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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 211 Soul Interrogation (1)

"Big Boss Black Earth?"

"We're not playing duo chicken tonight?"

"Ah… okay, okay!"

Ever since dusk, Gao Haoran had been sitting and waiting in the Primordial Universe.

'Showing off is addictive!'

For a few days in a row, he killed indiscriminately in the chicken dinner competition every night and was ranked first on the individual scoreboard… Accustomed to this style, Gao Haoran even had the illusion that he was strong.

Tonight, Gao Haoran originally thought that he could continue to cozy up to Big Boss Black Earth. Unexpectedly, after waiting for all this time, Big Boss Black Earth said that he would not play duo.

Although Gao Haoran was very disappointed, he had no choice. After all… it was a favor for the big shot to bring you along. It was normal to not.

"Is it because as the opponents I'm matched with become stronger and stronger, Big Boss Black Earth can't carry me anymore?" Gao Haoran thought of this possibility and sighed helplessly. "That's normal! In the following competition, Big Boss Black Earth might not even be able to take care of himself, so how can he be in the mood to bring me along?"

Gao Haoran took a deep breath. "I've been at the top of the personal points rankings for so long and have been in the limelight for so long. There's nothing to regret!"

Without Big Boss Black Earth leading him, Gao Haoran naturally did not dare to match anymore. He had won so many consecutive rounds previously, and his points were so high now. If he ran out to match alone, wouldn't he be giving free points to others?

Gao Haoran would not do such a stupid thing!

"After working so many nights, I should relax tonight!" Gao Haoran thought.

Since he couldn't play chicken dinner with Big Boss Black Earth, he would… find a place to play another kind of chicken dinner!

Thinking of this, Gao Haoran eagerly left the Primordial Universe and headed out of the school.

Two hours later.

Satisfied, Gao Haoran leaned against the bed and played with his phone.

However, as soon as he opened the martial artist forum and saw the heated discussions, Gao Haoran couldn't help but sit up straight.

What was being discussed in the martial artist forum today was "Black Earth"!

"Black Earth didn't participate in the chicken dinner competition today!"

"Haha! What did I say? I told you long ago that Black Earth is only bullying his opponents at the early stages of the competition! In a few days, he won't dare to appear in the chicken dinner competition! I'm not wrong at all, am I?"

"Previous poster, you're a prophet!"

"Prophet my ass! Isn't this obvious? Facing those powerful martial artists above 25 years old, Black Earth's little strength is not enough. Of course, he won't continue to participate in the chicken dinner competition!"

"No matter what, he's done showing off!"

"What's there to show off about being good among a bunch of weaklings at a young age?"

"That's right! If Black Earth dares to continue participating in the chicken dinner competition, when he matches me, I'll blow up his dog head!" pan(da-n0vel.c)om

In the martial artist forum, everyone was laughing and talking about "Black Earth". The content was very simple. It was nothing more than that Black Earth did not dare to continue participating in the chicken dinner competition.

"Damn!" Gao Haoran was furious.

Big Boss Black Earth had brought him along to show off. How could he allow others to humiliate Big Boss Black Earth?

Without thinking, Gao Haoran rushed into the martial artist forum and started a verbal battle.

However, as soon as Gao Haoran rushed in, he was "surrounded" by many martial artists.

"Yo! Isn't this the "Righteousness" ranked first on the individual points rankings? Why don't you dare to continue matching tonight?"

"Match my ass! He's just a good-for-nothing who hugged a thigh! Now that his big thigh doesn't even dare to enter the chicken dinner competition, how dare he?"

"In so many chicken dinner competitions, among so many people who have rushed onto the individual points rankings, he's the most useless!"

"He's just a joke! Why bother with him?"

When Gao Haoran rushed into the martial artist forum, his tone was actually not very firm. After all, he knew that Big Boss Black Earth might really not dare to continue participating in the chicken dinner competition.

He was not strong-willed to begin with, so how could he withstand the siege from all directions?

After a few words, Gao Haoran lost in the martial artist forum.

"Just you wait! Big Boss Black Earth is just a little busy today! When he returns, it'll be too late for all of you to cry!" Gao Haoran said in the end and angrily left the martial artist forum.

Fortunately, Gao Haoran was in a good place to vent his anger.

He closed the phone and went back to venting his anger.

… . 𝐢n𝒏𝘳𝙚𝒶𝘥. 𝗰𝚘𝓂

Blue Planet, Northern Hemisphere.

In a palace on Lake Heart Island in an inland lake surrounded by mountains.

"Eh?" The Primordial Universe Controller, Yi, suddenly looked at the Primordial Universe in surprise. "There are actually two people who have activated the Milky Way Mirage at the same time?"

Among the many scenes in the Primordial Universe, the Milky Way Illusion might be one of the few scenes that Yi would occasionally pay attention to.

This was because one had to pay 100 Primordial Universe Points to enter the Milky Way Mirage. Moreover, if one could perform well in the test, Yi would grant a thin film battle suit.

To a super big shot like Yi… he actually didn't care about the performance of the martial artists from the Blue Planet in the Milky Way Mirage or the thin film battle suit he had given away. To him, this was just a small pastime.

Of course, to the martial arts experts of the Blue Planet, the Milky Way Mirage was a rare opportunity!

"The two people who entered the Milky Way Illusion are Black Earth, the Lin Mo who slapped my face in Xia country? The other 'Sir Mingjing' is Gongchuan Mingjing of Cherry Blossom Country!" In Yi's eyes, everything on the Blue Planet was transparent and there were no secrets to speak of.

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