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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 20 I’ll Teach You Well

"I'm eating it!"

Lin Mo stared at the owner for several seconds before spitting out his words.

How could he not eat barbecue?

Even if the boss had no EQ and spoke bluntly, the barbecue was innocent!

Besides, if he didn't eat barbecue, wouldn't he have even less reason to hang around?

"After all this, you're still in the mood to eat?" The owner couldn't help but give him a thumbs-up. "You and my barbecue definitely have true love! That's right… there's nothing in the world that a barbecue can't solve!"

'If there is, then two barbecues!'

"Sit there and wait! It'll be ready soon!" The boss added a few pieces of coal, increased the fire, and grilled the skewers in a hurry.

As for Lin Mo, he opened his beer and drank.

"Congratulations, host. Yourbat technique has increased to rank 3!"

A system notification sounded.

"Rank 3!" Lin Mo was not surprised.

Before he came, he had already vaguely touched the threshold of rank 3. Now that the students in the prep class in the stadium had started to involute, he naturally broke through to the rank 3.

A rank 3bat technique wasparable to a Warrior King on Earth! He had a crushing advantage against a rank 2 opponent!

"Good luck and keep involuting!" Lin Mo couldn't help but glance at the gym. "Whether or not I can reach the mid-stage realm of rank 3 tonight will depend on whether you guys are fierce enough!"

Realm was a relatively illusory thing.

Unlike punching force with a clear value that allows Lin Mo to clearly see how many kilograms of punching force had been increased at every moment.

Lin Mo could only feel how much his realm had increased.

However, although he couldn't see the specific data, Lin Mo could still determine that his realm was constantly improving. If he had the chance to, Lin Mo was sure that the Lin Mo in ten minutes wouldpletely destroy his current self.


After bing idle for just ten minutes, Lin Mo'sbat technique had improved by a rank.

Ten minutes of idle time, might be worth months of hard work by others.

"If mybat technique can reach the mid-stage of rank 3, then tonight's twenty consecutive wins should be guaranteed!"

The official martial artists who would stay in the beginner's training ground usually hadbat technique that had just entered rank 3. The slightly stronger official martial artists had long left the novice training field.

Therefore, a mid-stage rank 3 should be enough to sweep through the entire novice training field!

"The barbecue is ready!" The owner brought over a large pot of steaming skewers. With a light toss, they landed steadily on the table in front of Lin Mo.

Then, the boss sat down opposite Lin Mo and opened a bottle of alcohol. "I'll drink with you while there's not much business."

"Cheers!" Lin Mo raised his glass and toasted the boss.

"Youe to my place every day to drink, so we can be considered friends. You still don't know my name, right?" The boss downed a glass and refilled it. "My surname is Wu and my name is Bin. You can just call me Old Wu! Little Brother Lin Mo, have you ever thought about why I opened a barbecue stall outside the gym?"

Lin Mo paused.

That was indeed a little odd.

Generally speaking, barbecue stalls were set up near shopping malls and walking streets. It was indeed rare to see barbecue stalls set up at the entrance of a gym.

Two days ago, Lin Mo even heard a fool called "Geng Jingjia" ask why there was a barbecue stall at the entrance of a gym.

"Because…" The boss, Wu Bin, looked deeply into the stadium. "Because of this prep class!"


It seemed that this ordinary barbecue stall owner was also a middle-aged man with a story!

"Although I couldn't get into a martial arts university and walk the path of martial arts, but… the martial arts dream in my heart has never been extinguished!" Wu Bin continued, his eyes flickering with tears. "So, I set up a barbecue stall at the entrance of the gym. While selling barbecue, I secretly learned some material!"

Lin Mo looked up and saw his boss's face shining with the light of dreams.

Suddenly, Boss Wu Bin's aura rose. His eyes pierced like swords as he looked straight at Lin Mo. "Although you came here to pick up girls, I can feel your Martial Dao Heart heart!"

Lin Mo was stunned.

'You're kidding me, right?'

I'm already lying so idle, yet you can still feel my Martial Dao Heart?

"Brother Lin Mo, as someone who has experienced it, I just want to tell you… We can choose not to enter a martial arts university or walk the path of martial arts, but we must not give up on our martial arts dreams!" Wu Bin said seriously, "As long as our dreams are not destroyed, the path of martial arts will always be in our hearts!"

Lin Mo stared blankly at his boss.


He could feel the perspective!

Although this barbecue stall owner was very weak, he was very ambitious!

"Youing to eat my barbecue every day is both a recognition of my barbecue skills and a kind of fate between us!" Wu Bin continued, "Since we're so fated, fine, I'll give you some pointers today!"

"Pfft!" Lin Mo spat out another mouthful of beer.

'You're giving me pointers?'

"Don't look down on me!" The boss, Wu Bin, seemed to have known that Lin Mo would have such a reaction. He wasn't angry at all. Instead, he said calmly, "Although my punching force hasn't improved much over the years and is only slightly more than 1,100 kilograms, mybat technique has already reached the peak of rank 2… It'sl more than enough to guide you!"

'Peak of Stage Two?'

Lin Mo couldn't help but think highly of this boss.

A stall owner selling barbecue actually had peak rank 2bat technique? He could be considered an expert among themoners!

If it were a few minutes ago, Lin Mo would really want to spar with him. After all, they were evenly matched. But now, Lin Mo was really not interested at all.

He had just broken through to rank 3 and couldpletely feel the difference between the third rank and the peak of the second rank!

If they fought, it would be a one-sided ravaging!

This was an absolute difference in realm!

"Don't be afraid." Seeing that Lin Mo didn't speak for a long time, the boss thought that Lin Mo was frightened andforted him. "I remember that your punching force is more than 900 kilograms? Don't worry, when I guide you, I will also control my punching strength to about 900 kilograms. I won't bully you."

"Why don't… we forget it?" Lin Mo said tongue-tied as he ate his skewers.

"Forget it? How can you forget it?" The boss shouted angrily and slammed the table. "Do you not even have the courage to fight? If that's the case, what right do you have to talk about martial arts dreams?"

"I…" Lin Mo was speechless.

He had never mentioned any martial arts dreams!

"Stand up!" Seeing that Lin Mo did not dare to stand up, the boss threatened, "If you don't stand up, I'll smash your barbecue! People without martial arts dreams are not qualified to eat my barbecue!"

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