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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 215 Which Martial Artist Can’t Withstand Such A Test?

"Yi" looked at him again.

He looked at Zhou Chen's performance in the "will impact" and frowned slightly.

"This is only the beginning, but Zhou Chen is already in pain?" Yi felt a little dissatisfied.

At the beginning, the strength of the willpower impact was not very high. As long as one's martial will was slightly stronger, they would definitely be able to block it like a breeze.

His expression also showed that his martial will was quite weak.

"Looks like it's impossible for him to last until level 30! It's already not bad for him to reach level 20!"

In a willpower impact, if one could not even persevere to the level 30 difficulty, one could only say that their martial will was very mediocre. Only those above level 30 could barely be considered "not bad".

Therefore, Yi used level 30 as the boundary—those who exceeded level 30 could obtain the thin film battle suit.

"But that's normal!" Yi thought to himself. "Zhou Chen has never come into contact with martial arts as a child. As soon as he did, I activated his special physique and his cultivation went very smoothly… With such ordinary experience, it's naturally impossible for his martial will to be very strong! In the future, I'll set some tests for him and hone him well!"

Zhou Chen had no idea that the future cultivation path would be even more painful.

If he knew, he would definitely want to cry. After all, he was born with an affinity for the laws, but ever since he "debuted", he had not had a good day. He had always lived in Lin Mo's shadow.

It was quite pitiful!

After a while.

Yi couldn't help but look at Gongchuan Mingjing in surprise. "It's already over ten levels of difficulty, but he still seems to be very relaxed? In terms of martial will, he's much stronger than Zhou Chen! Unfortunately… his talent is still too mediocre! Although his martial will is not bad, it's useless!"

"Eh?" Yi looked at Lin Mo again. "Lin Mo's illusion trial has already reached level 15! He actually hasn't failed and sunk into the illusion yet?"

The difficulty of the illusion test was much higher than the willpower impact! In theory, as long as one could pass the 15th level of the illusion test, it was equivalent to passing the 30th level of the willpower impact.

"The illusory trial is actually a way to test one's martial will. However, unlike the straightforward 'will impact', there are many more roundabout 'tricks' in the illusory realm test." Yi was clearly very surprised by Lin Mo's performance. "Could it be that… Lin Mo's martial will is not weak, but he doesn't have a clear understanding of himself?"

There was indeed such a "involution dog". He was clearly working very hard and involuting, but he always liked to say that he was not involuting at all! Moreover, he thought from the bottom of his heart that he was not working hard enough!

In Yi's opinion, Lin Mo was very likely such a person. His martial will was clearly very strong, but his understanding of himself was not too clear. He still felt that his martial will was not strong enough.

"Interesting!" Yi couldn't help but laugh. "If he answers well during the soul interrogation segment, it shouldn't be difficult for him to persist in the level 30 difficulty of the willpower impact. He can obtain the thin film battle suit! Unfortunately, he didn't have the chance to accept the willpower impact and directly entered the even more difficult illusion trial… This way, it's impossible to obtain a thin film battle suit!"

The 30th level of the illusion test was even more difficult than the 60th level of the willpower impact.

Yi did not believe that Lin Mo could obtain the thin film battle suit through the illusion test.


Yi could not see Lin Mo's performance in the illusion because the illusion only existed in the depths of Lin Mo's mind. No external force could spy on what Lin Mo was experiencing.

If Yi could see it, he probably wouldn't think that the illusion test would be difficult for Lin Mo.

… .

When Lin Mo's consciousness was first dragged into the illusion, he was still quite flustered. After all, this feeling of falling into a bottomless abyss would indeed make him feel very powerless. pan(da-n0vel.c)om

However, after experiencing a few tests in the illusion, Lin Mo did not panic at all.

"This is the illusion trial?" Lin Mo was even very disdainful.

The specific content of the illusion trial varied from person to person.

Even if they were the same person, if they entered the Milky Way Illusion many times, the content of each illusion test would be completely different.

As for the scene that Lin Mo encountered in the illusion, it was him transmigrating to become the useless young master of a small family in the fantasy world, the Firmament Continent, "Chu Yi". Moreover, he lived in the illusion with this identity.

"To put it bluntly, this illusion test is to give me a useless identity so I can't cultivate and then personally experience the despair brought about by lack of strength… When the despair is so great that it makes me collapse, that will be when the illusion test fails!"

Under normal circumstances, the higher the difficulty of the illusion test, the stronger the sense of despair.

For example, Lin Mo's identity in the illusion, "Chu Yi".

According to the normal plot, Chu Yi would not be able to cultivate and would be despised by his family. He would experience betrayal, family destruction, and various other blows. In the end, Lin Mo should not be able to withstand the blow and collapse in despair in the illusion. In the end, he would fail the test.

However, to put it bluntly, the illusion was a scene constructed by Lin Mo's own heart. Therefore, in the illusion, Lin Mo directly brought his "Idle Upgrade System" in. In this way… the style suddenly changed!

Originally, Lin Mo should have experienced all kinds of despair and setbacks in the illusion, but now, it had become him showing off and slapping faces in the illusion.

Tragic plot turned face slapping storyline!

Lin Mo felt so good in the illusion!

Moreover, as the difficulty of the illusion test increased, Lin Mo would feel even better in the illusion.

When the difficulty of the illusion increased to 15, he had long shocked the entire family. Now, he was beating up the geniuses of various sects in a super sect!

"This is the illusion trial?" In the illusion, Lin Mo was speechless. "Which martial artist can't withstand such a test? Or…"

Lin Mo thought of another possibility. "Or is this illusion trying to kill me by over satisfying me?"

Lin Mo immediately became vigilant.

He had indeed encountered many fairy-like figures throwing themselves at him like simps.

If Lin Mo hadn't controlled himself in time, he would have had so much fun in the illusion!

"I must continue to control myself. I can't let myself die of pleasure in the illusion!" Lin Mo made up his mind.

From then on, not only did Lin Mo beat up all the geniuses, but he also punched those fairies who stuck themselves to him until they were convinced.

This way, he wouldn't have to worry about being killed in the illusion!

"I'm really smart!" In the arena of the sect, Lin Mo had just kicked the sect's Saintess out of the arena and completely stopped her from pestering him.

"A mere illusion test wants to stump me?" Lin Mo was arrogant.

Beside the arena, the father of "Chu Yi" was also looking at his son on the stage with a proud expression. He muttered in a low voice, "My son, Chu Yi, has the bearing of an emperor!"

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