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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 216 Three Body Fleet

Of course, "Yi" could not see what Lin Mo had experienced in the illusion. He could only see that as the difficulty of the illusion test continued to increase, Lin Mo advanced with unstoppable momentum.

"Level 20!" Yi watched calmly.

At this level of difficulty, Zhou Chen's expression was already very painful. Clearly, he was at the end of his rope.

"Already about to collapse from such a weak willpower impact?" Yi frowned slightly.

Zhou Chen was the first candidate he had chosen, but now, his performance clearly could not satisfy him.

"You have to know that even on this small Blue Planet, dozens of people have already passed the level 30 willpower impact and obtained the thin film battle suit! The person with the best results even passed the level 39 difficulty!"

After passing the 39th level of difficulty, the person who finally fell to the 40th level was the founder of Xia country's Grandmaster Hall.

"Even on the Blue Planet, a martial will like Zhou Chen's can only be considered below average! If he's placed in the entire Milky Way, he'll be even more trash!" The more Yi thought about it, the more dissatisfied he became, but there was nothing he could do.

The Blue Planet was only so big, so he could only choose the tallest among the short.

"Perhaps I should set my sights on the surrounding stellar systems and see if there are civilizations in those places?" Yi couldn't help but have this thought, but he thought better of it.

The distance between stellar systems was too far.

For example, the closest neighboring star system to the solar system was measured in "light years", reaching four light years!

No matter how strong Yi's vital essence was, he could not cover such a long distance. Therefore, if he wanted to detect the surrounding stellar systems, he had to personally run over one by one.

A few random stellar systems would probably span a hundred light-years!

"Forget it!" Yi shook his head. "This is a desolate area of the Milky Way. It's very difficult to find a habitable planet in a hundred stellar systems. And among the habitable planets, the probability of a civilization being born is less than one in ten thousand…"

There were only more than 200,000 civilization planets in the hundreds of billions of stellar systems in the entire Milky Way. In terms of population data, the probability was almost one in a million!

Moreover, a large part of the million-to-one chance was because Silver Heart had gathered too many civilizations!

In a remote area like the solar system, it was impossible to have a one in a million chance. It might not even be one in ten million!

In other words…

If Yi wanted to go to the surrounding stellar systems to find civilized planets, it would undoubtedly be thousands of times more difficult than fishing for a needle in the sea!

In theory, even if he searched for a million stellar systems and trekked millions of light-years, he might not be able to find a planet with human civilization!

And Yi had very little lifespan left. It was impossible for him to support long-distance cosmic travel.

Moreover, in "Yi's" opinion, it was already a miracle that he could happen to come to the Blue Planet, a planet where human civilization existed. At the same time, it was fate.

"I was angered by this trash Zhou Chen! Otherwise, I wouldn't have thought of looking for civilization in other star systems!" Yi's gaze became even colder.

However… Yi, a great level-nine lifeform of the Milky Way, would never have thought that civilization existed in the closest neighboring star system, the "Alpha Centauri" formed by three stars only four light-years away!

Moreover, the technological level of the Trisolaris was much higher than that of the Blue Planet. It already had preliminary cosmic navigation capabilities.

At this moment, the exploration fleet of the Alpha Centauri system was already on the way to the solar system, and they were quite close.

"Level 23!" Yi continued to pay attention to the situation of the illusion test.

"Ah!!" Zhou Chen roared in pain. Finally, he could not hold on anymore and fell under the willpower impact of the level 23 difficulty. His willpower impact score was also frozen at level 22.

Immediately after, the illusion test descended and swept through him. pan(da-n0vel.c)om

Although the illusion test was also a test of willpower, it was much more difficult than a straightforward willpower impact! Zhou Chen only lasted for 10 levels and failed without even passing the 11th level.

"Phew…" Zhou Chen ended all the tests in the Milky Way Illusion and let out a long breath. Then, he opened his eyes and thought to himself, "Although my results are not very good, I'm definitely not at the bottom!"

He remembered that Black Earth's martial will was much inferior to his!

It was just that his martial will was relatively weak, while "Black Earth"… had no martial will at all!

"I wonder how the other two's results are, but as long as I am not at the bottom, Master shouldn't scold me too harshly, right?" Zhou Chen thought and looked around.

He was dumbfounded. That "Sir Mingjing" was still in the test, which was not unexpected. However, he realized that Black Earth was still in the test and had not failed!

"What the hell?" Before he could react, his consciousness was kicked out of the milky way mirage. As the surrounding scene blurred, he only had one thought. "I'm actually the trashiest?"

… .

When Zhou Chen was kicked out.

Lin Mo and Gongchuan Mingjing both reached level 31.

Yi was not surprised by Gongchuan Mingjing's performance at all.

However, Lin Mo could also reach level 31, which was far beyond Yi's expectations.

"How is that possible?" Yi couldn't help but look at Lin Mo as if he was looking at a monster. "The 30th level of the illusion test is even more difficult than the 60th level of the willpower impact! How can Lin Mo last until now?"

In Yi's opinion, this should be impossible!

Not to mention the small Blue Planet, even in the entire Milky Way, it was very rare to obtain such results in the "Milky Way Mirage"!

"In the soul interrogation segment, Lin Mo actually said that his martial will is not firm?" Yi recalled that scene and felt speechless.

How was this not firm?

This was too firm!

It was as hard as iron!

"Damn, involuting dog!" Yi couldn't help but curse in his heart. "This guy is definitely the kind of involuting dog who secretly involutes! Not only does he involute, but he also insists that he doesn't involute!"

What shocked Yi even more was…

Not only did the 31-level illusion test not make Lin Mo feel any pain, but… from the looks of it, Lin Mo seemed to be enjoying it?

"Is he… enjoying the pain?" Yi discovered the unbelievable scene.

How firm must his martial will be to be able to "enjoy pain"?

Yi asked himself honestly. He definitely couldn't do it!

"I wonder what level of difficulty Lin Mo can last in the illusion test…" Yi suddenly looked forward to it.

At this moment, in the illusion.

Lin Mo, who was in the fantasy world, was already invincible in the entire Firmament and Continent and was about to become a god.

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