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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 214 Illusion Trial

"Not resolute I think!"

The three asteroids were not far apart, and Lin Mo's answer was righteous and very loud. In addition, the surrounding space was extremely empty and quiet… Lin Mo's answer naturally fell into Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen's ears.

"You can do that?" Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen looked at "Black Earth" in shock.

The test of the Milky Way Mirage was divided into soul interrogation, willpower impact, and illusion trial. This was only the first question in the "soul interrogation", but Black Earth could not withstand it?

"He can't even pass the soul interrogation? Isn't this Black Earth's mind and will too garbage?" Gongchuan Mingjing couldn't help but think and look down on Black Earth.

In his opinion, no matter how strong Black Earth's combat technique and talent were, it was impossible for him to walk too far on the path of martial arts with such horrible willpower!

"Previously, I wasn't confident in fighting for the inheritance, but now I'm very confident!" Gongchuan Mingjing's eyes burned with flames.

As for Zhou Chen, he directly ignored him. He had never even heard of this random person. What right did he have for Gongchuan Mingjing to take him seriously?

Gongchuan Mingjing had no idea that Zhou Chen was the person the Primordial Universe thought the most highly of and had personally nurtured!

However, at this moment, his feelings were a little complicated. "Is Black Earth's martial will so unstable? He laid his cards on the table with such a casual question? All along… I've lost to such an opponent?"

Zhou Chen felt very aggrieved. The Primordial Universe Controller, "Yi", had clearly told him that he was born with an affinity for laws and was a top genius even in the Milky Way. But why was he, a top genius, beaten up by Lin Mo, who had no martial will at all?


Not to mention Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen, even the AI system in the Milky Way Mirage was caught off guard by Lin Mo's answer. Wasn't soul interrogation just a formality? The smart system had really never encountered an answer like Lin Mo's!

The system was confused!

… .

Just as Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen's thoughts faded away, the second question of the soul interrogation came!

"The path of martial arts is difficult and dangerous. Isn't it more comfortable to just enjoy life?" It was the same voice from before, but it went from shocking to guiding.

Two images appeared in the minds of Lin Mo and the other two at the same time. One of them was the hardships of cultivating the Martial Dao, and the other was the comfort of life.

"Enjoy life? Those are just low-level interests!" Gongchuan Mingjing said disdainfully. "Only by exploring the limits of martial arts can I truly feel happy!"

Zhou Chen was also very solemn. "Without strength, how can I enjoy life?"

Only Lin Mo…

After hearing this question, he thought seriously for a moment before praising the AI system. "What you said makes a lot of sense!"



Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen almost vomited blood.

Then, the "third question" came again!

"Are you willing to do anything to become stronger?" This time, the AI voice became especially serious.

"Yes!" Gongchuan Mingjing replied without hesitation. "Even if it costs me my cheap life!"

"Yes!" Zhou Chen thought for a moment and agreed.

"No!" Lin Mo said matter-of-factly. After saying that, he glanced at Gongchuan Mingjing as if he was looking at a fool and thought to himself, "Is this child stupid? Although your life is very cheap, how can you become stronger if you don't even have your life? Isn't this answer too brainless?"

After the smart system heard their answers, it said loudly to Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen, "You two… accept the willpower impact! Let's see if your willpower is really as firm as your answer in the soul interrogation?"


As soon as the system finished speaking, two powerful will impacts descended on the asteroid where Gongchuan Mingjingand Zhou Chen were at the same time.

The difficulty of the Milky Way Mirage was divided into a total of 100 floors. Therefore, the strength of the willpower impact was also divided into 100 levels.

The longer one could last in the willpower impact, the stronger their martial will would be. If they could not withstand the willpower impact, they would be instantly swallowed by the terrifying illusion.

"Huh?" Lin Mo looked at the two people beside him who were receiving the willpower impact and couldn't help but be puzzled. "What about me? Why are they the only ones receiving the willpower impact? Send one to me!"

They were all here to take the test in the Mirage. Why did others get it, but Brother Mo didn't?

Brother Mo wants to be impacted too!

"What's there to impact?" The AI system revealed a very human-like speechlessness. "The test of willpower impact is whether the martial will is really as firm as the answer in the soul interrogation! You've already said in the soul interrogation segment just now that your willpower is not firm at all. Not only are you greedy for pleasure, but you're also unwilling to pay too much of a price to become stronger—do you still need an impact for a martial will like yours?" pan(da-n0vel.c)om

"Huh?" Lin Mo did not expect his heartfelt answer to receive such an outcome. "Then what should I do now? Will my test in the Milky Way Mirage end just like that?"

"That's not the end!" the AI voice said. "You skipped the willpower impact! Next, sink into the illusion!"

"Sink into the illusion?" Lin Mo was still puzzled when he felt a powerful force forcefully drag him into an illusion.

At the same time, the system's voice echoed in Lin Mo's ears. "In the illusion, feel the pain and helplessness caused by you not working hard…"

Before Lin Mo could hear the entire sentence, his consciousness was dragged into the dark abyss.

… .

The Primordial Universe Controller, Yi, had been paying attention to this test.

"Oh?" Yi looked at Gongchuan Mingjing in surprise. "His martial will is actually so powerful?"

This really exceeded Yi's expectations.

In comparison, Zhou Chen's martial will seemed very ordinary.

However, Yi still did not take Gongchuan Mingjing seriously. "No matter how strong his martial will is, what's the use? His talent is too low. It will directly lock his upper limit!"

Although martial artists with strong martial will had hope of breaking through the limitation of their talent… how many times could they break through?

It was impossible for him to rely on his martial will to break through every bottleneck, right?

Therefore, only talent was the most useful—for example, before he became a "advanced lifeform", it was impossible for him to encounter any bottlenecks! Even if he became a "advanced lifeform" in the future, he could easily reach the realm above a "third-rank lifeform"!

In other words… the path of martial arts that was filled with mud and bumps and difficult obstacles for Gongchuan Mingjing was completely smooth for Zhou Chen.

Yi looked at Lin Mo again.

At this moment, it was the first question of the soul interrogation. Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen had already answered. Yi still wanted to see if Lin Mo was confident enough to answer.

But in the next second, Yi was dumbfounded.

"Not firm!" Lin Mo's answer was filled with confidence, but his answer was the exact opposite of the other two.

"This Lin Mo…" Yi was speechless.

'You can answer this soul interrogation like that?'

"Did he spend 100 Primordial Universe points to enter the Milky Way Mirage for fun?" Yi couldn't help but think.

Then, as he had expected.

After the "Three Soul Questions" ended, Gongchuan Mingjing and Zhou Chen directly began the process of "will impact", while Lin Mo was directly sent into an illusion.

"With Lin Mo's martial will, he'll probably collapse in the illusory realm trial soon, right?"

Yi actually knew very well.

Be it the "Willpower Impact" or the "Illusion Trial", the difficulty in the Milky Way Illusion was divided into 100 levels.

The normal process of the Milky Way's Mirage trial was usually to interrogate the soul first, then the willpower impact, and finally the illusion test. After all of it ended, the test results would be judged according to the performance in the "willpower impact" and the "Illusion test".

For example, if a martial artist lasted until the 30th level of difficulty in the willpower shock and only lasted until the 10th level of difficulty in the illusion test, his final test result would be the "30th level of difficulty".

This was under normal circumstances.

Of course, there were also abnormal situations—for example, Lin Mo had skipped the willpower impact and directly entered the illusion test. It was equivalent to directly setting the level of the willpower impact as zero. The final level of the illusion test was the level of his results in the Milky Way.

"The illusion test is much more difficult than the willpower impact!" Yi sneered.

In the Milky Way, there was also the test of "Galaxy Mirage". There were geniuses who had reached the 100th level of difficulty in willpower impact. As for the illusion test, no one had even reached the 60th level of difficulty.

"According to my requirements for the Blue Planet… if I want to obtain the thin film battle suit, he has to pass at least level 30!" Yi thought with a smile. "Pass level 30 in the illusion test? It's even more difficult than passing level 60 in the willpower impact! This Lin Mo definitely won't be able to obtain the thin film battle suit!"

Of course, Yi could also give Lin Mo preferential treatment. For example, as long as he passed level 15, he would be given a thin film battle suit.

But Yi didn't want to do that!

Lin Mo was not worthy of him breaking the rules he had set!

"Previously, when I saw Lin Mo's cultivation speed, I wondered if I had misjudged him! I should have focused on nurturing Lin Mo, not Zhou Chen!" Yi sighed proudly. "Now it seems that my judgment is really sharp! With Lin Mo's trashy martial will, it's impossible for him to walk too far on the path of martial arts!"

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