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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 219 I’m Just A Little Busy Today (1)

Ever since Lin Mo came to Jiangnan Martial Arts University, he would still call his family once or twice a week.

Of course, unlike other university students, Lin Mo did not call home to ask for money. After all, money was almost meaningless to a genius like Lin Mo.

For some daily expenses. It was impossible to spend all the money. For example, Gao Haoran and Li Jiaxuan, the God of Prostitution and the Adepti of Prostitution, had a few high-end big swords a day. Were they worried about spending?

And those rare martial arts resources could not be bought with money.

"Dad, what's the matter?" Lin Mo asked curiously when the call went through.

The previous few times, he was the one who called home. His parents were worried that it would affect his martial arts cultivation and would not call under normal circumstances.

Of course, Lin Mo had said a few times that he was idle in school every day and did not work hard at all, so they don't need to worry about affecting his martial arts cultivation at all.

However, not only did his parents not believe him, but they also took out evidence to say that Lin Mo's reputation for "sneaking involution" at Jiangnan Martial Arts University had not only spread throughout Jiangnan City, but also to Haicheng City!

In Haicheng City's martial arts high school, they even used Lin Mo's method of secretly involuting as an example for martial arts high school students to learn. However, the teachers of the martial arts high school naturally wouldn't say that Lin Mo was "sneaking involution". Instead, they called it "low-key and pragmatic".

After Lin Mo heard about his reputation in Haicheng City from his parents, he hurriedly explained over the phone, "Only dogs involute!"

Instead, he was criticized by his parents. "We won't allow you to say that about yourself! If you're a dog, what are we?"

In short, Lin Mo knew that under normal circumstances, his parents would not call him in order not to affect his "cultivation". Now that his father had taken the initiative to call, it meant that he should be looking for him for something.

"Xiao Mo, why did you only see the call now? Is it because you've been cultivating all night?" Mr. Lin didn't get right into the issue, but instead, he asked with concern.

"No cultivation," Lin Mo explained.

In order to farm a thin film battle suit last night, he had been flexing in the Milky Way Mirage all night. The show had only ended now and he had really not cultivated.

"If you've cultivated, so be it. It's fine to say it. It's not embarrassing! Moreover, there's nothing embarrassing about telling Dad!" Mr. Lin said solemnly, "It's time to change your little habit of secretly involuting!"

Mr. Lin first educated him, then without giving Lin Mo a chance to argue, he said, "I called you for something. Do you still remember that I mentioned to you last time that your mother is from the Zhang family in Jingdu City?"

"Yes!" Lin Mo nodded.

The Zhang family was one of the top families in the capital.

The head of the Zhang family, who was also the uncle of Lin Mo's mother, "Zhang Qian", was a powerful martial arts grandmaster. His status in Xia country's Grandmaster Hall was not low.

As for Mr. and Mrs. Lin, they had a rather melodramatic love story back then. The ending of that love story was—Mrs. Lin ignored the objections of her family and unilaterally tore up her engagement to another large family in Jingdu City and eloped with Mr. Lin to a third-tier city like Haicheng City.

And the price Mother Lin paid was to be expelled from the Zhang family.

"Last night, the Zhang family called your mother!" Mr. Lin said solemnly, "They said that they're willing to accept your mother back to the Zhang family!"

"Return to the Zhang family?" Lin Mo roughly understood.

Back then, although his parents' love story sounded a little romantic, there was no doubt that his mother's heart broke when expelled from the family.

Lin Mo had long sensed that his mother should have the desire to return to the family.

However, Lin Mo had just been admitted to Jiangnan Martial Arts University and was still a genius, not a powerhouse. He originally planned to wait for a period of time, such as a year and a half, until he idled up and became a martial arts grandmaster before bringing his mother back to the family with honor.

He did not expect the Zhang family to take the initiative to look for him so soon after he entered Jiangnan Martial Arts University.

As for why the Zhang family took the initiative to look for him, Lin Mo naturally knew—it must be because of his talent!

After all, during the martial arts college entrance examination, the talent Lin Mo had displayed was already "Grandmaster Potential"! At that time, in the eyes of everyone in Xia country, they were certain that Lin Mo would definitely be able to become a martial arts grandmaster in the future. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

After entering university, with Lin Mo's heaven-defying performance at Jiangnan Martial Arts University, everyone's evaluation of him was undoubtedly higher. Now, in the eyes of everyone in Xia country, Lin Mo would definitely be able to become a war god that surpassed Grandmasters in the future, or even an "extraordinary war god"!

Since the Zhang family had seen Lin Mo's potential, how could they not take the initiative to recall his mother to the Zhang family?

"You should have thought of it, right?" Mr. Lin explained the situation roughly and said, "All these years, your mother actually wanted to obtain the Zhang family's approval, but she kept it to herself, so…"

"I understand, Dad!" Lin Mo said directly. "Do you need me to do anything?"

"The Zhang family wants to see you!" Mr. Lin said. "It's in Jiangnan City. It's tonight."

"Alright!" Lin Mo agreed.

The father and son talked for a while longer before hanging up.

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