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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 21 You’re Here To Pick Up Girls!

"Smash the barbecue?"

Lin Mo stood up in anger.

'What can't be said using words?'

'Why take it out on the barbecue?'

'Barbecue is innocent!'

You can have fun, you can mess around, but don't joke about barbecue!

"That's more like it!" The boss, Wu Bin, took a few steps back and waved his hand. "Just attack! I'll control my punching force to about 900 kilograms!"

Since Lin Mo had stood up, he naturally planned to make a move. He looked at the owner and thought to himself, "Perfect, I'll use him to test the difference between 'Beginner rank 3' and 'Peak rank 2'!"

Although Lin Mo could feel that hisbat technique had undergone a drastic change, he could only see the difference clearly after fighting.

Apart from the novice training field in the Primordial Universe, it was really not easy for Lin Mo to find a suitable opponent.

The barbecue stall owner happened to be quite suitable for Lin Mo to practice his punching force andbat skills.

More importantly…

He was asking for it!

"Then be careful!" Lin Mo warned.

"Do I need to be careful when giving you pointers?" Wu Bin could not help but laugh. "Just do whatever you want! If I need to be careful when giving pointers to a lousy student like you, then my decades of martial arts training will be wasted!"

"You should still be careful!" After all, Lin Mo planned to practice his skills. Seeing how arrogant this owner was, he couldn't help but remind him again, "Besides, my strength isn't as weak as the other students say!"

"You're bluffing again!" Wu Bin rolled his eyes. "I realized that the worse people are, the more they like to brag! If you're really not weak, why would so many students laugh at you?"

Wu Bin could tell from the mocking laughter that Lin Mo was a bad student who had given up on the college entrance examination!

"Besides—" Wu Bin sneered again. "The college entrance examination is imminent. If you have any hope of getting into a specialized martial arts university, you wouldn't being to my place every day to eat skewers and drink!"

How dare he say that he wasn't a bad student!

'You're not a bad student? Only if I'm blind!'

"Sigh…" Seeing this, Lin Mo could only sigh.

He knew that his words was no longer convincing at a time like this. He would have to rely on his fists.

"I hope it doesn't affect this owner too much!" Lin Mo shook his head lightly.

He actually quite admired the barbecue stall owner.

Even when he was middle-aged, he still did not give up on his martial arts dreams! Even when selling barbecue, he had to set up a stall in a place like the gym and secretly learned! He even practiced hisbat technique to the peak of rank 2!

"Be careful!" Lin Mo took a few steps forward. It seemed like a simple punch, but in fact, with his rank 3bat skills… In the eyes of Wu Bin, who was only at the peak of rank 2, this punch had already returned to its fundamental form with no flaw to be found.

This was the suppression of realm!

Lin Mo only used 900 kilograms of force in this punch.

Wu Bin also suppressed his punch to 900 kilograms, but he felt that this punch was very difficult to block.

"Huh?" Wu Bin quickly blocked the punch with difficulty, but he couldn't help but take a few steps back.

"Nice, kid! I really underestimated you!" Wu Bin said in surprise. "I almost let you sneak attack me! Come on, from now on, I'm going to be serious. I won't give you any more chances to sneak attack!"

He thought that it must be because of Lin Mo's sneak attack that he was caught off guard.


As soon as Wu Bin finished speaking, Lin Mo's fist wind blew towards him again.

"Hmph!" Wu Bin was already very focused on this punch, but for some reason, he felt troubled dealing with it.


Just as he blocked the punch with difficulty, Lin Mo's other punch had already arrived.

This punch landed solidly on Wu Bin's abdomen, causing him to shout for a pause, "You must be hiding your strength, right?"

After being at a disadvantage twice in a row, Wu Bin finally realized that something was wrong.

"Your punch is definitely more than 900 kilograms! Otherwise, it wouldn't be so difficult for me to block it!"

Actually, Lin Mo had accurately controlled the strength of his punches to 900 kilograms, not even a single kilogram over. However, hisbat technique was too fine-tuned, so he gave Wu Bin an oppressive feeling that far exceeded 900 kilograms of punching force.

It also made Wu Bin misunderstand that Lin Mo was suppressing him using his punching force alone.

"Since your punching force is not weak, I won't hold back. I'll directly use 1,100 kilograms of punching force to spar with you!" Wu Bin'spetitive spirit was actually very strong.

He had cultivated bitterly for many years to achieve what he had today. His dignity would not allow him to lose to a high school student!

Especially since this high school student was a lousy student that everyone mocked!

"You have to be careful this time! I'm going to attack now!" Wu Bin reminded him and instantly charged. Although it seemed that he had been warned in advance, such a sudden attack was still held an element of surprise.

However, Wu Bin did the sneak attack on purpose!

He had already made up his mind to take down Lin Mo at lightning speed and win this spar. Then, he would immediately go back to making barbecue, leaving only the lonely figure of an invincible expert behind for Lin Mo.

"Is a high school bottom-feeder student so strong now? I must take him down cleanly. Otherwise, it will be too embarrassing!" Wu Bin had actually trained hard for many years. It was rare for him to have an opportunity to show off in front of Lin Mo!

But who would have thought that it would be so difficult to show off!

Wu Bin even felt a little regretful. If he had known that Lin Mo was actually not that weak, he would not have forced him to spar!

"But he definitely won't be able to react to my sneak attack!" Wu Bin was still quite confident.

The older a martial artist was, the more demonic they became!

Wu Bin was an old demon!

He believed that with his punching power of 1,100 kilograms, his peak rank 2bat technique, and his unscrupulous sneak attack skills… no high school student could defend against his sneak attack!

Not even the top scorer of the city's martial arts college entrance examination!

"My sneak attack not only contains martial arts, but also life experience!"

Among the sparks, many thoughts flashed through Wu Bin's mind! He had even thought of what kind of attitude he should use to instigate this young man in front of him after he won.

"Fall down!!" Wu Bin launched a sneak attack with an extremely confident punch.

"Damn! How sinister!" Lin Mo reacted immediately. If it was ten minutes ago, before hisbat skills had broken through to the third rank, he might really have been ambushed!

But now…

The difference inbat technique was too great!

In Lin Mo's eyes, he caught several flaws in Wu Bin's sudden sneak attack in an instant!

"Once there's an obvious difference in realm, it'll be too easy to capture the flaws in the opponent!" Lin Mo couldn't help but think.

Wu Bin's moves were full of flaws in Lin Mo's eyes, but his own moves could make Wu Bin almost unable to find any flaws. Under such circumstances, even if the punching force of both sides was similar, the difference in power was too great!

As Wu Bin approached, Lin Mo squatted down slightly and swept his leg.

Wu Bin did not expect that Lin Mo would be able to react to his attack and even catch the flaw in his lower body. By the time he saw Lin Mo kick, it was already too late!

Lin Mo easily avoided this sneaky punch!

However, Wu Bin fell right down on the ground.

"I… I…" Wu Bin was dumbfounded.

Not only did he fail to act tough, but he was also…


Wu Bin'sposure fell apart. He stood up cursing and started to clean up the barbecue stall.

"Young people don't care about morals and are bullying an old man like me!"

"And you lied to me about being a bad student?"

"With your strength, you're telling me you can't get into university? As if I'll believe you!"

"Owner, Owner, what are you doing?" Lin Mo tried to persuade him. "We were chatting nicely. Why are you closing the stall?"

"Chat my ass!" Wu Bin scolded. "I thought you and I were the same type of people! You can't get into university, but you have an undying martial arts dream! I've been admiring you for the past few days!"

"I didn't say I was a bad student…" Lin Mo was speechless.

'He never said he was rubbish! It was always someone else talking about him!'

"Heh! Be proud!" Wu Bin was obviously shocked by Lin Mo. "You've already been admitted to a martial arts university, right? That's why you're idling around every day when others are rushing for the college entrance examination, right?"

"No! I really haven't!" Lin Mo quickly defended.

"Can I trust you? At first, I didn't really believe that you came here to pick up girls. I thought you were here with a martial arts dream!" Wu Bin roared. "Now I know. You're definitely here to pick up girls!"

The owner's last sentence was so loud that it was heard throughout the entire gym.

The hundreds of students in the prep class could not help but turn to look out the window.

As for Jiang Xue, her face turned icy in an instant.

A roar was still echoing in the stadium. "You're definitely here to pick up girls!"

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