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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 217 Is He That Abnormal?


At this moment.

Zhou Chen was standing beside the Primordial Universe Controller, "Yi", with an aggrieved expression.

He actually knew that his martial will was very ordinary, but he did not expect it to be so bad that he stopped at level 22.

"You've discovered your shortcomings?" Yi had long expected it, so he was not surprised at all. "I had no expectation of you to last until the 30th level at all. The reason why I let you enter the Milky Way Mirage was to show you how far away you are from the other super geniuses on the Blue Planet in terms of martial will!"

Yi undoubtedly placed great importance on Zhou Chen.

After all, under the time scale of "a thousand years", it was very difficult to produce a genius with a natural affinity for laws… in hundreds of millions of stellar systems!

At the end of his life, it was actually very fortunate for Yi to meet Zhou Chen! It could even be said to be a blessing from fate!

However, at the same time, with "Yi's" life experience, he knew very well what his greatest shortcoming was— undoubtedly his martial will!

"Zhou Chen!" It was rare for Yi to lecture with a solemn attitude. "Although you're born with an affinity for the laws, you should know very well that in the entire Milky Way, geniuses on the same level as you are not rare!"

"Yes!" Zhou Chen did not refute. He had long understood how vast the Milky Way was.

When the spatial scale was large to a certain extent, such as in the Milky Way with hundreds of billions of stellar systems… natural law affinity was not rare!

"Have you ever thought about why among the many geniuses who are born with affinity with the laws, there are people who can finally become a level 7 lifeform or above, why there are people who can only become a level 5 lifeform, and why it's very difficult for some to even become a level 3 lifeform? Apart from the difference in personal opportunities, a large part of the reason is because of their martial will!"

Yi answered his own question and continued to teach.

"There's a saying in your Xia country that goes very well. The edge of a treasured sword is honed! No matter how talented you are, it only means that you're a good material to forge a sword. And if you want to forge a sword in the end, you need to constantly hone it! During this honing process, martial will is especially important!"

"Take a day off today. From tomorrow onwards, in addition to your daily martial arts cultivation, I'll arrange some martial will cultivation for you!" Yi waved his hand and said.

"Master." Zhou Chen couldn't help but ask, "How big is the gap between my martial will and Lin Mo's and Gongchuan Mingjing's?"

As the person beside the Primordial Universe Controller and half his disciple, he naturally knew the identities of "Black Earth" and "Sir Mingjing".

"The gap between you and Gongchuan Mingjing is quite big!" Yi thought for a moment and said, "Gongchuan Mingjing is indeed commendable in terms of martial will. He has even surpassed all the martial arts experts before him on the Blue Planet! I estimate that he will definitely be able to pass the 40th level of the willpower impact. As for what kind of results he can achieve in the end, it's still hard to say. It depends on where the limit of his will is! However…"

Yi suddenly changed the topic and said, "As long as you continue to seriously temper your martial will according to my arrangements, it won't be long before you surpass Gongchuan Mingjing!"

Zhou Chen's eyes lit up. As long as he surpassed Gongchuan Mingjing, wouldn't his martial will be the "first on the Blue Planet"?

Thinking of this, he was immediately filled with confidence.

As for Lin Mo, he threw him to the back of his mind.

"But—" But at this moment, Yi's expression became extremely serious. "Even if your martial will can surpass Gongchuan Mingjing, I reckon… in your lifespan, you may never surpass Lin Mo!"

"Huh? Why?" Zhou Chen was puzzled. "Is Lin Mo's martial will stronger than Gongchuan Mingjing's?" pan(da-n0vel.c)om

"It should be said that they are on two completely different levels!" Yi had a complicated expression.

This was the first time Zhou Chen had seen such a complicated expression on the usually calm "Yi".

"Lin Mo is a psycho!" Yi said after a long while. "In the Milky Way Mirage… Gongchuan Mingjing was only at the level of 'Defending-pain', but Lin Mo had already reached the level of 'enjoying pain'!"

"Enjoying pain?" Zhou Chen clearly couldn't imagine what kind of level this was. He couldn't help but blurt out, "He is that abnormal?"

"That's right!" Although Yi also found it unbelievable that such abnormal martial will could appear on the Blue Planet, he still nodded and said firmly, "It's just that abnormal!"

With that, Yi continued to look at the galaxy illusion.

At this moment, Lin Mo and Miyagawa Mingjing had both reached level 42!

What was different was… Gongchuan Mingjing's face was twisted in pain under the level 42 willpower impact. However, Lin Mo's expression was indifferent like an ocean breeze in the level 42 illusion trial.

"Gongchuan Mingjing is about to reach his limit! And I estimate that he will break through his limit a little!" Yi made a judgment. "And Lin Mo… is actually still enjoying the pain?"

Lin Mo could actually calmly enjoy the pain of the Level 42 illusion trial?

Yi had to admit that he, a great level-nine lifeform of the Milky Way, had never seen such an abnormal existence like Lin Mo!

"This Lin Mo probably doesn't have any feelings at all, right?" At the same time, Yi was a little puzzled. "But with my understanding of him, he seems to be a person who values friendship?"

The more Yi thought about it, the more confused he became.

Unknowingly, Gongchuan Mingjing had already passed the willpower shock of the level 48 difficulty and arrived at level 49. However, he only lasted for half a minute at level 49 before falling to the ground and being drowned by the sweeping illusion.

In the illusion, Gongchuan Mingjing only lasted for 14 levels before failing.

When Gongchuan Mingjing was kicked out of the Milky Way Mirage, he also saw "Black Earth", who was still in the illusion trial. He even saw Black Earth's relaxed expression.

Gongchuan Mingjing's eyes widened. "What a psycho!?"

… .

Just as Gongchuan Mingjing was kicked out.

The difficulty of Lin Mo's illusion trial also reached level 55.

"No way…" Looking at Lin Mo, who still did not show any signs of pain, Yi could not help but feel a little strange and expectant. "In the Milky Way… the highest record in the Milky Way Mirage for Willpower impact is the maximum level of 100, while the illusion trial is level 59!"

Lin Mo was already Level 55! 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

"He's not going to break the highest record in the galaxy, is he?"

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