lin Mo did not think about how many official martial artists would not be able to reach "one strand" of strength accuracy even if they dedicated their entire lives to the cause!

Flow like Silk was the lifelong pursuit of many official martial artists!

Soon, the barbecue was gone and so was the beer; Lin Mo squatted by the corner outside the gym, feeling even more bored.

"Hey—" Lin Mo, who was squatting in the corner in a daze, suddenly lit up. "Don't fight!"

Lin Mo quickly took a few steps forward and berated, "Stop! No fighting!"

Seeing that both sides refused to listen to his advice, Lin Mo was immediately a little angry.

"I said no fighting. Can you two not hear me?"

"Stop it now!"

"If you don't stop, I'm going to attack!"

"You forced me to do this—" Lin Mo pointed at the corner of the wall and shouted indignantly.

,m In the corner of the wall, two ants were fighting to death!

Lin Mo persuaded them for a long time, but neither side was willing to stop. Instead, the more they fought, the fiercer they became.

This was unbearable for Lin Mo!

"Stay here and don't move!" Lin Mo pointed at one of the ants. At the same time, he grabbed another ant and threw it into the lawn a few hundred meters away. "Distance creates beauty! There is no way the the two of you fight will still be able to fight from so far away!"

After doing all of this, Lin Mo clapped his hands in satisfaction. "This can be considered my one good deed every day!"

However, when he returned to the corner, Lin Mo fell into boredom again.

"I'll use my phone for a while!" Lin Mo was only left with 1% of his battery. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so bored as to help the two ants stop their fight. "I must bring the charger tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll definitely be bored to death!"

As soon as he turned on his phone, Lin Mo saw a piece of news.

[Shocking! A genius youth has appeared in Haicheng City. It's suspected that he has reserved the position of the city's top scholar in advance!]

"What is this?" Lin Mo was slightly shocked.

He was about to check the news when his phone went dead.


Lin Mo fell into boredom again. He could only take a closer look at the ground to see if any other ants hade out to fight in the middle of the night.

Time passed slowly.

In an environment without barbecue or cell phones, Lin Mo endured for two to three hours as if year had passed. He finally made it to the end of class.

"It's finally over!" Lin Mo heaved a long sigh of relief.

This nearly three hours of waiting was really too difficult to endure!

Fortunately, persistence would eventually yield results—Lin Mo's strength accuracy had reached "30 strands"!

"Mid-stage rank 3!" Lin Mo was rather satisfied. It was exactly as he had expected.

After lying down for three hours, hisbat technique directly soared from the peak of rank 2 to the mid-stage of rank 3! This speed of improvement… even cheating was not so fast!

"Let's go home!" Lin Mo was about to get up and leave when he saw Jiang Xue walking out of the gym.

Jiang Xue's expression was cold. She did not speak and only glanced coldly at Lin Mo.

"I…" Lin Mo instantly felt wronged!

He was just lying here afk… but Jiang Xue misunderstood him as a simp!

'Please don't flatter yourself!'

This was really not love!

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